BREXIT and other REFERENDUMS lost by the European Union – always SOLVED by running a SECOND referendum, or getting around it somehow?


Many of us don’t know it, though perhaps suspect it, but the technocratic Commission of the EU, not only distrust but actually HATE countries having Referendums – that is why the hierarchy in Brussels was absolutely aghast when our useless, cowardly British Prime Minister David Cameron allowed one in the UK for the voters to decide on BREXIT.

You see, the European Union is an organisation that only pays lip-service to ‘democracy’ for the masses under its firm control, and as a cult refuses to countenance its use in running the oppressive EU itself – the reason being because history shows that populations, and in particular voters, are always bucking the traces, being fickle and changing their minds, which culminates in rebelling against those ensconced as their lords and masters, eh? Yep, even dictators, despite holding all the levers of power have been overthrown when the mere peasants revolt against subjugation and are prepared to die in the process.

The French [Schuman] and German [Adenauer] masterminds and their follow-on architects behind the EU concept were determined to avoid that fate at all costs, weren’t they? Yep, so they made sure it was actually run by ’appointees’ and a Commission, that couldn’t be removed by any democratic means and could be self perpetuating in terms of the controlling function

Oh yes, the ‘four-stage’ process of EU metamorphosis [akin a dull moth’s lifecycle (though Europhiles would no doubt prefer to liken it to a beautiful ‘butterfly’?)] all started-out so innocently didn’t it? Yep –

  1. with the creation of the ESSC a six-country single authority to control the production of coal & steel [akin moth egg]
  2. that erupted into a trading organisation the ECC [akin the emergence from the egg of the moth larva (caterpillar) – the feeding stage when it grows]
  3. which then evolved into the EC to combine the ESSC, the EAEC, and the EEC [akin the transition within the moth pupa]
  4. before the ugly EU emerged from it in 1993 as a dominant political entity with an expansive goal exercising ultimate control over almost all aspects of its member states [akin the moth adult emerging intent on reproduction] and destroying many vulnerable communities in the process [akin the hungry moth eating its way through our wardrobe’s susceptible clothes]
  • Back in 2016 just the day before the BREXIT Referendum, Britain’s arch-enemy EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker made it plain that he reviled referendums [claiming that “voters can easily be misled by sideshows” – meaning that they learn the truth?], but he warned “out is out” – oh, how he has changed his tune now as he wants us to STAY or REAPPLY if we ‘actually’ leave (well, the Remoaner Europhiles are desperate to thwart BREXIT)


In the past many such referendums have been lost:

  • Greenland voted to leave the EEC
  • Ireland voted against the ‘Nice treaty’ – so a SECOND referendum was run to get the ‘right’ answer
  • Ireland voted against the ‘Lisbon treaty’ (created to replace the abandoned constitution treaty) – so a SECOND referendum was run to get the ‘right’ answer
  • Denmark voted against joining the euro currency Sweden voted against joining the euro currency
  • Denmark voted against opting-in to EU Justice & Home Affairs
  • Denmark voted against the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement
  • Netherlands voted against the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement
  • Greece voted against the EU’s bail-out conditions – so the government simply ignored the result (and got an even worse deal – the EU thought THAT would teach ’em, eh?)
  • France and Netherlands voted against the EU Constitution treaty – so the whole ratification was abandoned by the EU (hence it simply cancelled the referendums in Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, and UK) and a way-round it was found
  • UK voted to leave the EU (the first to have such a referendum and so to vote to do so)

The EU now avoids referendums like the plague, and when it loses one it always goes into top gear to try to solve that by orchestrating a second referendum, or finding a way around it somehow? A favoured ploy is to have a ‘summit’ of leaders when they can be browbeat, forced into submission, and persuaded to return home to convince just their parliaments and to avoid a people’s vote at all costs.

The consequence of all that is simply that under the surface there is deep simmering anger and resentment against the whole EU, which will doubtless explode in the not too distant future – we have seen evidence disenchantment with the EU and major unrest in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungry, Italy, Spain, combined with significant populism demands that power held by unelected Brussels bureaucrats is returned to national parliaments

That said, BREXIT is going badly – well disastrously to be utterly blunt – and so much so that voters are losing faith, and in no uncertain terms blame the Government, don’t they? Most Leavers also blame the EU, as well as the ongoing antics of entrenched anti-BREXIT politicians. As a result of the Chequers fiasco, it’s hardly surprising then that confidence in Theresa May and the Conservatives’ handling is at rock bottom, or that nobody knows what the hell is the actually policy or vision, is it?


[Theresa May, is lacking in leadership, is increasingly isolated and her BREXIT plan is in tatters as the Tory conference gets underway today – whatever resolve she purports to have, a second disastrous performance this year in Birmingham, or failure to show a decent measure of authority and credibility, will see her quickly ditched]

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