Disingenuous ‘Remainer’ MPs vote to AGAIN delay BREXIT – ignoring the UK public’s decision to ‘Leave the EU’ a full 3 Years 2½ Months ago?


The Country voted in the June 2016 Referendum to Leave the EU

ALL the Westminster political parties had campaigned for Remain – but they LOST! The ‘People’s vote’ was that the UK would Leave

The majority of MPs in the Commons had been in favour of Remain so it was rightly tagged as a ‘Remainer Parliament’. Subsequently, a General Election was held in June 2017 when the Conservatives stood on a manifesto of delivering BREXIT and were retained as the Government, while the Labour Opposition’s manifesto claimed that they would respect the decision of the Referendum.

But a large gaggle of Tory MPs and the bulk of Labour MPs were diehard Remainer lying gits who conned their constituents, as they were in fact committed Remainers so we still have a ‘Remainer Parliament’, don’t we?

Yes and consequently, it has pulled every trick in the book to delay BREXIT with an end goal of overturning the result of the Referendum and cancelling BREXIT altogether – as indeed was identified in a post here some 3 years ago!

The latest subterfuge by these wreckers is to jump on the passing bandwagon of taking a Clean Break (so-called ’No Deal’) BREXIT off the table in the UK’s negotiations with the EU, and get another pointless extension from Brussels. The base objective of this is to ensure that Brussels DOESN’T give Britain an acceptable deal at all, so that it will tie the UK to EU control FOREVERMORE – without any vote or say

To that end they have betrayed democracy and hijacked our Parliament, with advice and agreement from the EU’s legal department, to first pave the way for legislation to block a no-deal Brexit and then pass the bill, expected to come into Law tomorrow, which sets-out to delay BREXIT until 31 January 2020 or later, by forcing the prime minister to ask the European Union for a delay to Brexit to prevent the UK’s departure, if by 19 October this year MPs have not approved a new deal or voted in favour of a no-deal exit.

By their very actions the MPs responsible know full well that there is absolutely NO chance of either of those conditions being met, so the PM will be required by law to ask for an extension, which doubtless the EU will eagerly grant to increase the chances that the UK will decide to actually stay

Who are the perpetrators of this outrage you might wonder? Well, the orchestrators without doubt are a group of bloody-minded, elite Tory scoundrels from the Commons swamp, who have brought shame on their party and have humiliated Great Britain on the world stage, simply because they would not accept that the voters had a legitimate democratic right to decide who runs Britain – they innately believe that they are better educated and more knowledgeable than the ignorant masses who should never ever have been given the vote in the first place, you see?

The leader of this pack of some forty feral dogs is staunch Remainer Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer (2016–2019) – a top schemer certainly, but one of the most formidably boring speakers in British politics. In the 2016 EU referendum he was the leading-light campaigner for the Remain side and even carried the nickname “europhil”. He was so convinced the UK should have voted to remain that unlike the Conservative party itself, he didn’t unhesitatingly accept the result but immediately said he would fight it – and he has. That has included refusing adequate funds for BREXIT arrangements and also under Theresa May being collectively responsible for throwing away the UK’s strongest playing card – walking away, and he has just repeated that stupidity immediately Boris Johnson took up task of getting BREXIT done

Then there is another ex-Chancellor, ’old enough to know better’ Kenneth Clarke, avid cigarette supporter, one of the world’s leading tobacco lobbyists, mouthpiece and indeed employee of the cancerous tobacco industry. At the outset he said he would block BREXIT, and has used his status and considerable Party influence to try to do so since summer 2016.

Or, the real brain within the Tory rebels, Dominic Grieve, unceremoniously sacked as attorney general in 2014 for he believed of his unfettered support for the European Court of Human Rights, so one with a chip on his shoulder and the person able to provide the essential legal drive to their BREXIT wrecking plan. Mother is French, father worked for de Gaulle, he was educated at a London French school, seems to have more allegiance to France than Britain, is president of the Franco-British Society, a holder of the Légion d’honneur, the highest French order of merit for militart and civil merits, has a house and lives partly in Brittany France and owns building land there, he regularly broadcasts on French radio and television, is apparently in receipt of large EU grants, and he has hosted the French Europe minister and other senior French politicians to plot against the UK to get BREXIT cancelled – despite getting re-elected two years ago on a commitment of ‘the decision of the electorate in the Referendum must be respected and that I should support a reasoned process to give effect to it’.

Also we should identify BREXIT basher and proponent of Parliament’s “indicative votes” fiasco, Oliver Letwin who has been one of the leading figures in the rebel group and has had well lapsed key roles in government and is a failed policy maker, but is now just another shit-stirrer

Let’s not leave out the traitorous oldie Nicholas Soames, a heavily built political lightweight who’s only ‘claim to fame’ is that his grandfather was Winston Churchill, while his most ‘dishonorable deed’ was to disgustingly lie through his teeth about Prince Charles’ adultery and publicly criticising Diana, Princess of Wales for her accusation, and saying that it was because she was mentally ill and in the advanced stages of paranoia – he only appologised after Prince Charles owned-up. [He denied though threatening Diana and warning her, “accidents happen” in the months before she died in a car crash in Paris, eh?]

Those Europhile fanatics above are amongst 21 Tory rebels who have had the whip withdrawn by Boris Johnson for their voting decision to initially sideline the Government and then to bring it down.  [They are barred from running as Conservative candidates in future general elections]

They were warned of the consequences of such action and those which would be absolutely normal under a strong competent administration, but they still went ahead and some like Hammond are now squealing like stuck pigs about it, as are their fellow travelers like Jo Johnson and Amber Rudd both who disgracefully have jumped ship despite committing to the hard-line Government policy just weeks ago– at least all won’t now be in the next parliament to carry on with their shenanigans, eh?

Well, on the Bill to enact the deed, the Tory mutineers were joined by others using the smokescreen of blocking a no-deal Brexit to hide the undeniable truth that their objective is to overturn the Referendum result itself.

So we had 237 Labour MPs doing so when the Party has now rebadged itself as a Remain party that will ‘in government’ renegotiate a deal with the EU and will present that in a second Referendum when it will then vote AGAINST the deal it actually negotiated and campaign for Remain. Crass or what?

Also pretending to be against just no deal were 35 SNP MPs, but really these are those who want an entirely two different things – to cancel BREXIT and to leave the Union by having a rerun of the ‘once in a lifetime’ 2014 Scottish independence referendum – and Labour will allow both

The Conservatives who lost the whip voted as Independents who then totaled 29 MPs but are ones who in fact want to stay in the EU

Then there were the 15 LibDems ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ MPs, who didn’t accept the result of the Referendum, want a 2nd Referendum but the leader says it won’t accept the result of that if it’s Leave

Plus of course TIGfC 5 MPs, Plaid 4 MPs, Con 1 MP, Green 1 MP all of course who want BREXIT terminated [Originally named ‘The Independent Group’ with 11 MPs, it then became ‘Change UK’ and it is now TIGfC ‘The Independent Group for Change’ but with only 5 MPs retained. The new Tory MP rebel is Caroline Spelman]

So there you have it, 327 pathetic MPs, disgracefully determined to disrespect the vote, ensure parliament does NOT ever deliver BREXIT and thereby they ignore the fact that the people voted in the referendum to leave the EU, eh?

The hapless situation of BREXIT in the House of Commons cannot be resolved by retaining the current helpless status quo of Remainers and Leavers there, and that cannot be cleared-up at the EU unless a new deal is offered by it. If that doesn’t happen, then the only two ways forward are either leaving with Clean Break BREXIT, OR clearing the deadlock by a new parliament selected through a General Election when the public will decide which parties and which MPs they send back to Westminster, don’t you think?

[Last week PM Boris Johnson suffered severe losses in Westminster votes, but he has been adamant he will not seek an extension to stay in the EU after the current ‘Exit Day’ of Halloween, and apparently he is not willing to resign. How he can square the circle on that and get around the new Remainers’ law is debatable, but perhaps he has a Houdini escape trick worked out, eh?]



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