Enid Blyton’s ‘The Famous Five’ rewritten – now is it BREXIT’S ‘The Complicit Five’?

Well, well, well, Julian, Dick, Anne and Georgina (George) with their dog Timmy have transformed into Michael, Chris, Andrea, and Penny with their lapdog Liam.

You see, the original stories took place in the children’s holidays from their respective boarding schools when they get caught up in an exciting adventure, often involving criminals or lost treasure.

While now the derivative stories take place in the adult’s continuance from their respective universities when they get trapped-up in a debilitating nightmare, often involving villains or lost opportunity.

The Complicit Five- that is of course Gove, Grayling, Leadsom and Mordaunt with Fox – have proved themselves unworthy of the high office that they all hold. After all, these men and women are all members of the UK Cabinet serving under PM Theresa May who indeed appointed them to their esteemed posts. However, they are at fundamental odds with the Prime Minister’s BREXIT planned deal for the UK to leave the EU, so they make an utter dog’s dinner of the Country’s Cabinet government by remaining in their predominately undeserved high profile highly paid jobs while publicly slagging off its EU draft Withdrawal agreement.

The reason that they don’t accept what is now on the table is pretty simply though – it is a crock of shit and everyone knows that who isn’t either a civil servant or Theresa May. The moot point is why are these five, who were big players campaigning in the Leave side of the Referendum that convinced the electorate to choose BREXIT are still being driven about in their posh ministerial cars instead of resigning and forcing May to abandon her illusional attempt to leave the EU, do you think? It is certainly not to do their duty to their Country is it, so one must assume that it is simply one of self-preservation, eh?

In July, these five were ambushed just like the rest of the Cabinet by May and her captor civil servants at Chequers, when her new secret, divisive, crazy, plan was sprung on them like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a top hat. Apparently, the Cabinet in their state of shock were coercing into agreeing it by threats of immediate sacking and walking home if showing descent.

The upstaged BREXIT secretary David Davis who had been leading the negotiations with the EU [but constantly having the rug pulled from under his feet by May] and indeed only the day before had been in the process of writing the official plan, promptly resigned not long afterwards as ‘the “common rule book” policy hands control of large swathes of our economy to the EU and is certainly not returning control of our laws in any real sense.’

That was following by the resignation of Foreign secretary Boris Johnson who had spearheaded the Leave campaign plus another minister, party officials, and ministerial aids, and who could not accept a watered-down Brexit [Guto Bebb (Defence), Ben Bradley (Party vice-chairman), Maria Caulfield (Party vice-chairwoman), Scott Mann (Treasury PPS), Robert Courts (Foreign Office PPS), Andrea Jenkyns (Housing PPS) Chris Green (Transport PPS)]

So why did the Five hang-on in there then, instead of resigning, handing back their chauffeured cars, lackies & privileges, and so kill-off the plan and force May to back-down at that initial stage? Doubtless their excuse is that they stayed to fight within the Cabinet to get the plan changed? Well if that was so, they have fully displayed their unimpressive abilities and failed miserably, haven’t they? Yep, because not only did May’s outrageous plan remain totally unchanged but she and the plan’s architect Olly Robbins continued to give-in to the EU bullies in Brussels making even further concessions that has resulted in an appalling deal with a truly scary withdrawal agreement, which is just the PROCESS of leaving, with a NI backstop that threatens the future integrity of the United Kingdom and is one that makes a mockery of the very concept of democracy in this Country, doesn’t it?

[Britain’s fate has been delegated to Robbins, a mere senior civil servant, May’s direct report and her personally appointed ‘European Advisor’ (he is a committed European, determined not to upset the EU, who was indeed chair of the Oxford university ‘Reform Club’ to promote a federal EU, no less)]

Just as it was done at Chequers, there was underhand trickery and slight-of-hand to blindside the Cabinet, together with the BREXIT department, and of course parliament itself, who were all kept completely in the dark about what in reality was being given away in the Brussels negotiations that resulted in the final draft of the withdrawal agreement being released last Wednesday – the only ones in the know were the small group of puppeteers operating May and she herself.

The list of resignations from government about May’s BREXIT deal inevitably lengthened significantly in the past week with those who cannot support her latest agreement that does not deliver a good and fair Brexit, with Cabinet members Dominic Raab (BREXIT secretary) and Esther McVey (Work & Pensions), and ministers Suella Braverman (Brexit), Shailesh Vara, (Northern Ireland), Jo Johnson (Transport), Steve Baker (Under-Secretary BREXIT), and others Ranil Jayawardena (PPS Justice), Nikki da Costa (Downing Street director of legislative affairs), Anne-Marie Trevelyan (PPS Defence), Rehman Chisti (Party vice-chairman and prime ministerial trade envoy to Pakistan)

[In 2 years May has lost more ministers than any PM since the 1980s

Yet nevertheless, the Five hung-on in there, but announced that they as a team would jointly face-down May and demand last minute changes to the draft agreement because ‘the UK must not be trapped in a customs union’ – this required from May as the price for them not resigning, eh? Well, the Five’s rebellion has simply fizzled-out despite the fact that there is no majority in Parliament for the proposed deal.

The EU responded saying that what was on the table could NOT be changed – apparently set in stone, you see? Who has EVER heard of a DRAFT agreement that couldn’t be changed, eh? Well, May has also claimed it cannot be now amended and moreover she has said that it is ‘her deal or nothing’ – meaning that she countenances dropping BREXIT altogether and that is in blatant breach of the instructions of the electorate AND of her election manifesto mandate itself to leave the EU. Her other weapon of fear she is threatening her Tory MPs with is that if they reject her proposal that will let-in a Labour government.

Does May really think that making such threats instead of trying to prove her half-baked dishonest deal has any merit, is fooling anyone into thinking that she has concluded a decent or acceptable outcome for BREXIT, eh?

By their capitulation, that has included staying and clinging-on like grime death to their day jobs (obtained by false pretences), the Five supposed BREXITEERS have shown-up themselves as having zero integrity or principles when they are seen to continue to support a legal agreement in direct conflict with their publicly announced views on Britain leaving the EU. They are a spineless set of charlatans who have cowardly shirked confrontation and have ended-up without credibility and reputations in the gutter.

Oh yes, May may have satisfied the governing elite and the big business interests but that looks increasingly likely to be at the cost of Tory power, as the abject failure of the May Government to take-on the EU in the BREXIT negotiations in any meaningful manner and abandoning our sovereignty in the process, will NEVER be forgot by the electorate, will it? Moreover, she has not only ditched her commitment to the Country [remember “BREXIT means BREXIT” and “No Deal is better than a bad Deal”, do you?], but she definitely has ‘lost the plot’ by reneging on her commitment to the DUP to keep NI solely within UK rules and without any divergence between mainland and them and not to sacrificed NI to the EU.

You see the DUP are power players who the Government are critically ‘dependent-on’ to hold a majority in the Commons via a formal Confidence & Supply arrangement (covering the Queens speech, the Budget & finance bills, and on all motions of confidence). The DUP have already shown their teeth by failing to vote WITH the Government on finance bill amendments last week (they abstained) – the DUP voting AGAINST the Government won’t bring it down now there is a fixed-term parliament but it would mean that the Conservatives will not be able to run a working majority so cannot be sure of getting legislation through and that’s unsustainable. May’s continuing pursuit of a Brexit strategy that doesn’t satisfies the DUP’s red line on the union [a red line NOT to be obliterated], is an indication that she’s got a screw loose, surely?

In 2 years, NO progress whatsoever has been made in securing a trade deal OF ANY KIND with the EU despite May agreeing to give them £40billion of our taxpayers’ money, not demanding a share of joint EU assets, and giving-in at every stage. What hope then do we have of securing a ‘FREE’ TRADE DEAL in the next 2 years within a transition stage when we are controlled by the EU but have no representation at all, do you thing?

Brandon Lewis, Tory chairman has assured the Chairs of its constituencies Associations that there is a legal commitment for the EU to do so – he is a lying git of a lawyer, as the withdrawal agreement only commits to do that with the EUs “best endeavours” [worthless in a court of law when it doesn’t happen].

There is a suspicion in many quarters that the deal on he table has been made so abysmal and unacceptable by the EU that the establishment invested interests here will be able to secure a 2nd Referendum when all us Leavers will agree that Britain might as well stay IN the bloody EU – there is more than a grain of truth in that, isn’t there? Then of course is the other plan to extend Article 50 to delay the UKs departure from the EU and have no doubt will you that the intention will be not to reset the timer but to stop the clock completely, eh?

The only way out of this quagmire that May has diligently created is to ditch her forthwith and the Tory MPs need to do that and quickly too. If they wait until her BREXIT plans are trashed by parliament, they will face a dissolution of parliament with a consequential General Election – and the people will vent their anger about the May government incompetence as a consequence, don’t you think?

The elite think that they are secure and can ride roughshod over those below them because Brits unlike the French and others in Europe, are not prone to rebellion. History shows though that they are once again mistaken because when pushed too far, the disadvantaged and the commoners act  and that is exactly why this Country has secured a democracy that May has put under threat.

Moreover, the rule has always been that a government cannot do something that binds the hands of the subsequent or a future government and that is ‘precisely’ what the current BREXIT proposals enact – a situation whereby Britain cannot in perpetuity leave the control and constraints of the EU and that is why our MPs have to do their duty to protect this Country – or suffer the consequences.


[‘Theresa May’ is a bad pathetic PM who has betrayed the British voters and intends that without a fight our proud nation is with tail between the legs to shamefully slink out of the EU in name only, by generating a monstrosity of an agreement that is only the start of our humiliation as the future relationship issue which was supposed to have been completed by now hasn’t even been addressed yet]

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