Three successive British Prime Ministers [Cameron, May, Johnson] have told the Country they had succeeded with EU negotiations – LIARS?


It isn’t just in this century that our Prime Ministers have tried to hoodwink the British public over Europe, is it? No, but probably the most disastrous example in memory is back in the 1930s when Germany embarked on a power grab of other European countries to create its first version of the European Union, eh?

The elite then in Westminster kept the British population in the dark about the dire goings on, the government’s ostrich style head-in-the sand dealings, the cowardly concessions, and the futile appeasement until the shit hit the fan in 1938. That was when things were laid bare but Tory PM Neville Chamberlain nevertheless assured the British public that through appeasement he had secured “peace in our time” – it proved to be a lie and only a year later the Country was embroiled in the worst war ever.

[World War II was the most destructive conflict in history. It cost more money, damaged more property, killed more people, and caused more far-reaching changes than any other war in history]

Well, that experience of our citizens perhaps is uncannily similar and parallels with the EU situation over the past half-century, wouldn’t you say?

For a start, the voters via a 1975 referendum, which was the first ever in the UK, and was an election promise of the Labour party, had misguidedly acceded to the UK ‘staying’ IN a European trading association – the EEC, known as the Common Market – which Tory PM Edward Heath had taken the Britain into two years beforehand without any public consultation [different from Norway whose people had been allowed to vote and had rejected membership].

Labour PM Harold Wilson had gone to Brussels to ‘renegotiated’ our membership conditions and returned to claim to the public that he had indeed succeeded in getting a better deal for Britain – so he led the ‘Inners’ campaign, didn’t he?


Oh yes, the UK Inners clearly won that time round, but the mass of the public, though warned otherwise, were undoubtably conned, in an era when they were told that Britain could no longer go it alone in the modern world, into thinking that they were voting for a simple trading arrangement when it was anything of the kind –it was instead commencement of a seditious massive control mechanism, wasn’t it?

Yep, and while the ‘Outers’ knew full well and warned that the EEC was simply the thin edge of the wedge so voted against it, the majority had been falsely reassured that lives in the UK wouldn’t be affected and that it wouldn’t lead to general Community-wide laws and Britain would not be giving up the power to determine our laws – how has that worked-out, do you think?

In reality, it was also an unfair debate, driven by the Inners’ biased fervent Conservatives and backed-up by a controlling influential press, and railroaded through despite the fact that the Outers had undoubtably exposed the severe unavoidable risks facing the Country that such a decision would involve – which included they said Britain becoming in stages a mere province in a future single nation of Europe, eh?

You see, it was already clear that the EEC was unmistakably a club designed to enrich capitalists and benefit BIG business at the expense of ordinary people and democracy, while furthermore that it would decimate our traditional industries and destroy the jobs of its workers through increased competition at a time when our industry was already in a parlous state.

The Outers warned that continuing membership would drive-up further already high food prices, and anyway by then those who had experienced the war were upset that we had been forced to abandon our import of cheap butter from New Zealand, a loyal ally that had kept us going in those difficult times. It was predicted by Outers that the price of butter would almost double in three years if we ‘stayed in’ but they were WRONG – the price of butter QUADRUPLED

Of course, many current citizens won’t remember, or have been around, to know of the numerous wasteful fiascos of the Common market, much of it brought about by the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) and its reckless market interventions using subsidies, ensuring guaranteed prices to farmers, leading to a surge in dairy products in particular, so production exceeded demand which then created enormous stored surpluses of unwanted food with an associated massive cost. It also equally blocked cheap imports from the rest of the world and forced its countries to buy expensive food from other member states.

[Until reform, the CAP rewarded farmers for every ton of grain or head of livestock or gallon of wine they produced, guaranteeing them minimum prices irrespective of market conditions or how much was overproduced – France and Ireland raked it in while Britain bore the brunt of the astonishing cost]

So, we had the butter mountain that first built up some fifty years ago, but that is no longer just a perceived ‘relic’ of Europe’s EEC past, since milk lakes and butter mountains still persist today due to the renewed glut caused by continuing Brussels’ euro billion massive intervention in the dairy market over the recent half-decade – that leading to extraordinary stockpiling in the silos and warehouses of France, Germany and Belgium. That is likely though to be counterproductive as temporarily bailing-out the farmers and creating excess stock, could simply implode on a devastating market crisis and drive market prices down even further, as well as causing mayhem by dumping in developing countries with fragile dairy markets

Four years ago, unwanted dairy produce of another thirty thousand tons of butter as well as a hundred-and-ten thousand tons of skimmed milk powder, joined the over three hundred thousand tons of unwanted sugar, over fifteen thousand tons of unwanted maize and wheat and millions of gallons of unwanted wine in long-term storage.

Reportedly, at times CAP subsidies to farmers resulted in a million-and-a-half-ton mountain of unwanted beef stockpiled in cold stores, close to a million tons of cereals, fifty thousand tons of sugar and two and a half million hectoliters of wine – all proof that the British Outers were only too right about the EEC’s impending waste of money, eh?

The reason the Common market, was so badly and undemocratically set up, is in reality part down to Labour, because PM Clement Attlee, deposer of Conservative Winston Churchill in the 1945 post-war election, as it was he, suspicious and hostile , who refused to even attend the 1950 talks on the Schuman Plan which resulted in the creation of the embryonic form of the EEC – that lack of British sound council and assistance left it in the hands of democratically inept France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg to incompetently cobble together the critical brand new organisation which has evolved into the disastrously unaccountable current European Union

In more recent times, we have of course had a consecutive trio of Tory British Prime Ministers who all have led the public up the path when it came to Europe and rode roughshod the groundswell of opinion in the Country that identified with the eurosceptic opinions those opposed to the EU.

That view was down to the EUs’ structure that allowed power without responsibility, its inconceivable level of financial waste, its policies that enriched undeserving uneconomic producers, its unbridled wealth redistribution from the performers to the underachievers, its determination to expand and include those who didn’t qualify to its agreed membership criteria, its prime objective to remove all counties’ sovereignty and subject its membership to increasing EU political and legal control, and of course its ridiculous ambition of further and further integration to become the bloody parody of the united states of America – there are many other populations, increasing in numbers, that want shot of the EU’s idiotic ambitions – they are looking to the UK to make a successful exit so they can follow suit, and that is why the Brussels hierarchy are determined to punish and humiliate the UK in its decision to do so

In the summer four years ago PM David Cameron embarked on a quest to renegotiate the UK’s membership of European Union and other changes to EU rules and Treaties. He needed the changes to make the EU more palatable to the British public prior to our 2016 IN/OUT Referendum

Well, his words in Brussels fell on stony ground and his pleas on key sovereignty changes were inexplicably dropped despite being a Tory manifesto commitment, while he also gave-in on those on migrants, welfare benefits, and eurozone protectionism. The only thing he seemed to have achieved was an empty promise that the EU would try to cut red tape, eh?

Nevertheless, Cameron returned to the UK claiming success as the EU would change it ways, and indeed saying that the proposals achieved gave the UK special status within the European Union.

He immediately declared that he would campaign for a Remain vote in the referendum within what he claimed was a ‘reformed’ European Union. No such reforms occurred, did they?

He then proceeded to head-up a government that unfairly used its resources and public money to support the ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ remain group to thwart the ‘Vote Leave’ group, and he orchestrated Project Fear that enlisted the Treasury and the Bank of England to produce a pack of fabricated financial forecasts predicting economic meltdown if Britain voted leave, all intended to scare-off leave voters. The voters on a national turnout of 72% chose Leave without such consequences, eh?

He told the Country that in the event of a Leave decision by the voters, that he would accept it and would lead the way in implementing the Referendum outcome. He promptly resigned the very next day


Cameron was superseded by Theresa May another Remainer, though one less visible as a Referendum campaigner, but one less charismatic certainly, and one equally incompetent to be Prime Minister, and one who suffered from a weakness of purpose except that of personal survival which she has delivered in spades throughout her political life.

She reassured the public that the public’s vote had ‘converted’ her from a Remainer into a staunch Leaver. Nevertheless, she stacked all her Cabinets with other Remainers even though she knew that many of them were fifth columnists for the BREXIT saboteurs.

Oh yes, she fully appreciated what was her duty as PM, and that was to deliver BREXIT as had been promised by the Conservative party. She understood exactly what that meant, recorded it in speeches delivered over two years and moreover spelt it out clearly in her Mansion House on March 2 2018, as well as making a series of assertions and promises about the Brexit deal.

Well, just like Cameron, May found Brussels and its appointed chief negotiator Michel Barnier, a tough nut to crack, and that wasn’t help by herself being a crap negotiator, nor by her choosing a civil servant to lead on our side who was a known advocate of a federal Europe, was it? The objective of such negotiations was to agree a free-trade deal but the EU avoided that at every turn. May gave-in at successive sessions in the naive belief that each new concession conceded would get Britain such a deal – Barnier simply lapped it up and moved to the next issue, didn’t he?

May set-out with promises:

to put an end to the UK making vast annual payments to the EU, but then agreed to pay a fortune of perhaps more than £50bn, and potentially £15bn annually if Britain stays linked;

while also the customs partnership arrangement was ditched and was substituted by a single customs territory controlled by the EU, which does not allow the UK to set its own tariffs on goods so is anything but a free trade area;

or regarding the Irish border, it was to remain open with no customs border enacted and no trade barriers between NI and the rest of the UK, but instead she agreed to include a disastrous so-called ‘backstop’ which effectively kept NI in the EU, while the rest of Britain stayed in the Customs Union though not follow single market rules – that situation would remain FOREVER unless the EU gave the UK a free-trade deal (unlikely?);

involvement of the European Court of Justice was to end as May had said that we will not have truly left the European Union if we are not in control of our own laws, nevertheless we have ended-up with a EU and UK unprecedented legal model for all aspects of the Withdrawal Agreement (WA);

there was to be a ‘transition period’ of approximately two years or more if needed to secure a trade deal, but that ended-up as the UK being ruled by the EU but with no representation nor say, and required to continue its payments to the European budget as long as we stay and having ongoing “rule-taker” status;

although we were promised an end to free movement and its consequences, it will continue as long as the transition period goes on, and we will allow three million EU nationals living in Britain to stay and retain rights even if they move away from the UK for 5 years, that including family reunion rights, right to bring foreign spouses to the UK, as well as claiming benefits for children living abroad – all this coming under the auspices of the European Court of Justice for 8 years AFTER the end of the UK’s transition;

we had merely expected to maintain high regulatory standards, but then we get an actual legal commitment to apply EU regulatory standards, plus an agreement that stops the UK from altering environmental standards as well as state aid rules barring government backing for any troubled industries;

we needed to take back our UK fishing waters as currently the EU now grabs 70-80% of our fish, but nothing changes during transition and the EU’s game plan is to make that the same afterwards as the political declaration says.

Does any of that sound like leaving the EU and taking back control, eh?

However, May just like Cameron returned to the UK after two-and-a-half years claiming success as she had negotiated a ‘good deal’ with the EU (unalterable to boot) – even though it was NOT in fact ‘a Deal’, but simply one of withdrawal and the prospect of a further two years of [failed?] negotiations on a trade deal


Now we have got her replacement in Boris Johnson, who has done what was said to be ‘impossible’ and renegotiated the withdrawal agreement with the EU. He had got the Tory PM job after winning the Conservative leadership by a landslide by promising May’s deal was dead, that the Halloween BREXIT day of 31 October would be met with either a new type deal with no backstop, or a clean-break exit, no ifs or buts.

Indeed, his proposed ‘deal’ was presented to Parliament last Saturday for a meaningful vote, that obtained approval in principle, although his legislative timetable of 3 days was rejected. But what DID he actually deliver?

Well, an ‘escape-blocked’ new European Treaty which was a 95% warmed-up copy May’s deal with the old backstop substituted by a customs border in the Irish Sea – an alternative previously offered by Brussels and rejected by May as it would threaten the constitutional integrity of the Country and ‘NO’ UK Prime Minister could every agree to it. [by signing-up to that unacceptable substitute Boris abandoned his allies in the Democratic Unionist Party]

Johnson had said he would rather be dead in a ditch than ask the EU for a BREXIT extension, but nevertheless he has asked for such an extension, and is awaiting the result BEFORE attempting to proceed and put his WA version through the full parliamentary process – we will NOT be leaving the EU anytime soon, will we?


To sum up Johnson’s proposed ‘non-deal’ and associated political declaration see what Brexit party Leader Nigel Farage says

  • Britain remains under EU rules but with no vote, no voice, no veto
  • EU judges can still override our laws
  • We won’t control our fishing
  • We still won’t be free to trade as we see fit
  • We won’t have control of our tax or state aid policies
  • Britain can’t pursue an independent foreign policy
  • Britain can’t pursue an independent defence policy
  • The United Kingdom will be divided
  • We pay the EU billions and get nothing in return
  • And we’ll be trapped by the Political Declaration


[The successful operation of a parliamentary democracy in Britain demands that MPs enact the will of the people rather than override it with their own views and prejudices. That hasn’t happened under the two latest Prime Ministers. The Country must have a General Election immediately to right that wrong]



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