“England is the ‘mother’ of parliaments” [1865) or “England is the ‘witch’ of parliaments” [2019] – courteously of BREXIT?

SPITTING IMAGE [John Major the real culprit]

Britain was once renowned worldwide for its representative parliamentary democracy, but no longer – that guiding beam which has shone-out from our Westminster lighthouse for more than 150 years, has been well and truly extinguished, hasn’t it?

In Britain we now have a Prime Minister who is arrogant, delusional, lacking authority, untrustworthy, and a blackmailer; a divided Cabinet openly defiant of its Leader; a Government that’s utterly incompetent; a Parliament full of self-serving MPs who don’t believe in democracy; an Opposition led by an implausible, deceptive, fringe politician utterly despised by the majority of his own troops but kept in place by an infiltrated Marxist cancer; a House of Commons’ previously effective but now fractured political party structure, where disloyalty has become a badge of honour and defections endemic; with all that conjoined with an unqualified, massively overcrowded, expensive, un-reformed House of Lords stuffed with unelected, undeserving, destructive, moronic nobodies – a debacle cruelly exposed of course by the perceptive British public’s decisive vote for BREXIT, wouldn’t you say?

Have no doubt about it, but we live in an era of unprecedented turmoil in world politics, but here in UK we certainly haven’t lost our ability to outdo all others, so with what used to be seen as a Country doing a credible job in running a peoples’ democracy, we have converted that into a laughing-stock government operation, that makes a banana republic look like a class act.

Oh yes, just like such a derided republic of a century ago, we are now a Country exploited and controlled by an external agency [the not-to-be-denied EU], have become a politically unstable country, where apparently survival of our economy is now utterly dependent upon trade in a restricted single market, while our community is extremely stratified by social class, where we have a substantial oppressed living in abject poverty, an expanding but powerless middle class, and a ruling class incorporating the undeserving land and asset holding aristocracy from old, the couldn’t-care-less modern rich, the controlling elite, the political hierarchy, big business and international corporations – all employing the system of capitalism, using an imbalanced economic model by which the country is operated as a private commercial enterprise purloining national resources for the exclusive profit of the ruling class.

While democracy is all about government of the people, by the people, for the people [President Lincoln 1863], that has been turned on its head here with a supposedly democratic parliament, but much more attuned to the practices of witchery with its belief in magical skills and abilities exercised by solitary practitioners and groups – with their casting of spells on others to gain control over them by some kind of magic, as we now operate a parliament in name only, as it is cantankerous one, without dignity, and no longer capable of taking a decision or implementing action on the Country’s future.

How he hell has this unbelievable state of affairs come about, you may ask yourself? Well, as you would expect there are a number of interlocking factors involved, aren’t there? For instance, we live in times when the imminent threat of war in our land has become a hazy memory of the most elderly, and the new generation know nothing and moreover care nothing about defending the freedom and the democracy that so many of our ancestors have suffered and died for, eh?

In the now murky world of politics, we in the UK have in the last twenty-five years had to endure the unforgettable experienced of three disastrous Prime Ministers – that would be Tony Blair masquerading as a Socialist with ideology suppressed in favour of focus-group popularism, the most manipulative and wicked prime minister in living memory; David Cameron a power hungry, smart-arsed, smooth-talking con man abjectly using the cover of the Conservative party for personal fortune, the worst prime minister known in modern times; and Theresa May an egoistic survivor of continuous failure, offset with glaring unwarranted self-esteem, the most incompetent prime minister in British history without doubt. Oh yes, this sad trio will leave their legacy but ones of all the wrong kind, wouldn’t you say?

However, the catalyst that brought our whole political house of cards tumbling down has been Europe, and surprisingly (?) to many the guilty one here is butter-wouldn’t-melt-in his-mouth PM John Major the grey man. He was shoed-in as PM some thirty-years ago by vindictive Tories to thwart Michael Heseltine because he had just unseated Maggie Thatcher. He was a banker and good accountant but a mediator rather than a leader, also weak and ideas challenged, and despite that and being a dull man to boot, he was generally respected by the people, as unfortunately for the Nation he had the image of a proper gent, a lovely man and someone to be looked-up to, no less?

When you see Major spouting drivel now about the current BREXIT saga, you would never guess that it was indeed HE that actually caused the problem, would you? Yep, it was HE that acceded to the actual creation of the bloody EU in the first place and took Britain into that disastrous operation back in 1992 [Maastricht Treaty]. That indeed resulted in internecine Conservative party feuding that lasted more than a year, when he had to see-off challenges by William Rees-Mogg and other parliamentary Eurosceptic rebels, but he eventually managed to face down his critics by the gamble of tabling an explicit confidence motion in the Commons [he won by just 6%].

[So, last December May wasn’t the first to survive via that route, eh? (BUT 37% of her Tory MPs voted no confidence in her)].

Back six years ago, the Europhiles were aghast when snowflake Cameron, to take the heat off himself it has to be said, when he feared being ousted with UKIP on the march, committed to an EU Referendum, so handed the right to the grass-roots people of the UK to make the critical decision to ‘Remain’ or ‘Leave’. The European brigade termed it a ‘disastrously misguided decision’ to remove that right from elected MPs, and that was because they knew there was a groundswell of anger in our Country at it being controlled and dictated to from afar.

Now, some might wonder why it is that the bulk of our elected MPs and indeed our successive governments, have been more than happy for our Country to remain in the EU. You see, NO-ONE in the EU, not any person, not any individual, not any function, nothing, is actually accountable for ANYTHING, so irrespective of any disastrous outcomes, maladministration or whatever else, no one’s head is on the block so to speak, is it?

OK then, also when it comes back to the London environment, our MPs are power kings (and queens) here in the Westminster bubble, who are paid handsomely to instruct the Executive and to enact laws to run this Country – but THEY bloody-well don’t, because the EU has the greater rights and it is the EU that determines exactly what the controlling laws will be, and it is its court that is the legal force that overrules even our Supreme Court – Britain’s system of representative parliamentary democracy is a farce where MPs become pawns and irrelevant on the significant matters, so they sleep soundly at night knowing full-well that they don’t really have a job to do – other than swindle their expensed, bank their winnings, travel the world free to get informed, and relentlessly promote their image in the media.

Oh yes, Government Ministers themselves just couldn’t do without the UK being in the EU and governed by its laws and regulations, because when they fail and regularly the shit-hits-the-fan, they can simply fall back on the un-dissectible excuse that ‘our hands are tied on this matter by EU regulations’, eh?

When the Referendum was actually held two-and-a half years ago, the Government was against BREXIT, the civil service was against BREXIT, and EVERY bleeding single party in the House of Commons was against BREXIT – not a single MP has EVER been elected to Westminster from UKIP, so the die was well and truly cast against BREXIT wasn’t it?

The Government abusively used the levers of power, substantial taxpayers’ money, and its instruments of control in an attempt to batter the voting public senseless, to vote ‘Remain’. Project Fear was orchestrated by the Treasury and its illegally acquired lacky the Bank of England, and the powerhouses of big business joined-in to cower the people into submission. The whole population was warned that a ‘Leave’ result would result in the abject destruction of the economy, a massive loss of jobs, substantial loss of income to every single UK household, and basically the end of life as we knew it, eh? We were threatened with immediate destructive events, including an emergency harsh budget, that would befall us all if we dared to defy the demand of the powers-that-be and vote for BREXIT – but WE DID!’

Only then did it become clear how vile had been the catalogue of government poisonous lies that the public had been force-fed. However, the Establishment elite nevertheless closed ranks and decided that the will of the people would have to be ignored, so that things could carry-on as normal, but the public would be assured that their decision would be ‘respected’ – the Remainers then embarked in no uncertain terms on action to ensure that the Referendum decision would be overturned “for the good of the Country”, you see?

May got to be Prime Minister by lying through her back teeth about her complete commitment to delivering the BREXIT people had voted for – which meant leaving the EU completely and all its institutions and controls. She lied about having the skills and experience to negotiate our departure to achieve that objective. Nevertheless, it was enough to terminate UKIP who seemingly then had no future purpose or role.

Her duplicity is what has driven the UK into a crisis which is probably now unresolvable. She stuffed her Cabinet with Remainers and gave the top jobs to the most ‘immovable’ ones – that included the Chancellor Philip Hammond who consequently has steadfastly refused to release the necessary funds to prepare for a ‘no-deal’ exit as he is determined to keep the UK in the EU.

The bulk of the MPs at Westminster are demonstrably without honour. All the Conservatives were elected on a manifesto to implement the BREXIT voted for – but now they won’t; all the Labour ones were elected on a commitment to accept the referendum result – but now they won’t. Parliament voted overwhelmingly to simply leave the EU if there was no acceptable deal offered – but now it won’t

Even our renowned major national newspapers, with a voice for over a century’s, have been side-lined with their voices muted so have had zero ability to prevent the out-of-control Establishment from abusing their privileged position – so much then for the so-called power of the press, wouldn’t you say?

Since last December, May’s desperate strategy has been to run the clock down until the last knockings, so that she can then face Parliament with the blackmail of agreeing her ‘unacceptable’ arrangements for BREXIT or cancelling it for 29th March as scheduled. You see because the House’s MPs are fundamentally AGAINST the public’s BREXIT anyway, the last thing they want is for Britain to implement the ‘so-called’ No-Deal, when we just walk away, which is in fact the best possible outcome. She has just delayed matters a further 2 weeks so that a decision comes just 17 days before we are scheduled to leave the EU – utterly disgraceful.

British business is robust and adaptable and all it asked for at the outset was a clear idea of what it was faced with, but instead of that May has given it two-and-a-half years of torturous uncertainty, culminating in allowing just a two-week period to deal with the fallout, and practically zero government preparation for leaving the EU.

The game plan of the Remainers is remove the option of no deal so that the EU has no incentive to renegotiate May’s crap arrangements, whence this will almost certainly lead to a delay in Britain’s departure from the EU, with a ‘temporary’ extension of our membership – which will inevitable become ‘permanent’ as we will then doubtlessly become involved in this May’s new MEP elections and the EU political agreement on the planned new budget this Spring.

[The BREXIT fiasco has simply exposed whole façade that democracy has ever existed in Britain. True power has remained, as always, in the hands of the elite and ordinary souls are allowed to just tinker at the edges to keep them quiet]


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