In Britain just who is running the Country: is it the Government, the Tory Party, the Labour Party, a minority Party, the Civil Service, the Councils, the EU – or just NOBODY?

Well, on last Friday following the publication of the full results of the previous day’s local elections in England, the Nation was given the answer that we had all dreaded, to the ultimate question of who was running things here in the UK –and the reply was indeed NOBODY, wasn’t it?

Yep, the Conservatives got utterly trounced on an unprecedented scale that was at least twice as bad as even their disillusioned pessimists had feared [the worst outcome indeed for 25 years], while Labour rather than being able to capitalise on the Tories freefall demise and win seats, instead got a bloody nose themselves and lost seats and control of Councils. Meanwhile in a Frankenstein like parody, the rotting body of the decayed LibDems was dug up in the dead of night, and ‘apparent’ life breathed into it?

The British public then had once again had to stomach their delusional Prime Minister Theresa May trotting up to a lectern to utter gobbledegook about her performance, while showing total unconcern for her singlehanded destruction of her Party, and her Government’s complete contempt for the despised electorate.

[Delusional: characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are ‘contradicted’ by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder]

Now, you will appreciate that 2 years ago, May was invited to the Palace and asked by the Queen if she was able to form a Government that had the support of the House of Commons as it then stood, and so was able to successfully pass the legislation that would be placed before it, and do so despite any opposing forces – she assured her Majesty that she indeed was able to do just that, so thereby she was appointed the ‘Prime Minister of the United Kingdom’.

We have since found out that this PM’s commitment then of that pledge to the Crown was simply a passing mirage – just like the many things that she has promised the Country since her appointment, wouldn’t you say? No other PM in our Country’s history would have had the bare-faced cheek to cling to the Highest Office of State, when faced with personal failure after failure [which in her mind she translated into success after success], and with that combined with demonstrable incompetence of the greatest order – which has included the appointment of ‘out of control’ Senior Ministers intent on sabotaging the will of the people and the Government’s planned legislation, the destructive demolition of the 100-year-old system of Cabinet government, and all that compounded with an abject loss of power over the Civil Service which increasing is allowed to govern the Country.

In the past three years, May has not only amplified her past reputation as a ‘survivor’, but has surpassed it and is now fully ensconced in No.10 Downing Street as snail-like ‘limpet’ woman, clinging tightly to power, so there is no way will she voluntarily leave, is there? No, and those who think that a Tory Party vote of ‘No Confidence’ would shake her loose – dream-on, eh? It would seem that the only realistic way of actually getting shot of her, is by having her committed under mental health provisions and seeing her carted off (in a straight-jacket?)– and many of us think there is ample evidence for that applying, eh? [but the shortage of mental health beds she has created would probably even prevent that, as well?].

May’s crass behaviour in negotiating ‘HER’ (rather than the UK’s) Withdrawal Agreement & Political Declaration with the EU, together with her subsequent actions in repetitively trying to get it ‘over-the-line’ (as she terms it) at Westminster, when she knows (or ought to know) full well that it is completely unacceptable, is clearly indicative of someone who is both mistaken and has unwavering defective judgement in her deplorable performance

Well, as we have seen, May’s response to this latest disastrous electoral outcome for her Party and the stinging rebuke to her government, is unbelievable to classify it as merely a “challenging” result, while at the same time deciding not only to blatantly ignore her own culpability for it all, but to blame the irresponsible Opposition, the Labour Party,. for her personal failure to deliver BREXIT as repeatedly promised – furthermore she insisted voters want politicians to “get on and deliver Brexit”

[That seems to be a somewhat strange and bizarre analysis of Thursday’s election results, considering that the major beneficiary by far of the massive kicking the Tory Party has suffered, is the one party that campaigned on a platform of “STOP BREXIT” (the LibDems), wouldn’t you say?]

In reality, the devastating ‘true’ message that the electorate’s backlash decision delivered last week was that the Conservative Government was a disaster, its performance was a disaster, and that Theresa May herself personally was a disaster and that she alone was the root cause of all that.

She nevertheless has turned that on its tail and called-on Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Opposition, “to get a deal and to deliver on Brexit”. In other words, she is continuing in wretched denial that it was the Governments job to deliver the BREXIT voted-for in the 2016 EU Referendum, and is now claiming that it has been the ‘Labour Party’ who are responsible for her failure to control her own bloody incalcitrant MPs, incompetent Ministers, and divided maverick Cabinet.

Wow! The Country is in new territory here, whereby the ‘government of the day’ is no longer the ‘Executive’ running things in the UK on behalf of the people, but is now not only solely an arrogant representative of the ‘ruling elite’ but one which nevertheless has to ‘plead’ with Her Majesty’s Opposition to bail it out, and does so by agreeing ground-breaking and basic modifications to its planned and tabled legislation. What a crock-of-shit, eh?

Oh yes, May’s legacy will NOT be the one she has doggedly set out to achieve, of successfully taking the UK out of the EU, and something for which she has screwed-up all else, but she isn’t the only culpable one here, is she? No, it goes much much deeper than that, and indeed reaches the bowels of the present dysfunctional Conservative Party, doesn’t it?

Those who have orchestrated the greatest betrayal of democracy and allowed the collapse of all semblance of leadership in government, are indeed the arrogant elected MPs of the Conservative Party, wouldn’t you say?

For a start, to thwart the Leavers, they elected May as their leader, and so de facto Prime Minister, without reference to and therefore without the explicit support of their constituencies and their grass root supporters – May would NOT have been a popular choice because she is totally lacking in charisma or charm, and more importantly she has no public persona whatsoever, which are essential attributes for any successful politician, surely?

Moreover, even those of us who are not personally directly involved in politics stated in print at the time that May did NOT have the necessary experience and was NOT up to the challenging job, so just why then did supposedly experienced Tory MPs actually elect her – because the majority of them were ‘Remainers’ and they KNEW that she as a fellow traveller would screw-up BREXIT, perhaps?

Certainly, the shit hit the fan last year when May blatantly ditched BREXIT in a underhand move worthy of any subversive operator, resulting in Cabinet turmoil, so the writing was on the cards then – but those MPs together with the hierarchy of the Conservative Party simply froze like a rabbit caught in a car’s headlights, oblivious to the impending doom.

When May, typically insensible to the fact that her plan has no legs, despite being repetitively warned of that by those charged with delivering it, brought that critical matter to the floor of the House, she suffered the most humiliating defeat in history – yet she simply bushed it off as being of no consequence and the Tory Party effectively did NOTHING. Oh yes, they DID indeed have a vote of No Confidence which massively failed, because she assured them that she would go to Brussels to successfully renegotiate the plan – why would they believe a Leader who had a track record of covering-up, dodging the facts and of outright lying, eh?

Even in this latest escapade, it was widely accepted that May was leading the Party into the black abyss and yet the main arbiters of action to unseat her, stayed their hand and let her self-destruct the once powerful Tory Party – WHY?

Incompetent cowards, including those already jockeying to replace her, perhaps?


[PM ‘Theresa May’s’ failure to deliver BREXIT is simply the straw that broke the camel’s back of this dysfunctional Government, and 3 years after voting to LEAVE the European Union, we are now going to vote in their meaningless elections at a massive cost of over £100million– but the newly formed ‘BREXIT Party’ is poised to win it and subsequently is it likely going to replace conservatism at Westminster at the next General Election?]



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