You may have voted for BREXIT but you ‘cannot’ have it – well BECAUSE?


  • The IRA said NO
  • The Civil Service said NO
  • The Irish Republic said NO
  • Big Business said NO
  • Speaker Bercow said NO
  • The SNP said NO
  • The LibDems said NO
  • The Remainer Tory Rebels said NO
  • TIGfC said NO
  • Plaid Cymru said NO
  • Green Party said NO
  • The BBC said NO
  • The National Press said NO
  • Michael Barnier the EU negotiator said NO
  • Jean Claude Juncker President of the European Commission said NO
  • Donald Tusk President of the European Council said NO
  • Olly Robbins the UK’s Chief BREXIT negotiator said NO

WHY IS THAT THEN? – Well, the views of this lot above are to be truly ‘trusted’ aren’t they, eh?

    1. Like the IRA, rebadged Sinn Féin, for 30 years home to Catholic indiscriminate bombers and killers in the name of religion and in their quest for destruction of Protestantism in Ireland, and the absorption of Northern Ireland into the South. They were so deeply infiltrated by Britain’s security forces that they were on the verge of defeat in their war on Britain, but were rescued by warlord Tony Blair with the Good Friday agreement of twenty years ago that awarded them safe passage to three quarters of their destination, no retribution for their atrocities, a role in NI for Southern Ireland, a major Executive role for it in the NI Administration and with slots for its unrepentant terrorists to govern and run the police. In return the IRA/Sinn Féin merely ‘promised’ to completely halt the offensive, ridding themselves of ALL explosive material and weaponry but unverified, and support governance of their country. How did that work out then, eh? Not too good perhaps? Dissidents carried-on uncountable terrorist attacks, MPs were elected to Westminster who took the pay but didn’t turn-up or participate, Sinn Féin dropped out of the Stormont Legislative Assembly intermittently, once for 4½ years and has currently has had it suspended now for nearly 3 years

      [Atrocities in the past decade alone include: a Londonderry bomb, attacks on police with petrol bombs in Strabane, an attempted killing of police with an exploded bomb in County Fermanagh, attempted murder a viable device of police officers in County Armagh, a bomb under a police car in Belfast, a mortar tube and command wire found in County Down. journalist shot dead in Londonderry, five explosive packages found at locations across Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland, bomb in a van explosion in Londonderry, two AK-47s, two sawn-off shot guns, a high-powered rifle with a silencer and three pipe bombs recovered from a house in Belfast, a significant amount of dangerous weapons seized during a search operation in counties Armagh and Tyrone, petrol bombs thrown at police vehicles in Londonderry, a man shot dead in Belfast, a female journalist shot dead in Derry, AND MANY MORE DOZENS OF OTHERS THAT COULD BE LISTED]

    2. The Civil Service don’t agree with politicians being in charge of government as being elected they have to be responsible to voters, which is inconvenient to running things the Civil Service way. Also, they admire the fact that the EU administrators are unburdened by elected politicians so can stop them implementing laws they don’t like. Furthermore, being in the EU allows them to thwart proposed departmental plans with the excuse “it’s against EU law/regulations Minister so it can’t be done”
    3. The Irish Republic provided safe haven for terrorists during The Troubles, and has willingly allowed itself to be a pawn in the EU’s destructive treatment of the UK during BREXIT negotiations
    4. Big business and its advocate the CBI raking it in by being in the EU, has been a major pusher of Project Fear for 3½ years
    5. John Bercow driven by vanity is deemed to be one of the worst House of Commons Speakers in history, is vindictive, hypercritical, biased, totally against BREXIT, and he has trashed precedent to encouraged the Commons to become the swamp home for wild dogs – even timing his impending resignation to ensure the next parliament is tainted with the poisoned blood of this one to deny the right of new MPs to elect a their chosen Speaker
    6. We have the mad Scots in the form of the SNP who don’t realise that Scotland is financially dependent, who forget their predecessors were slaughtered at Culloden, that they lost their independence referendum, that the EU referendum result was a Union outcome applying to the whole UK, that they have MPs at Westminster because the British parliament controls all major issues like BREXIT, and that they need to sort-out their poxy incompetent assembly led by the ridiculous Nicola Sturgeon at Holyrood Edinburgh
    7. Then we have the dishonest, ‘never-to-be-trusted’ LibDems of broken pledges infamy, who have dragged politics into the gutter not least with their ‘BOLLOCKS TO BREXIT’ slogan and their repetitive denial of democracy
    8. What can be said about the Remainer Tory Rebels who won’t accept that they lost the Referendum but who nevertheless signed-up to their party’s platform and manifesto and then ditched that to defeat their own Government’s commitments, possibly get it replaced by a Corbyn one, and quite likely cause the complete demise of Conservatism in Britain, eh?
    9. Many may wonder what game the Labour party is up to these days, but the explanation is quite simple – it has been well and truly infiltrated by Marxists so is following their principles of creating a climate for revolution by causing mayhem, uncertainty, dissatisfaction, and utter distrust in current governance
    10. Then we see a group of unprincipled cuckoo MPs, 8 Labour and 3 Conservatives, who early this year abandoned their parties to form a new ‘independent group’ because they said all current political parties were crass and out of touch. Their total failure in the EU elections meant 6 of the incumbents dropped-out with 2 of them joining the LibDems which they had previously decried. They then joined the Commons sewer-rats to try to block BREXIT and to destroy the government, but not one of them has had the guts to re-stand in a by-election to get the endorsement of their constituent voters, have they? [the group is on its 3rd name of TIGfC in under eight months!]
    11. Consider Plaid Cymru of Wales with 4 MPs, which like the SNP wants independence but contradictorily requires to stay in the EU and still be controlled by Brussels, eh?
    12. The Green Party couldn’t even stick together as a UK operation but has 1 MP who wants to stop BREXIT with a all female Cabinet coup – that’s green feminism for you?
    13. The BBC hasn’t even bothered to hide its anti-BREXIT role but it presents a false ‘façade’ of equality, while paying men more than women, and opinion ‘fairness’, whence for its political output, it includes MP representatives of Government policy [Leave], Tory rebels [Remain], Labour [Remain], SNP [Remain], LibDems [Remain], PC [Remain], Green [Remain], Independent Grp [Remain]. Hence its panels and its programmes are ‘by coincidence’ of course, dominated by anti-BREXITiers and for some inexplicable reason a TV and Radio daily platform is provided to ‘non-entity’ but strident wreckers who are never off our screens like Kenneth Clarke, Dominic Grieve, Anna Soubry Oliver Letwin, Chuka Umunna, Rory Stewart, Sam Gyimah, Philip Hammond,etcetera, and of course the BBC presenters et al are all well briefed and rehearsed in their ‘rubbish-BREXIT’ script because they know that their mega salary and pay increase depends on their successful performances
    14. A large influential section of the National Press is anti-BREXIT and has continued to promote a Remain message in its news and opinion articles, despite the vote of the 2016 Referendum, so it has undermined it and encouraged their readers and diehard Remainers to not to accept the BREXIT result and this has stopped the population’s deep division on the issue from healing
    15. Michael Barnier the EU negotiator has trounced the UK’s negotiators at every turn primarily because Theresa May conceded in every negotiation topic because she stupidly believed that Barnier would proceed to grant a trade deal, which he never had any intention of ever doing since the EU plan was to visible ‘punish’ the UK to put the fear into the other countries that are minded to leave
    16. Jean Claude Juncker President of the European Commission is answerable to nobody so doesn’t care about the damage that will result to EU countries when Britain leaves particularly if that is with a clean break
    17. Donald Tusk President of the European Council is like Juncker one with no accountability and is determined to try to force the UK to withdraw Article 50 notice and so rescind its decision to leave the bloc
    18. Not only was Olly Robbins an experienced senior Civil Servant so tainted with the anti-BREXIT brush, but at Oxford Uni he was president of a group promoting a ‘federal European Union’, so it is a bit surprising that past-Remainer Theresa May chose him from all others to be her personal representative leading negotiations for ‘Exiting the European Union’ from 2017 to 2019. It is less surprising then that he gave the federal EU exactly what they asked for and provided May with a Withdrawal deal that screwed Britain and despite intense pressure parliament repeatedly rejected, is it? Nevertheless, she gave him a kinghood for getting her the sack, eh?


[The winners of the BREXIT battle won’t just be decided by those listed but ALL of us hope it will be over soon and we can get a respected and responsible parliament with trustworthy MPs – fat chance?]





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