The once great ‘Conservative and Unionist Party’ is humbled and humiliated – now to be trashed by overtly ambitious ‘’nobody’ leadership candidates?

You don’t have to be a member of the Conservative and Unionist Party nor indeed a supporter of it, to be deeply interested and overtly concerned about who is going to become the next leader of that party, do you?

No, because that person is also going to be our Country’s Prime Minister and that is of critical importance to everyone in the UK. Yep, but the population is going to have foisted on it, a man or woman running Britain who has been put in that elevated and privileged position without either the knowledge or agreement of the voters – selected by say just 105 Tory MPs at Westminster and chosen by as few as 62 thousand constituency members, eh?

Well, we may not like it, but that is the way things are run in this so-called democratic country, isn’t it? In 2016 Theresa May was both selected and chosen as PM by a mere 165 people and that shows the folly of just a relatively few idiots making such an important decision. Those 165 Tory MPs should be hanging their heads in shame but instead the bulk of them will be out there again seeking to anoint the next holder of the office. Back at that time a post published here said that May wasn’t up to the job and so it proved, didn’t it? How didn’t those MPs see it as well? Probably because they were adamant Remainers who expected her to scupper BREXIT as she has endeavoured to do, eh? It was somewhat of a surprise to some of us that the Conservatives had chosen a woman when they had had before the dire experience of Margaret Thatcher, who like May had to be hounded out of Downing Street – but after nearly a dozen years as dictator in her case and not less than the three of May’s tenure

Oh yes, in full gaze of the world, May has certainly humbled and humiliated our great nation because she was determined that it was to be ‘her own way or no way’ – she alone was responsible for repetitive capitulation to the unaccountable EU hierarchy and negotiating a crap deal that disenfranchised this Country. In doing so she has in the process also pretty well destroyed the Conservative Party because when the chips were down, she wouldn’t go – even now she won’t go immediately and that could be the coup d’état for her party, surely?

The Brexit Party has in a matter of weeks come out of the traps running and is already snapping at the heels of the Tories – we will see tomorrow night exactly what it has achieved so far and what it has done to the Conservative party, when the results of last Thursday’s EU election are announced, won’t we? Well, it is a party that has ambitions to become a third force in UK politics and that could well be evidenced in under 2 weeks’ time when it contests the Peterborough by-election – it’s a marginal seat that the Tories would have expected to seize back from Labour whose reputation has been tarnished by their MP being imprisoned. Back in 2016 Peterborough was ‘Brexit central’, with the city split 60/40 for leave, and the Conservatives had a bad showing in this month’s local elections and lost overall control of the council. The stage is set for the Brexit Party to make its mark there with its first MP, don’t you think?

The Conservatives are heading into even rougher waters though, as everyone and their dog of their MPs will be throwing their hats into the ring to become the next Tory leader and hence Prime Minister, and that is simply going to demean the whole process, isn’t it? Those imbeciles who don’t yet have the qualities or qualifications to lead a government will damage the standing of those who do – the half dozen who so far have entered the fray are Matt Hancock (current Health Secretary), Jeremy Hunt (current Foreign Secretary and ex-Health Secretary), Boris Johnson (ex- Foreign Secretary who resigned over May’s BREXIT plans), Esther McVey (ex-Work & Pensions Secretary who resigned over May’s BREXIT plans), Dominic Raab (ex-BREXIT Secretary who resigned over May’s BREXIT plans), and Rory Stewart (appointed this month International Development Secretary).

It is mooted that another dozen MPs apparently think they can do the job of PM [for example Steve Baker, Sir Graham Brady, James Cleverly, George Freeman, Justine Greening, Michael Gove, Sajid Javid, Andrea Leadsom, Nicky Morgan, Penny Mordaunt, Priti Patel, Liz Truss].

Some of the candidates know quite well that they have a snowball in hell’s chance of being selected but nevertheless they will stand to promote their image and boast of their credentials in the hope of a good appointment in the Cabinet – while ignoring the damage that such a bun fight will do to the Conservative ‘s image.

The Tory MPs will select two candidates for the wider party to vote on, and the overriding principle for their choices has to be that the ones picked are capable of winning a General Election. In selecting May in 2016 they blew it because she was the one politician who had zilch idea on how to relate to or communicate with, the public – and that was self-evident even in those days, wasn’t it?

The other priority is that the new Leader has to have the gravitas and clout to drive through BREXIT and that has to be fully leaving the EU and not BINO (BREXIT in name only), otherwise there will be no Conservative Party around to fight the next Election, will there?


[The Conservatives will be leaderless for months, the Labour party has a leader the public don’t trust, the LibDems seek a new leader, and the new kid on the block the Brexit party has one of the outstanding political leaders of recent times – it’s interesting times in Britain, eh?]




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