Primino Theresa May (prime-minister in name only)


We have had just less than 3 years of Theresa May and already

  1. She has disgraced herself and bought shame on herself as a politician
  2. She has demeaned the great office of Prime Minister
  3. She has trounced the imbedded tradition of governmental collective responsibility
  4. She has bounced the Cabinet that she personally chose and appointed but has defied their decisions
  5. She has allowed her Cabinet and MPs to thumb their noses up at democracy in a country that once was a beacon for that system of government
  6. She has overseen a shockingly alarming demise in the responsible operation of the House of Commons in a parliamentary system that has been in place and operated dutifully for hundreds of years and is widely seen as the ‘Mother of Parliaments’
  7. She has brought about a constitutional crisis whereby the Executive, that holds responsibility for governance of the State, no longer has control over the levers of power relied on by the government to manage Parliament’s legislative agenda
  8. She has undermined forever the rights of the British people and the voters’ belief in the power of the ballot-box to exercise control over the executive and elite
  9. She has acted like a sovereign dictator and has deliberately thwarted the will of the people in favour of it being ‘her way or no way’
  10. She has destroyed the Government and its credibility both in this Country and overseas
  11. She has scuppered the Conservative Party – probably forever
  12. She has humiliated our great nation on the World stage and brought the Country to its knees at the EU – again and AGAIN
  13. She has downgraded the United Kingdom from a worldwide respected nation into an international laughing stock
  14. She has turned Britain from a Major Country into a banana republic
  15. She has introduced a catalyst that has broken the UK’s political system, which will finally end the ideological dogma’s two party system, but in a manner that will allow extremist parties to flourish instead


[For the sake of the Country’s future, ‘Theresa May’ has to go as UK Prime Minister immediately and that means NOW, but NO ONE in the Tory Party has the guts to make it happen – pity that the people here don’t have the same drive as the suppressed population in the authoritarian, totalitarian, state of Sudan, who despite facing fierce resistance from the ex-military ‘Omar al-Bashir’ regime, which held all effective political power, have used their intense anti-government protests to finally remove that long-serving dictator from power]


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