The three little pigs ‘PMs’ when the Big Bad Wolf ‘EU’ blows down two of their houses – but NOT the third?


In the updated fable of Three Little Pigs, three Tory UK Prime Ministers pigs build three houses of different policy materials.

The 1st Little Pig ‘PM’ was Remainer David Cameron, a smart-arsed lazy little pig, who made his house only of straw, so the Big Bad Wolf ‘EU’ huffed and puffed and blew his house down, whence he was dead to politics

The 2nd Little Pig ‘PM’ was Remainer Theresa May. a deceitful self-centred little pig, who made her house of weak sticks, so the Big Bad Wolf ‘EU’ huffed and puffed and blew her house down, whence she was dead to politics but held on for another 6 torturous months

The 3rd Little Pig ‘PM’ was Head Leaver Boris Johnson, a popular charismatic little pig, who made his house of stronger than concrete bricks, so the Big Bad Wolf ‘EU’ is huffing and puffing in an attempt to destroy the third pig’s house. The Big Bad Wolf ‘EU’ is being helped by saboteur neighbours who are trying to knock-down his house’s internal supporting walls, and if they succeed then his house will be also blown down, whence he will be dead to politics, British democracy will be in the gutter, the United Kingdom Union will disintegrate, and the Conservative and Unionist party will be consigned to history

[If the UK is still in the EU on 1st November 2019, then the Brexit party’s star will be top of the tree at the next General Election]






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