Voting has now started in the UK on the European Elections – are YOU one of the third of voters who will vote for the brand-new ‘Brexit Party’?

Postal votes are already winging their way to Regional Returning Officers around the UK

Just a month short of 3 years AFTER the UK voted to leave the European Union within 2 years, not only are we bloody well still up to our teeth in it, but the British electorate is now being called upon to elect 73 people as MEPs in 9 day’s time. WHY?

Well firstly, because the Country is led by an utterly feeble, not in control of her party, Tory Prime Minister, who seems incapable of even organising a piss-up in a brewery, and secondly, that critical factor was coupled with a Parliament stuffed with vested-interest ‘Remainer’ MPs who didn’t agree with the public, then disgracefully wouldn’t accept their decision, and so now are determined to defeat DEMOCRACY at whatever shame and credibility cost to our Nation, eh?

Last time round in 2014, these EU Elections were a disaster zone for the Conservatives who came 3rd with the lowest popular vote ever recorded for the party in a national election– it seems likely that it will be an even worse outcome for them this time round. The anti-EU party UKIP [led then by Nigel Farage] headed the field last time both in terms of voteshare and gained the largest number of seats, with Labour slotting in as second.

It was precisely that unequivocal public protest vote AGAINST the Country’s EU membership that forced the Tory party to commit to a Referendum the following year in order to get re-elected, wasn’t it?

The latest news on the wire is that for these EU Elections the Brexit Party [led by Nigel Farage], which was formally launched just over 4 weeks ago, is poised in its first election participation, to scupper the reputations of both the main parties – the Conservative party, formed 185 years ago, and the Labour party, formed 119 years ago.

Yep, the pollsters say that the Brexit Party is predicted to win not only more votes than ‘either’ Labour or Conservatives, but secure more than their total ‘combined’ votes – now that is what is called “upsetting the apple cart” and punishing the main parties for failing the electorate over BREXIT, isn’t it?

However, the popular vote doesn’t of course directly correlate to the number of MEP seats actually won and the ongoing presence in the election of UKIP is a reason for uncertainty [though that party is somewhat in popular demise because of its current extremist influence and failed leadership]

In last month’s Local Elections the main flak was inflicted on the Tory party, and that is likely be repeated with a vengeance next week at the EU polls, but Labour may well also be facing a similarly destructive shock, because Farage is targeting them in their northern heartlands where ‘Leavers’ were in the majority and now rightly believe Labour has let them down badly.

What does Labour expect their loyal supporters to do, after they voted overwhelmingly to Leave, when for example a renowned longstanding Labour MP of 22 years [an ex-Cabinet Minister Secretary of State, no less], a Remainer, who nevertheless got re-elected on a faithful promise to support BREXIT at Westminster, but instead has subsequently betrayed them and prominently played a major role in thwarting it, eh?

Or what do the Conservatives expect their voters to do in these elections when their highly vocal anti-BREXIT MP has used her position not only to denigrate in parliament their decision to vote Leave, but has become a beacon on TV and in the media to undermine implementation of the Referendum result and then has jumped ship, when her constituency had decided by a massive ten-per-cent margin to exit the EU, eh?

There have been past attempts to break the British dominantly 2 party system that have failed, so this latest one by the Brexit Party may well follow that path. However, this time could be different as it comes when large swathes of the public are pig-sick of the way that career politicians behave and demonstrate a complete disregard for their duty and their Country. People have been joining up as fully-paid-up registered supporters of the Brexit Party in droves [100-thousand of them and soon to be greater in number that Conservative members?], which is an amazing and unprecedented expansion of any political party in recent memory – anyone you know?


[Both the major parties are now operating in ‘panic mode’, as it is clear to their organisers that ‘normal circumstances’ operation has gone out of the window and reliance on previous party/tribal loyalty is a lost cause. What is critically important to Britain is though that EVERYBODY on the register does vote so that attitudes are made crystal clear – whoever that vote is lodged for]


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