The UK civil service, politicians, MPs, Prime Ministers, and candidate Prime Ministers – all exposed by BREXIT as being “economical with the truth”?

Some 33 years ago in a major trial in Australia, the UK Cabinet Secretary of the day, the most senior civil servant in the United Kingdom, indeed the senior policy adviser to the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and responsible to all Ministers for the running of Cabinet Government, coined the modern political catchphrase of “being economical with the truth”

Under cross-examination, he justified his silly government lie about it needing a book when already in possession of the manuscript, as simply perhaps being economical with the truth, from whence the phrase has become one that elucidates how those in power who get caught-out with blatant lying, try to get away with it by claiming they only gave ‘a misleading impression of the truth’, eh?

Well, you’ve probably noticed that they are all still at it in spades, and truth manipulation has been rife in recent weeks due to the Conservative leadership election and its BREXIT connotations, eh? One of the two men left in the unseemly joust will become the UK’s Prime Minister in just 3 weeks’ time, and will be selected in a postal ballot by possibly as few as 80 thousand people (fifty percent of voting Conservative party members), out of a UK total voting population of some 47 million, so that is just 0.2% of us – and this is democracy?

The two candidates of course are Boris Johnson, the Brexiteer favourite, and his opponent is Jeremy Hunt, the lapsed Remainer underdog. Both of them are liars/porkie tellers economical with the truth, of course?

Both men are using the leadership hustings to announce major Conservative party policy changes which are totally outside of the remit on which the government was elected and for which they clearly have no real authority to commit to even IF they are elected as leader since any changes have to go through the parliamentary process, don’t they? Promises based on hot air, eh

Multi-millionaire Hunt, a friend of the Murdoch clan, the richest member of the Cabinet, is a distant relation of the Queen, the son of a Commander in the Royal Navy, was privately educated at the exclusive Charterhouse boarding school, is a former member of the Oxford Uni Bullingdon club, who now claims to be part of those in society who have struggled with hardship, which is difficult to square with the actuality that he is from the same privileged classes as is Johnson, don’t you think? After a number of failed start-ups, he made his big-bucks using (nepotism?) the British Council with a jointly owned company (with a media bigwig) teaching the Japanese to speak English, so despite being bankrolled throughout, he now claims to be an astounding ‘risk-taking’ entrepreneur who will transform the Country with his business acumen, no less?

He describes Johnson as a coward, and implies he is a flawed character who shouldn’t be trusted, while he himself has the better personality to be PM, despite some scary skeletons in his own cupboard including tax avoidance, a dubious role in the BSkyB affair, and somehow in the first case getting selected as an MP in a seat vacated by a Health Secretary relative.

Why Hunt has found it necessary to defame Johnson and join the eliminated candidates in undermining the Tory party itself is anyone’s guess, since Boris is quite capable of making his own gaffs when out of the immediate clutches of his constrainers – like furious rowing with his mistress, eh?

For his part Johnson accused Jeremy Hunt of dirty tricks when it was leaked that Boris as Foreign Secretary had called the French ‘turds’ over BREXIT and got it covered-up –why Johnson doesn’t realize that the public knowing what he called the French is actually a feather in his cap and not detrimental, it’s not at all clear?

Both Johnson and Hunt are standing on a platform of renegotiating a deal with the EU by the 31 October this year. Now that is said in the face of the glaring truth that the EU has said for some 8 months now that it WILL NOT change the Withdrawal Agreement that erstwhile PM Theresa May signed-up to, eh?

Johnson is adamant that the date is set in stone and a No Deal outcome will prevail [notwithstanding that Speaker Bercow says Parliament will get the chance to block it] if that day arrives without a revised deal – he says his threat will ensure he gets a new deal.

However, Hunt says he ‘may’ seek a further (the THIRD) date extension (‘short’?) if needed and claims that he is an ace negotiator so can get a new deal [is this the same man that as the longest serving Health Secretary EVER (6 years), oversaw the abject failure of the NHS during his watch?].

The claims of both have to be analysed in the context that the non-accountable powers that be in the EU (Jean-Claude Juncker (President of the European Commission) & Donald Tusk (President of the European Council)] will STAY in post until 31 October and that is exactly why the EU chose that date, isn’t it?

So, our ‘economical with the truth’ next PM will find that the ONLY way the UK will be able to leave the EU is via a No Deal [by default?]

The diehard Remainers tell all and sundry that Parliament can STOP a no-deal Brexit, but can recalcitrant MPs really do so when the default position is that the UK will leave the EU on 31 October, and so without changes to the law Brexit will happen on that date regardless of whether there is a deal or not, eh? Furthermore, as the government controls the timetable in Parliament, it can thwart the blocking of a no deal, and it would prevent backbenchers again seizing control as they did last March

If push comes to shove the new PM can also go for the nuclear option and prorogue Parliament (unprecedented in modern times), to prematurely end the parliamentary session which would have the effect of excluding Parliament from the Brexit process as it would kill all the House’s business, but without actual dissolution [notwithstanding that parliament’s democratic mandate is fundamental to the UK constitution!] – Bercow says he would prevent it but the power to prorogue Parliament falls within the royal prerogative, doesn’t it?

One cannot really rely on politicians or politicised organisations to mean what they ‘seem’ to say, eh?

Like the Treasury, acting in cahoots with the Bank of England with its project fear in 2016 before the Referendum, and currently with its prophesies of financial Armageddon if Britain leaves without a Deal, like the Labour party’s commitment to respect the BREXIT result but thwarting BREXIT, like the LibDems denouncing democracy with its ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ slogan, like the CBI the house of multinationals pretending to speak for all business and undermining Britain’s future prospects, like Remainer Theresa May’s insistence at the outset that she was an excellent EU negotiator, but then handed the job to a committed ‘federal Europe’ civil servant and returned claiming to have got a good deal when both Remainers & Leavers saw that it was a pile of shit, and when she had committed over a hundred times that we would leave the EU on the 29 March and yet she overruled her own Cabinet to ask for date extensions [also she called a snap general election having repeatedly said she wouldn’t], like the supposed hardcore BREXITEERS of Gove, Fox, and Leadsom who stuck it out to the bitter end in May’s Cabinet and repeatedly voted time and time again for her BINO (Brexit in name only) plans and her crap so-called deal

Following recent fiascos, claiming just being “economical with the truth” no longer cuts the mustard, and it is difficult to see how trust can EVER be restored in the British political sphere, but ‘perhaps’ the Brexit Party under Nigel Farage can do it, as in his second coming to front-line, he has shown himself to be most accomplished politician for two generations – but then again, his party needs to develop some bloody policies first before being allowed into Westminster, don’t they? However, NOTHING is going anywhere until a proper BREXIT is achieved and if the UK stays lied to the EU for any further years, both the Tories and Labour as parties will be dead in the water, don’t you think?


[Conservative Party members will receive their postal ballots at the end of the week with the winner and the next Prime Minister being announced on Monday, 22 July (the bookmakers rate the candidate’s chances as: Johnson 86%, Hunt 17%)]]


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