Theresa May fights for her life against the EU, using her BREXIT ‘Chequers’ weapon – “Isn’t that just like a Wop? Brings a knife to a gunfight!”

[using terms of the dialogue from ‘The Untouchables’ (1987) and of award-winning Sean Connery]

Last Thursday, our besieged pig headed Prime Minister Theresa May got a taste of her own medicine when she got cruelly ambushed on BREXIT in Salzburg by the other 27 EU heads of state/government in a disastrous, humiliating, rancorous summit – exactly in the manner had she had foisted on her own BREXIT minister and the rest of her Cabinet at Chequers 2 months ago. So May got her comeuppance – WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND, eh?

In a humiliating rebuff to her Chequers plan, she was told in no uncertain terms that the EU couldn’t help her because she was seeking the impossible, not least as the economic aspect of her blueprint “would NOT work” – in the words of Donald Tusk EU Council President.

[In addition to that France’s wet-behind-the-ears and failing young president ‘Emmanuel Macron’ uttered an appalling anti-British speech of extraordinary non-diplomacy calling UK political BREXITEERS blatant “LIARS” – he thinks THAT will improve his popularity ratings (you see the French hate us as we saved them in the war, eh?). “Brexit is the choice of the British people, pushed by those who predicted easy solutions,” Macron said. “Those people are liars. They left the next day so they didn’t have to manage it”].

Just yesterday, the French Economy Minister [another nobody though] pronounced that the EU accepting Chequers ‘would be suicidal’ and spell the end of Europe – so without a comprehensive agreement and further concessions, it is clearly doomed, isn’t it?

Oh yes, May had been told that about Chequers both in the UK [by ‘Remainers’ as well as ‘Leavers’] and in Brussels [by Michel Barnier & team] long before she headed-off on a fool’s errand to the Austrian meeting, but with her head firmly in the sand, she simply ignored it – just as she is resolutely ignoring the potential coup d’état she has inflicted on her Premiership and perhaps more importantly the Conservative party itself by her crass mishandling of BREXIT negotiations over the past 2 years

[Furthermore, her bizarre concept that she could go behind Barnier’s back to enlist support at Salzburg for an unacceptable plan by a ‘charm offensive’ [when she exudes zero charm?] was simply offensive to other leaders. Also, they are demanding further ‘concessions’, despite the fact that they can see how little room May has retained for political manoeuvring space at Westminster (with a fragile Commons majority of just 12 that requires NI DUP support), and indeed within her own Conservative party itself].

Back in 2016, somewhat surprisingly to many of us ‘Leavers’, Parliament and our elected MPs nevertheless had agreed to devolve the FINAL decision on BREXIT to the voters. Notwithstanding that, the people had been warned ‘in no uncertain terms’ by the Government of the day [using Project Fear] and by all of the Remainers groups mentioned below, that it was a one-off long-term decision, that would be an ‘act of national self-harm’, with dire financial and social consequences to the Country and to themselves & their families if we choose the ‘LEAVE’ option – but the voters nonetheless decided that was exactly what THEY wanted – out of the EU lock-stock-and-barrel, eh?.

As identified here before, May’s biggest mistake on taking-over as PM [instead of allowing the BREXITEERS to enact their policy] was not to treat BREXIT like a war [which it most certainly is] and not taking-on that as the Country’s sole priority at the expense of all others [instead she put her own personal interests and survival first, rather than getting us successfully through that upcoming war – she isnt a Churchill nor a Thatcher, is she?].

Not let any of us belittle the task she faced of course, because before the Referendum, the Establishment had been against BREXIT, BIG business had been against BREXIT, the Prime Minister had been against BREXIT, the Cabinet had been against BREXIT, the Chancellor had been against BREXIT, the Civil Service had been against BREXIT, the Treasury had been against BREXIT, the BoE had been against BREXIT, her Conservative party and ALL the other political parties (except tiny UKIP of course) had been against BREXIT, even SHE herself had been against BREXIT and needless to say, the EU hierarchy had been against BREXIT, together with the other 27 Members who had been against BREXIT.

What May HAD to do was to immediately pull the rug from under the feet of ALL of those who had been against BREXIT, but instead she not only stacked her Cabinet with them but gave Remainer Philip Hammond, who had been a major foghorn mouthpiece for Project Fear, the most critical job of Chancellor despite the fact that he clearly wouldn’t change tack, but would fully embark on scuppering the Referendum decision of the population– from then on he has done precisely just that, and has encouraged all others to do so to, while severely damaging the Country’s economy in the process

Now, us Leave voters just knew that the Remainers would NOT accept that they had lost the vote and they didn’t, did they? No, they were determined to ignore the will of the people, overturn the decision by any means possible, and get the referendum re-run – even some Tory MPs are in denial about the public’s right to have decided on enacting BREXIT as they claim the insight to ‘know better’ and that THEY have the right to overrule it to protect the Country – the most disgustingly vocal in defying her Party, being one Anna Soubry MP [despite her Broxtowe constituency decisively voting to Leave (54.6% of them with a 78.3% turnout), eh?

Last Friday, May got off the canvas to give an angry, stern, uncompromising retort to the EU’s totally un-flagged, and unprecedented, disrespectfully expressed, rebuff and brutal rejection of her plan – she demanded that the EU compromised as she wouldn’t.

Mind you, she was of course playing to the gallery by using the ‘strong and stable’ mantra [I WILL NOT SURRENDER] purely to appeal to the delegates for the upcoming Conservative Party annual conference starting on Sunday. The problem is that we ALL know that she is anything but a fighter, as we have seen our BREXIT negotiations go down the toilet through her repeated appeasement actions, haven’t we?

Oh yes, her lily-livered Cabinet acquiesced this week to her demand they hold-firm onto Chequers, notwithstanding the clear evidence that in doing so, they are like turkeys voting for Christmas.

Theresa May, like David Cameron during his failed EU renegotiation, has long believed that other member states would defy the technocratic Commission and come to her rescue. But as was made brutally clear last week, there is still no desire in the EU to fix a problem seen as having being created by Britain. There is inbred anxiety about the integrity of the European project which discourages anything that might look like a reward for UK in ditching the Union.

May had hoped to get some support from Germany’s equally beleaguered Angela Merkel but she has now broken her silence on BREXIT to warn in public, that she also had rejected the Chequers proposals, as the UK “can’t belong to one part of EU common market but not to the other three”.

Today, the Labour Party at its Conference in Liverpool, showed its true colours which are two-fold – to force a General Election [which THEY WON’T WIN though?] and rerun the Referendum to get a Remain outcome [ which WON’T HAPPEN, will it?].


[The Conservative Party has form in being an unforgiving one to its Leaders. IF Theresa May is NOT WORRIED about events next week in Birmingham, she SHOULD BE – last year she faced her Tories having lost an unnecessary General Election; this year she faces them having just lost the BREXIT negotiations (there could be blood – HERS?)]

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