BREXIT on 31st October 2019 ‘DEAL’ or ‘NO DEAL’ – just a Boris Johnson negotiating ploy?


Boris Johnson won the Conservative leadership election last month and took office as British Prime Minister on 24 July 2019 on a hustings platform of taking the UK out of the EU on October 31 this year, come hell or high water.

However, there is a massive campaign afoot to completely rubbish that commitment and say it is just a bargaining tool with no legs – no doubt because the powers-that-be controlling our media [like the BBC, HuffPost, Guardian, Observer, Independent, Mirror, Financial Times, Mail on Sunday, Times] are innately biasedly anti-BREXIT so are mega-anti-‘No Deal’ BREXIT.

Now, that wouldn’t really matter so much, except that the problem with those theories that it is all an elaborate wind-up and Johnson is bluffing over a no-deal Brexit, dramatically undermine the UK Government’s ability to get the EU to renegotiate our departure by this year’s Halloween. The media, the anti-Brexit activists, and the plotting Tory MP village idiots, who are falsely talking-up the ability of the current parliament to block no deal, or bring down the government to force a General Election vote, or being able to create a Government of national unity, all before the end of October to stop Britain exiting the EU without a deal, are in reality ensuring the shit hits the fan and No Deal is not just a possibility but becomes a reality

Boris Johnson has been in power just 18 days, but since the very first moment of his premiership he has altered the whole BREXIT ball game, hasn’t he? Just look above at the powerful hardline Cabinet of ‘October-committed’ Leavers that he has appointed, whence the May’s diehard Remainers blockers have bitten the dust.

He has also set-up a so-called war cabinet of six cabinet ministers with the declared mission of delivering Brexit within the 100 days before exit date [which is now just 82 days away]

He has also tabled his intensions, backed with funding, to deal with the Country’s out of control crime situation [caused by his predecessors it has to be said] with restoration of police and prison officer numbers, building many more prisons and banging-up felons behind bars in accordance with the law and judges’ sentencing – all essential and well overdue criminal toughness measures and a breath of fresh air, don’t you think?

While parliament is now in recess, the bulk of MPs are naturally intent on taking advantage of the holiday season, but conversely the level of Cabinet activity is unprecedented, enormous funding has been now released by the Treasury for BREXIT, major consultations inside and outside of government on BREXIT are underway, all ministers’ political advisers (SpAds) have had holidays banned until November, and the civil service have been priority refocused on exit day preparations  – all sounds like serious stuff then, but some say only just window dressing, eh?

Whereas there are some reports that because of Johnson’s pronouncements and the ramping up of the UK’s no-deal planning attempts to intimidate the other EU27 countries, that important EU leaders are on edge, it is equally said that others in Brussels claim that his no-deal Brexit threat strategy is merely an obvious tactic to spook them, which will cut no ice either in Europe or in Britain, and that the threat of a no-deal Brexit would not break EU unity– who knows which view will prevail, eh?

Certainly, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is reiterating his view that a no-deal Brexit would hurt Britain more than the rest of Europe – but nevertheless alarmed Irish businesses are furiously demanding that the EU go back to the negotiating table, as the blind pursuit of EU unity is fatally endangering their country’s economy.

Realists amongst us know full well that it takes time for political effort and money to work itself through the system to deliver the intended results, so you don’t have to be a haulier expert to appreciate that the BREXIT plan to suddenly recruit say many hundreds of extra port customs staff to prevent lorry hold-ups at Dover in November is unrealistic, but it will indeed shorten and reduce the ongoing impact of a no deal departure from the EU, if that is the outcome. While Johnson has declared that the UK was much ready on March 29, will be ready by October 31, and it was vital that our EU partners saw that, we don’t have to rely on that optimism absolutely – Britain will muddle through with flying colours as usual.

[The UK were barred from making such adequate preparations, which should have been enacted a long while ago by our anti-BREXIT, arch-Europhile, ‘Philip Hammond’, who as Chancellor knowingly refused the funds in order to thwart us leaving the EU (over a year ago, Calais port authorities make preparations in case there was no Brexit deal, which included hiring hundreds of additional customs officers and extra border control facilities, so to avoid potential logistical chaos over there)].

Those of us who want a no deal exit with a clean break from the EU, do so because we know that any short-term pain is better than being tied-up long-term in the EU and under Brussels’ control without even any say.

In truth, betting wise it’s even stevens about the UK leaving the EU this year, but the prospects of doing so are at least now realistic, whereas a month ago they certainty were not.


[The political crisis and public diversive turmoil that has paralysed Britain for 3 years now has been directly caused by a losing side’s unprecedented refusal to accept defeat in a democratic national voting decision. The effect has been just like ‘a rotten apple spoils the barrel’, when we now see the SNP both rejecting the result of their ‘once in a lifetime’ independent referendum of 5 years ago as well as the United Kingdom Union’s decision on the 2016 EU referendum, and with the LibDems’, the Labour party, the Green party, Plaid Cymru all fighting dirty against BREXIT]


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