UK European Parliament elections in 2019 – oh but YES, that IS now going to happen UNLESS we leave on ‘No Deal’?


Well, the British public were told that they the voters could at long last decide whether or not the UK should stay shackled to the unelected-administrator-controlled European Union – which the Country had been taken into by MPs without any .public approval whatsoever. THE PUBLIC WERE MISLED

The British public were told that they MUST vote ‘Remain’ or the Country would immediately collapse economically and go into instant  recession, while unemployment would soar. Eurozone GDP is currently actually weaker than the UK, Italy is suffering from its fifth recession in two decades, Germany with growth close to zero only just avoided recession last year, and despite everything, UK business investment has grown (though not massively), while our unemployment is at its lowest level for some 45 years and employment has actually ‘increased’ by a third. THE PUBLIC WERE MISLED

The British public were told that in the ‘unlikely’ event (as far as the establishment was concerned) that BREXIT won the ‘IN-OUT’ Referendum, the UK would exit the EU in 2 years, but the Government and its MPs subsequently decided to double that to 4 years without any public approval or consultation whatsoever. THE PUBLIC WERE MISLED

he British public were told by PM David Cameron that if his Remain plan was defeated, he nevertheless would remain on-deck to deliver BREXIT, but then he immediately jumped ship and scarpered to earn his fortune [£1million?) with speech making around the World, ten or so jobs, and his memoirs. THE PUBLIC WERE MISLED

When the British public decided 3 years ago that the Country should ‘Leave’ the EU, they were told by the Government that their decision WOULD be implemented as promised. THE PUBLIC WERE MISLED

The British public were told by new PM Theresa May that although she had campaigned as a Remainer, that she had converted to a BREXITEER, as has the fellow Remainers she stuffed her Cabinet with, so then even three of the four Great Offices of State (the most senior and prestigious posts in the British government) were driven by Remainers – Prime Minister, Chancellor & Home Secretary), when they ALL as unrepentant Remainers have worked tirelessly to scupper BREXIT. THE PUBLIC WERE MISLED

The British public were told that it was an IN-OUT Referendum, but despite that fact, as soon as the decision became ‘OUT’, it was decided by the elite, big business, and recalcitrant Remain MPs, who were against it, that it WASN’T now to be completely OUT– the BREXITEERS were told that they were idiots who didn’t know WHAT they voting for at the time, so new words were invented to categorize BREXIT like deal & no-deal, hard brexit, soft brexit, crashing-out, cliff edge, etc. THE PUBLIC WERE MISLED

The British public were told that we were leaving the EU at 11pm on 29 March 2019 [albeit still in there as a non-participant ‘rule-taker’ for another two years], and the PM assured the Nation of that committed outcome over a hundred times, but nevertheless Britain didn’t leave, but instead have gone TWICE on bended knees to the EU to plead to stay in longer – so now leaving the EU hierarchy is likely to be delayed until next ‘trick or treat’ Halloween. THE PUBLIC WERE MISLED

The British public were told that there would be no question of the UK ever participating in the 2019 EU Parliamentary Elections, and May assured the Nation that she couldn’t countenance being PM if that ever happened, The Government even at this time pretends (ie lies) that with or without Labour support, if PMs finally capitulate to May’s ‘unacceptable’ (to both Leaver and Remainers) deal, that the impending EU elections can be avoided – well they bloody well CANNOT, simply because there absolutely isn’t sufficient time to enact the required ‘new’ UK legislation to authorise any kind of deal with a Withdrawal Bill, which will be of course massively controversial, not least regarding the so-called BREXIT divorce bill, and the Irish backstop et al, eh?

After the Easter recess, Parliament resumes on 23 April and has scheduled just 17 sitting days before the EU elections on 23 May (and 4 non-sitting Fridays). The Bill simply cannot be dealt with in such a truncated timescale – it would more likely take 60 sitting days?]

THE ONLY WAY OF AVOIDING PARTICIPATING IN THE EU ELECTIONS is to leave the EU immediately under the existing law which was passed by an overwhelming majority in Parliament – a law which the arch-Remainer wreckers who have now gained control are attempting to flout and overturn at the twelfth hour. THE PUBLIC WERE MISLED and are continuing to be MISLED

So YES, there WILL BE a UK held EU election this summer on Thursday 23 May 2019, so almost a full three years after the Nation decided to completely leave the EU, and YOU, if you ‘choose’ to do so, WILL be voting in your particular region for party selected candidates – but they have now only a WEEK to be registered, eh? [Cost £110million plus?]


[In the latest poll, the week old BREXIT party has topped the poll for the upcoming EU election (BREXIT 27%, Labour 22%, Conservative 15%). That is of course the ‘popular vote’ which doesn’t translate directly into MEP seats, but it might do when campaigning actually starts, eh?]


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