You may have voted for BREXIT but you ‘cannot’ have it – well BECAUSE?

  The IRA said NO The Civil Service said NO The Irish Republic said NO Big Business said NO Speaker Bercow said NO The SNP said NO The LibDems said NO The Remainer Tory Rebels said NO The LABOUR party said YES / PERHAPS / GENERAL-ELECTION / MAYBE / NO / NO TO NO-DEAL THEN […]

Disingenuous ‘Remainer’ MPs vote to AGAIN delay BREXIT – ignoring the UK public’s decision to ‘Leave the EU’ a full 3 Years 2½ Months ago?

  The Country voted in the June 2016 Referendum to Leave the EU ALL the Westminster political parties had campaigned for Remain – but they LOST! The ‘People’s vote’ was that the UK would Leave The majority of MPs in the Commons had been in favour of Remain so it was rightly tagged as a […]