The Hundred Days’ War – ‘Boris’ has now won the Tory Leadership, but will he win the war that’s about to start?

The Hundred Days’ War will be a series of conflicts waged from 24 July 2019 to 31 October 2019 by the House of Downing Street, leaders of the United Kingdom of Britain, against the European House of Union, over the right to rule the Kingdom of Britain. Each side will draw scarce allies into the war however

This will be one of the most notable conflicts in history and will mark the subsequent decline of the EU, and the redevelopment of strong national identities in both the UK and Europe. Make no mistake about it, but the disastrous EU project will be entering the end game this year– and the unelected, unaccountable, spendthrift, Brussels hierarchy completely understand that, so will fight the UK’s successful departure tooth and nail, won’t they? Moreover, they will be aided and abetted by the imbedded British fifth columnists to boot, eh?

Tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon we will have a new Prime Minister, one Boris Johnson – indeed the 77th prime minister of Britain. Before even appointed by the Queen, he is a man already maligned as being an incompetent PM – BY SOME OF THOSE IN THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY ITSELF [‘Remainers’ of course), despite the fact that he has been chosen in landslide votes both by the Tory MPs in Parliament AND by the grass- root constituency membership [in both Johnson got double the votes of Hunt].

The reason for that denegation of the man BEFORE he has actually entered the door of Number 10, is that he is a committed BREXITEER [unlike the booted-out Theresa May, or the U.K.’s Brexit pro-EU civil servant negotiator Olly Robbins] and Johnson knows that the Conservative Party has no future unless the UK leaves the EU by 31 October 2019, so his approach will be totally different to his predecessor. Furthermore, [unlike the booted-out Theresa May, or the U.K.’s Brexit pro-EU civil servant negotiator Olly Robbins] he has the will and the guts to face-down the likes of EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, European Council President Donald Tusk, and the commission’s top civil servant, Martin Selmayr [the Machiavellian “puppet-master”] – who in reality personally had control of the European Union side of the Brexit talks departure.

Johnson has said that there is a 1,000,000:1 chance that he will be successful, so will get a new and acceptable deal out of the EU clowns – unfortunately he is an outstanding journalistic politician but certainly no competent bookmaker, is he? No, and many of us think that perversely he has got the odds absolutely the wrong way around, indeed? [The bookies offer 2/1 against us leaving the EU on time whether WITH or WITHOUT a Deal].

You see, financial and jobs stability issues dictates that the EU needs to capitulate on its unacceptable basic demands entrenched in the current withdrawal agreement, which May unsuccessfully tried to get the Westminster Parliament to sign-up to – as the impact of a ‘disorderly’ No-Deal BREXIT will seriously damage the EU itself [as well as hurt the UK in the short term] when it and its biggest players are already in the mire so will be unable to cope with further setbacks, surely?

[Germany (Europe’s largest economy) registered zero growth during the fourth quarter of 2018 so narrowly avoided recession, and will now face an instant slump in business regarding automobiles, pharmaceuticals, chemical and petroleum products; while Belgium will be hit with huge losses and drop 2.35% of its GDP; Ireland faces grim economic prospects with a short-term drop in GDP and a dramatic long-term drop, together with increasing losses of jobs, major exports drop offs, and significant investment curtailment; ; France’s working and middle classes’ revolutionary ‘yellow vest’ protests (motivated by rising fuel prices, high cost of living, and disproportionate burden of government’s tax reforms), will now be reenergised by significant job losses; Italy’s unsolvable and mounting debt crisis will be hit when it is already likely to sink the eurozone and spark a financial catastrophe in stock markets across the world (It’s economy is the eighth largest in the world, and 10 times as big as that of Greece, which a decade ago, with a spiralling spending deficit, had to be bailed-out and financially rescued by the EU and IMF three times (£259bn; $330bn).ITALY IS TOO BIG TO BALE-OUT ]

None of this will matter of course to those in power at the EU though, as in Brussels, crass principle will overrule functional logic, wont it? Yep, it seems that they would rather see the whole building crash about their ears than to soften their stupid position on insisting that the single market needs to be ‘protected’ at all costs and that it would be compromised if there wasn’t a customs border between Ireland and Northern Ireland when the UK leaves the EU [and that’s NOT going to happen, is it?].

The most likely outcome over the next 100 days (3 months and 8 days) is a No Deal exit, and is one that Johnson has clearly said WILL be the result if the EU doesn’t reopen negotiations and offer him a sensible deal, wouldn’t you think? That said, many of us believed from the very outset that there was no prospect of Britain ever leaving with a Deal, and certainly that May’s BIG BUSINESS placatory proposal of Britain being tied to EU regulations for many future years without any say whatsoever was nothing short of utterly scandalous and did not deliver the BREXIT the people had voted for in the Referendum 3 years ago, did it?

The perpetuation of Project Fear with its dire and negative predictions of ominous consequences if the UK simple just leaves the EU immediately, is based on the Treasury mandarins’ use of a dubious financial model blighted by even more stupid assumptions [rubbish-in rubbish out], while other models [like developed by Cambridge or Brighten universities] and different more realistic base suppositions predict a positive economic outcome from BREXIT – it’s wait and see time, isn’t it?

The rats are leaving the ship they have tried to scuttle – Chancellor Philip Hammond, Justice Secretary David Gauke, International Development Secretary Rory Stewart, Education Skills and Apprenticeships minister Anne Milton, and Foreign Office minister Alan Duncan. They knew full well that under a Johnson led government they were heading for the sack anyway, but they pre-announced their impending departure tomorrow – one has to ask just why they have done so before the result of the leadership battle has been announced, eh? That is simply down to self-publicity as they know full well that they will get zilch press attention after today because the media will be fully occupied with the other more important events at Westminster and around the World.

Disgracefully May herself is hanging on until tomorrow and indeed doing a pointless PMQs, before seeing the Queen and telling her that Boris Johnson should take-over



[The expectation is that further government resignations and sackings of die-hard Remainers and ‘No Deal’ blockers, will inevitably follow in the next week as an optimistic Boris Johnson assembles a new Cabinet intent on delivering BREXIT by Halloween – will the likes of Hunt who has questioned Boris’ character, or Rudd who helped screw-up Theresa May’s government, themselves survive?]




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