An irresistible force meets an immovable object – BREXIT?

Boris’ first full day as PM

Most of us know of the ‘irresistible force paradox’, though few of us will actually appreciate the answer to the question of “what happens when an irresistible force collides with an immovable object”, do we?

Well, we are all about to experience first-hand that very encounter, because we are about to witness the irresistible force of the Boris Johnson government hitting the immovable object of the unaccountable EU Juncker executive.

Neither can Johnson continue as Prime Minister nor the Conservative Party survive in future, if the UK does not leave the EU by the end of October 2019. He has made it crystal that if the EU refuses to renegotiate and offer an acceptable Deal, that Britain WILL leave on time WITHOUT a Deal, and he will NOT ask the EU for an extension of time [unlike May who disgustingly sought and obtained 2 such extensions] – so it is indeed DO OR DIE for Johnson, isn’t it?.

On the other side of the Channel and the argument, we have of course the European Commission (EC) led by President Jean-Claude Juncker and First Vice President Frans Timmermans, who have taken a hardline position on BREXIT and who have repeatedly said that the Withdrawal Agreement deal negotiated with Theresa May is a “done-deal” and that it will NOT be changed, enhanced, nor renegotiated.

The ONLY way that the immovable object of the EU becomes ‘movable’ is if it becomes ‘convinced’ that Britain is intent on leaving with No Deal in October – solely if necessitated because a deal has not been agreed.

The ONLY way that the irresistible force of the Boris Johnson government becomes resistible is if the inborn diehard, anti-democratic Remainers, both in Westminster and without, persuade the EU hierarchy that those in Parliament can block a No Deal outcome – which what they were clearly able to do under Theresa May because she was a weak, indecisive, conciliatory, and obtuse Prime Minister – Boris Johnson is anything but, eh?

That said, it is already on the cards that the second of those scenarios is the most likely result, isn’t it? Yep, seven days ago the anti-democratic, Referendum denier, fanatical hardcore Remainers caucus, have attempted again to booby trap BREXIT and do so a week before Boris Johnson was elected as Prime Minister – a bill about NI was hijacked and bizarrely amended in a move to prevent September/October ‘prorogation’ [ending the current parliamentary session – which was due to end as has already run for 2 years instead of 1].

The 36 Tory rebels who either abstained or voted against the Government on a 3-line Whip, were orchestrated by text messages and led unbelievably by one Philip Hammond, May’s bloody in-post Chancellor no less. [The Government was defeated by a majority of 41]

May’s behaviours on the issue are utterly inexplicable as not only did she ‘ignore’ advice to pull the Bill to thwart this predictable outturn, but in a final act of weakness she failed to sack the Chancellor, or the four Cabinet ministers, or three other ministers who were part of the rebellion – Hammond is the first chancellor ever to defy a three-line whip and get away with it, eh?

[Abstainers: CABINET Philip Hammond (Chancellor), David Gauke (Justice Secretary), Rory Stewart (International Development Secretary), Greg Clark (Business Secretary); MINISTERS Stephen Hammond (health minister), Sir Alan Duncan (Foreign Office minister), Anne Milton (skills minister); OTHERS Gillian Keegan (parliamentary private secretary), Richard Benyon, Simon Hoare, Julian Sturdy, Sir Nicholas Soames, Vicky Ford, Sir Peter Bottomley, Damian Green, Sir John Hayes, Huw Merriman, Tom Tugendhat;

Jeremy Hunt (May’Foreign Secretary) also ABSTAINED but he says ‘by mistake’)

Kenneth Clarke (Former chancellor, EU lover, rebels on every BREXIT vote, and the only Conservative MP to vote against the triggering of Article 50) had permission from the Conservative whips not to vote(?)]

Chancellor Hammond has compounded that treachery by widely briefing here and abroad that he’s confident that he and his gang of wreckers will block No Deal and that he will if necessary, even bring-down the Johnson government to do so.

[No doubt he expects to be helped by Speaker John Bercow, eh? They will fail though, because the Commons’ dynamics have dramatically changed – Labour will have lost the votes of their Leaver supporting MPs as it has now declared itself as a Remainer party; and the LibDems now have no credibility as it refused to accept the result of the 2016 Referendum, and are campaigning for a second one (a so called ‘People’s Vote), but say they won’t accept the result of that either if it’s Leave]

Oh yes, there are many out there including past and guilty figureheads who have embarked over the past three years to strangle BREXIT at birth, and they have been aided and abetting by the media (not least by the ‘biased’ BBC doing the Cameron government’s business, and ever since providing a springboard platform for them to promote dumping BREXIT)

[like Dominic Grieve, Kenneth Clarke, Michael Heseltine, Oliver Letwin, John Major Tony Blair, Anna Soubry, Guto Bebb, etc]

The totally unencrypted message the irresponsible Remainer idiots are sending to the EU is that it DOESN’T in fact need to make any deal amendments as the Europhiles in Parliament will block a No Deal outcome, so Johnson’s irresistible force has become fully resistible by the EU immovable object

The EU’s treatment of a major player like UK on BREXIT has simply reinforced the Eurosceptics in other countries, so in the next decade don’t be surprised to see more referendums [GREXIT, ITEXIT, SPEXIT, FREXIT, followed by EU Administration, will you


[The consequence of all that is of course the clear certainty that Boris Johnson WILL proceed with a NO DEAL departure on Halloween, meaning that all that the Remainer BREXIT troublemakers have forced precisely the outcome they were trying desperately to thwart]


ANSWER Irresistible force paradox – the paradox arises because it rests on two incompatible premises: that there can exist simultaneously such things as irresistible forces and immovable objects. The “paradox” is flawed because if there exists an unstoppable force, it follows logically that there cannot be any such thing as an immovable object and vice versa





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