‘Fake News’ about the Lisbon Treaty which is ‘supposedly’ favourable of BREXIT undermines the true case against the EU – so was published by wrecker Remainers?

Not many of us, who are merely ordinary members of the British public, will have actually read the Lisbon Treaty nor know of the details therein, will we? No, and that very fact has been seized-upon by those plotters with vested interests, who are determined to halt BREXIT in its tracks and keep the UK handcuffed to the EU forever, it seems?

They have used the internet to publish a pack of lies about the content of that Treaty and make outrageous claims of its impending adverse impact and the consequential doom that will descend on this Country – ‘if we remain in the EU’

Now, the whole intention of all that fake-news is to wind-up into frenzy those in favour of BREXIT, so that they have the entirely wrong information and in a panic, publically shout-off their mouths about it all – whence they can be shot down in flames as being blatant scaremongers who don’t know their arse from their elbow, eh?

Two months ago, the organization ‘Full Fact’ [the UK’s independent factchecking charity] reported that since last December its many versions, which are getting more strident, of the load of bollocks and misleading issues about the Treaty’s 2020 implications has gone viral on multiple platforms of social media. The clear intention behind that persuasive campaign is to perpetuate the myth that has been deployed far and wide over the past 3 years by the shameless Remainers and their associated Parties, which is that those who chose ‘Leave’ in the 2016 EU Referendum “were misled and didn’t know what they were voting for”

Now, there is always a significant danger of getting sucked-in by internet con merchants and for example we increasingly we see things like adverts for designer goods at knock-down prices placed by scammers and fraudsters using clone websites and social media to steal from the unwary internet user

The specific article containing a list of invented frighteners about the 2007 Lisbon Treaty, was in particular very convincing, and in some respects quite plausible to those who are conscious of the controlling and oppressive nature of the EU – many many people will have been taken in by it, so nobody who has been duped by it, need feel guilty, but they should warn those to who they have passed it onto, that it needs to be completely disregarded – there are enough ‘true’ facts to actually condemn the EU on, without falling for the ruse of believing outright falsehoods and fake news, isn’t there?

[The rule of thumb is if something seems unbelievable then it probably is, so check the facts independently. Like, is the information originating from a reliable source (not just the one who passed it to you), or is it actually out-of-date (some stuff can be years old), or are there other sources to evaluate it against (if not don’t trust it), is the author or person publishing it identifiable and credible (anonymous sources often have an agenda), or is any verifiable evidence included (Google things to check), or even what is the reason that it’s been put out (possibly to swing public opinion or promote discrimination)?]

Some of the list of significant crap claimed about the Lisbon Treaty includes:

  • that it comes into force in 2020 – when actually the Treaty has already been in place now for a whole decade
  • that all member states lose their abstention veto in 2020 when in reality all voting changes have already been implemented and for those issues that require unanimity the so called veto still applies
  • that in 2022 all members will become federal states of a federal EU with all veto powers removed when neither assertion is in any way true
  • that in 2022 all members will be forced to join the Euro currency which is a clear fabrication as in fact the UK has a specific opt-out referenced to in the Treaty itself
  • that in 2020 the London stock exchange will move to Frankfurt to be integrated into a EU stock exchange resulting in massive job losses – when the truth is a proposed ‘non-move’ business merger between London and German Exchanges was actually ‘blocked’ on monopoly grounds by the EU itself
  • that the UK loses control of its borders and enters the Schengen region by 2022 – when this is just plain false, as the UK has opted-out of the EU area that doesn’t have internal border controls, and Britain itself unilaterally decides if that is to be changed
  • that the UK loses control of its armed forces including its nuclear deterrentwhen the reality is that this is completely made up, as the EU doesn’t currently even have an army and could only implement common defence policies by the ‘unanimous’ agreement of ‘all’ states. Not only does that give Britain a veto at the EU, but also the UK parliament itself would have agree and hold a referendum about it. Furthermore, the use of British nuclear weapons is solely a sovereign matter for the UK and one where only the Prime Minister can authorise use
  • that the UK loses full control of its taxation policy – when in actuality the EU only ensures tax rules are consistent with relevant EU policies, and all member states have to have broadly similar rules and minimum rates on VAT, and taxes on petrol, tobacco and alcohol, but the EU and has no part to play in national taxes either in raising, setting, or spending. Any future alteration to EU tax policy is subject to ‘unanimous’ agreement so Britain like the other member countries has a veto
  • that the UK loses its standing in the Commonwealths – when the assertion is meaningless mischief making, since the Commonwealth is solely a voluntary association of countries with no legal obligations to one another, isn’t a trading bloc, and the UK is merely one of 53 free and equal sovereign states which as such a community has been in place for the past 70 years [The Queen is Head of the Commonwealth – only a symbolic position]


[The creating of news stories to deliberately fool others has been around forever, but in modern times with the advent of the internet and its resultant plethora of social media platforms, it has caused an explosive rise of fake news, disinformation, propaganda, deceit, and opinion manipulation. It is regularly difficult nowadays to tell the difference between a lie and the truth, particularly when it is circulated on social media sites – where fake news travels faster, furtherer, and has a greater destructive influence. The problems created by such news which is not simply inaccurate, but is totally made up, is compounded by increasing numbers of people now primarily getting their news from social media rather than the traditional and more reliable sources of printed and broadcasted news]

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