Reinstate the compulsory UK Identity Cards system – finally unmask the fraudsters and incognito hoody muggers, criminals, and knifers?

Due to the UK’s uncontrollable surge in knife crime (100 knifings a day), the provocative and dangerous habit of routinely carrying knives by the young (including school children), and indeed in our cities the daily knifing and murdering of young people by young people, the authorities at long last have taken the first essential step to halt that juggernaut of death, destruction, and unbridled crime.

That step was taken just 2 weeks ago by the current Home Secretary Sajid Javid and it was to ‘reinstate’ the police’s greater powers of ‘stop and search’ so that it can become effective once more on our crime-ridden streets and keep them safe.

He has trashed disastrous Theresa May’s previous reforms of five years ago when as Home Secretary she set-about the police, undermined them, cut their funding and numbers, decided that SHE knew best about dealing with crime, and tied the hands of the police by crushing their powers of stop and search, which she determined had no discernible effect in reducing crime but poisoned community relations – all in her failed quest to appease and appeal to the liberal-minded elite, eh?

Oh yes, the use of large-scale mass stop and search operations had been highly controversial, it has to be said – not least because black people or those from minority ethnic groups, were four times more likely to be stopped and searched on the streets by the police than white people?

What May actually achieved was to play directly into the hands of the gutter criminals, because the police could no longer disrupt crime, nor take weapons of our most dangerous and notoriously crime-ridden streets, nor battle to reduce the threat of serious violence occurring there.

Well, whether or not there remains concerns in some quarters about unfairly targeting people who are black, now that the allegation of institutional police racism has been alleviated, the new Home Secretary is convinced [as are the police and the mass of the population] that stop and search has to be bulked-up with a large surge in operations to lance the boil of violent street crime – and Javid can get away with restoring such effective tactics, perhaps without too much personal criticism, because he is black himself and comes from immigrant stock


  • Statistics mid 2018 showed that almost half of murder victims, as well as murder suspects were black despite that ethnic group accounting for just 13% of London’s population
  • Twenty-one teenagers [all black or ethnic minorities] were murdered in 2018: Oluwadamilolda Odeyingbo, Hasan Ozcan, Sabri Chibani, Promise Nkenda, Lewis Blackman, Abdikarim Hassan, Kelvin Odunuyi, Lyndon Davis, Tanesha Melbourne-Blake, Amaan Shakoor, Israel Ogunsola, Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton, Jordan Douherty, Katrina Makunova, Latwaan Griffiths, Guled Farah, Ethan Nedd-Bruce, Jay Hughes, Malcolm Mide-Madariola, John Ogunjobi, Aron Warren.



The second essential step required here in Britain, is to deal with another of the biggest problems we are currently facing in our society which is the one of the increasingly prevalent activity of gangs, drug dealers, and other criminals who are simply able to prowl the streets or lurk in the shadows, and go about their destructive business ‘incognito’, because they are being allowed to hide their identities with numerous aliases, and alter physical appearance or cover faces behind hoodies, balaclavas, full-face biker helmets, face scarves, dark sunglasses, fake tans, dyed hair, wigs, hats, and the like, or in some cases even the full face veil.

Of course, some organisations like banks ask customers to remove face helmets, hats and sunglasses before approaching tellers, but don’t enforce it, while others like garages and shopping precincts might insist that people must be physically identifiable because of the specific risks of shop-lifting, fraud and other illegal actions

However, as some people have found, being unable to actually prove your identity or right to be resident in the UK, is something of potential nightmarish proportions, yet it is claimed by the usual civil-rights scaremongers that many law-abiding citizens here would find the idea awful and ‘un-British’ of being asked to show identity at any particular time, as they would feel their lives were being suppressed under an oppressive police State. That is simply a load of bollocks though – while it indeed may be a truism for ‘some’ of those who have survived last century’s war years, or seen Hollywood war movies, so know of Nazi-Germany government agents figurative demand of “your papers please”, but it has no relevance nor standing in these modern days, does it?

Oh yes, some will say that carrying an ID card would be an unnecessarily and excessively intrusive burden, but those that so claim will of course predominately include those of the criminal element, who rely on total anonymity to get away with their crimes, don’t they?

You see, without any compunction whatsoever British people already carry a photocard driving licence, a railcard, a photocard bus pass, a library card, photocard citizencard id card, a photocard proof of age card, bank cards, credit cards, store cards, company photocards, club membership cards, residence cards, seaman books etc, which all are compulsory to show on demand when used, and even on occasion a passport has to be shown to prove identity within the UK, or when overseas.

Moreover, despite the assertion from some living in the past diehards here, that our citizens required preservation of a ‘right to remain anonymous’, some 70% of the population also readily widely disclose to all and sundry, much of the intimate details and activities their personal lives, just through multi-membership of media platforms [Facebook (the biggest @ 40million), Instagram, Google+,Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Snapchat, Friends Reunited, Reddit, Tumbir, Goodreads, Myspace, et al]

Notwithstanding all of that, which clearly evidences the population’s general attitude to so-called ‘privacy’, the planned introduction and ongoing use of national Identity cards in Britain were scrapped eight years ago, following a campaign to stop such a system being fully introduced, whence the ones already issued were no longer valid and couldn’t be used as proof of identify

As you might expect that retrograde action, which has now put our society under the control of the criminal classes, was carried-out at the behest of the usual ‘screw-it-up’ human rights and liberal “do-gooder crowd”, and indeed was enacted by the bloody LibDems, who had sacrificed their principles to sneak into Government as a coalition partner to the Tories. National identity cards were in the process of being rolled-out as a personal identification document which was linked to the national identity register database, which has since been destroyed – the loss of everything that had been already put in place at enormous cost over some four years.

[Foreign nationals from outside the EU continue to require an ID card for use as a biometric residence permit]

There is a general lack of compulsory ID in the UK, as only airport workers or others in certain high-security professions are required to carry an identity card. While nobody in the UK is required to carry any form of ID, and in everyday situations most authorities, such as the police, do not make spot checks of identification for individuals, although they may do so in instances of arrest, but nevertheless you can’t actually fly anywhere even within the UK without proving identity to the airline [normally passport or diving licence – even children need to do so]

Now, such things are different in many other countries, where it is simply accepted these days as part of their current culture and custom to carry ID – so virtually nobody there bats an eyelid about it, do they?

Indeed Britain has ‘had’ ID cards before – both during WWI and for a dozen years during and after WWII. Some liberalists will say “ah, but that was when we were in a war”, won’t they? Well yes, but we most certainly ARE in a bloody war NOW, and in one which we are losing-out to drug traffickers, burglars, violent robbers, murders, arsonists, rapists, car thieves, computer cyber attackers, virus pushers & hackers, shoplifters, fraudsters & forgers, extremists, terrorists and their supporters, et all, aren’t we?

Moreover, the UK also invoked the compulsory carrying of an identity card in public areas in Hong Kong, when it still was a British colony back 40 years ago, and that continues today and seems to have never been a matter of resentment for Hongkongers.

Yes, so what is urgently needed in the UK now is a compulsory national id card that can be made available quickly. This would help cut crime and aid extra protection against terrorism supporters, in a smartcard micro-chip technology form containing sufficient biometrics to ensure that the holder of a card is who they say they are, and one which includes sufficiently adequate details to prove identity – and that with being backed-up with adequate security of issue, but without the extensive ‘interlinked database structure’ that was intended previously, and which was really the focus of almost all of the past concerns. It must not of course go down the road followed by issuing of national insurance numbers, which are so uncontrolled they are currently an unfunny joke as they are issued willy-nilly to any illegal immigrant landed at the coast, or most-wanted criminals escaping justice in the safe haven UK, eh?

Currently, the police’s hands are tied by unbridled liberal opinioned restrictions on obtaining people’s identity, as Joe public is deemed by them to resent police checks, but this leaves the criminal with the upper hand, real power, and in complete control, doesn’t it?

Yep, the police, for instance, must have reasonable cause to ask for identification, and they do NOT have the right to demand someone’s name OR address without a ‘substantive reason’. Generally, a police officer can only ask someone to give their name and address if they believe them to have committed an offence, or are about to commit an offence. It is then a basic badge of honour for criminals, and particularly those driving stolen cars or committing driving offences, and fighting drunks or hooligans, to give false details which ties-up officers for countless hours to unravel or having to establish identities by taking them back to the police station.

ID cards have an important role to play as a deterrent in preventing fraud through identity deception, not least involving banks and retail fraud, as it would be a straightforward means of establishing identity. Also it would prevent people working in the UK who arent allowed to do so [like overstayers, illegal immigrants, asylum-seekers, etc]. While the Country’s defence against terrorism has to rely on a lot more than an ID system, it will nevertheless enable the authorities to track them and trace all criminal suspects more easily


[Many would advocate that everybody should be subject to a ‘stop and search’ and Home Secretary ‘Sajid Javid’ has stepped-up to the plate to progress that forward, and the ball is also in his court to introduce a modern ID card system – just let’s hope he is up to the task, eh?]

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