An essential guide to the UKs 2019 General Election – a brand new Christmas ‘Panto Day’ production?

  It’s probably many years since most British voters attended a traditional Christmas pantomime, but most will remember the excitement as children watching and vocally participating, singing along, booing and shouting, “he’s behind you” as the baddies came on stage Unfortunately, in this latest panto there simply are no goodies, but only the acts of […]

Remember, remember, the fifth of November – in truth ‘Guy Fawkes’ came to be toasted as “the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions”

The ancient Palace of Westminster was in 1605 a jumble of medieval buildings [this drawing is of the foundation plan]   Today 5th November is of course Britain’s day of celebration of an event of 414 years ago, when a group of English plotters’ attempt to blow up the then house of Lords and its […]