‘Philip Hammond’ a BREXIT terrorist and now International Law expert– the new Dynamo who can walk on water as well?



Well, well, well, we’ve now heard the latest outrage from mega-loudspeaker broadcaster of ‘project fear’ announcements, Essex boy Philip Hammond, the supposed Chancellor of the Exchequer so charged with protecting the financial interests of the Country in accordance with the electorate’s mandate, but when has spent his 2 years in the job doing exactly the opposite, hasn’t he?

Why as an ardent Remainer he was given that crucial job which essentially required someone to accept and progress BREXIT to the best possible outcome, which required him to turn-around a Treasury one hundred percent committed to staying in the EU no matter what and whatever their employer’s electorate voted for in the Referendum, is anybody’s guess – but then again his job was the gift of promotion from a Remainer, herself shiny-new PM Theresa May, eh?

Predictably, his Treasury has simply continued under his direction then to determinedly undermine the UK’s BREXIT negotiations with its dire forecasts, manipulated by putting negative assumptions into their financial models – ‘rubbish-in’ means ‘rubbish-out’, you see?

It is a fact that research published this year by economists at one of the world’s top business schools [the CBR of the University of Cambridge, top ranked by Bloomberg, the Financial Times, BusinessInsider, US News & World Report, and Forbes Magazine] identified that Treasury’s economic modelling reports on the impact of Brexit, issued during and AFTER the Brexit referendum, were fatally flawed – they say that the BREXIT decision will only have a small negative impact on economic growth over the coming years, and is likely to have a minor impact on living standards, and NOT the large negative impacts being predicted.

Now, the latest scaremongering intervention by Hammond is to warn-off the Cabinet from accepting a NO Deal outcome to EU negotiations and saving a £45bn so-called BREXIT divorce bill for maintenance, as he has determined that Britain is legally required to pay the bulk [£36bn] of it ANYWAY.

This of course is just a ‘rework’ of his crass utterances last December when he pontificated that the EU’s spurious financial settlement bill would have to be paid in full irrespective of a trade deal being struck or not [as if it was a High Court judgement, eh?]. He was immediately within the hour slapped down by May for that original assertion when he claimed that ‘not paying’ was “inconceivable” [May had unilaterally made the massive financial commitment to the EU without the authority of Cabinet or Parliament – her commitment to the Country is “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”].

Just exactly what qualifies Europe-loving Hammond to counsel Cabinet on the legality of the issue is anyone’s guess as he seems to have no training or qualifications in European or International law or Treaty obligations, does he? No, he only has an Oxbridge degree in Philosophy, Politics, & Economics and on reaching Parliament twenty odd years ago he has worked his ticket in assigned roles for work & pensions, treasury, transport, defence, foreign office – so perhaps a jack of all trades and master of none, eh?

So, Hammond’s ability is not equivalent in any which way say to the Attorney General’s, who is the chief legal adviser to the Crown, and oversees the legal department department and the CPS, and SFO, as well of course as acting as principal legal adviser on questions of EU and international law, and the legal aspects of all major international and domestic litigation involving the government.

Hammond once again strives to pull the rug from under the feet of BREXIT, cause further divisive turmoil in the Cabinet and even more disconcertingly, give succour to the EU enemy in Brussels. May hasn’t done anything about it though, has she? No, because she can no longer keep him under any measure of control as he has become untouchable – May a strong and stable Prime Minister, do you think?

Just recall that BREXIT was the clear-cut decision of the Country’s Referendum and that was followed by a General Election won with a Tory manifesto commitment to implement leaving the Single market and the Customs union, won’t you?


[Britain’s politicians hold senior government appointments as amateurs without any real qualifications and that undoubtably gives the likes of Philip Hammond to the sad delusional false belief that they can do just anything however miraculous – even walk on water?]

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