Theresa May – FACT or FICTION? reposted


It is reposted now to explain just why BREXIT is such a disastrous mess – it was logged here nearly 3 years ago that Theresa May had neither the experience nor skills to be our Prime Minister – she had performed just a single Ministerial role and she screwed it up big time. She had shown negligence of duty in cowardly cow-towing to the European court [exactly has she had done in her dealings with the EU over the past 2 years].

The sole REASON that Britain has been offered such a bad deal by the EU is COMPLETLY down to May, who has shown the negotiation skills of a village idiot and has repeatedly overridden the objections of those who could have delivered a proper result for the UK.


[May couldn’t negotiate getting a beer during a brewery trip even after she had promised to pay £100 for it]




The front runner candidate (indeed winner), for being the next UK Prime Minister, was the one of gravitas who we were told reeks of Cabinet experience, and is of course Theresa May.

However, if the truth be known she logs up only half a dozen years at that, and that ALL has been in a SINGLE Cabinet job as Home Secretary, hasn’t it? That hardly represents the widespread mantle that makes her ‘a safe pair of hands’ which was solidly being peddled around, is it? Oh yes, she has been given a variety of ‘shadow’ roles in the proceeding, decade but that hardly constitutes ‘hands-on’ experience running things does it? No, such shadow responsibilities endows only experience in ineffectively carping at the incumbent government – all done without accountability, or decision making, or nous about implementation of policy, isn’t it?

The only matter then on which one can really judge May likely feat as PM is on her actual performance as Home Secretary, and therein she runs into a deep problem, doesn’t she? Yes, the only thing really going for her there was her relative longevity, surely? The Home Office is renowned for being the poisoned chalice ministry yet she had survived a full six years – the longest spell for well over half a century indeed. [Alan Johnson 1yr, Jacqui Smith 2yrs, John Reid 1yr, Charles Clarke 2yrs, David Blunkett 3yrs, Jack Straw 4yrs, Michael Howard 4yrs, Kenneth Clarke 2yrs, Kenneth Baker 2yrs, David Waddington 1yr, Douglas Herd 4yrs, Leon Brittan 2yrs, William Whitelaw 4yrs to name some of them].

She hardly comes out smelling of roses from her time having had a disastrously rough ride there does she? No, for example there has been the great shame of the Abu Qatada business, which May somehow boasted as one of her successes (?), despite the galling fact that she failed miserably also to deport that cleric bastard for three years. That fiasco involved both her inexplicable failure to galvanise the legal system here, as well as her negligence of duty in cowardly cow-towing to the European court over the matter.

Then there has been her wavering explanations of her derelictions and failures, on such things as the dreadful demoralised UK border agency (and its costly collapsed IT system), or the cancer of people and drug smuggling though ineffective ports, airports and private airfields, or tackling the problems of ‘failed’ asylum seekers (gone missing numbers increasing), or untold numbers of ‘illegals’ in the UK coming in through an inadequately protected extensive coastline but never deported (numbers going down), or the failure and derisory support for the elected police & crime commissioners initiative, which has risked public trust in the police, or ongoing bizarre inexplicable deportation and visas outcomes, and or even perhaps more significantly the run-ins with and the rundowns of the police, eh? Even with that she failed to address underlying policing problems such as dubious policing priorities, manipulation of crime figures, protection failures on underage girls from ethnic gangs, blind-eye ambivalence to forced marriage, and distressing ineffectiveness in imposing the law on illegal FGM, for example?

The coup de grâce on her showing HAS to be though on IMMIGRATION, surely? Not only didn’t she bring it down to her Governments target (tens of thousands) but it actual GREW to probably some six times that and she couldn’t even restrict migrants to that major ballpark target even in just non-EU people – let alone the incoming masses from the EU that she couldn’t actually legally do anything about either.[Unbelievably in the twenty-first century the Home office despite promises still relies on demonstrably bad guesswork about migrants’ comings and goings, eh? Even in poor counties like Indonesia you are checked-in and out, aren’t you?].

Had you even seen any excuse for that whatsoever in her campaign for the Tory leadership, eh? Will you see any explanation of how she now as PM will make her Home Secretary successor cut immigration when Britain exits the EU, do you think?

Before the Referendum, she was of course still well short of retirement as HER bleeding government had just extended it, so she knew she would be forced to soldier-on, so she had therefore to find a way of hanging-on in there at Cabinet, didn’t she?. She calculated that if she joined the BREXIT ranks, her next likely post would have been ex-Home Secretary, so she had to ditch principles and agree to support Remain. What she or we never expected was that ‘Leave’ would win, that Cameron would immediately jump ship, and that events would give her the premiership, did she? What a lucky lady – so let’s hope she capitalises on it, eh?

She has latterly been described as a reluctant Remainer but one who now claims to have stopped denigrating leavers and has become a follower of BREXIT – we simply have to hope that it has been a genuine conversion on the EU road, don’t you think?

It is a worrying dynamic that May is now proposing to ditch her previous proposal to pull-out the UK out of the European Convention on Human Rights (and replace it), when a major factor in the Referendum vote was the need to extract Britain from unacceptable conundrum where the European Court of Justice overrules the UK’s Supreme Court.

May will however suffer from the lack of legitimacy in having in old style ‘emerged’ as prime minister, backed by just a couple of hundred people rather than an electorate of thirty-six million. Inevitably, there will be strident calls for an immediate General Election, not least from Labour’s ranks – despite the glaring fact that they are in no position whatsoever to fight one, are they?

The Country needs a period of stability with all hands to the pumps to clear the rapids of risk in enacting BREXIT, so that requires a government of certainty, not fluidity, doesn’t it? What IS required though is a clear commitment from Theresa May that she will submit to the judgement of the people in a General Election when the UK exits the EU within 2 years time.


[Is it not a total disgrace that a deeply irresponsible ‘Cameron Government’ will go down in history for its dire criminal dereliction of its parliamentary duty and its reckless incompetence, by not having made any plans whatsoever, nor having even established a strategy, for BREXIT – despite the clear prospect of that being the peoples’ decision, wouldn’t you say?]


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