The battle FOR suppression within Labour is well underway – WILL THE PARTY SURVIVE?


Offensive” graffiti-style mural rightly removed from the streets of East End London – an action opposed by Jeremy Corbyn 

Surely there cannot be any doubt left in anyone’s mind here in the UK that Jeremy Corbyn has led the Party’s troops into the valley of death, can there? His abject failure to creditably defend himself from increasingly sound accusations of antisemitism/racism, has unnecessarily brought that once great and revered party to its very knees, because his own pollution has also contaminated the whole party with the label of it being a subversive anti-Jewish organisation, hasn’t it?

He has compounded that and brought the party into disrepute by fighting tooth & nail to prevent the internationally accepted definition on antisemitism being adopted by the Labour Party, and then he has tried desperately to caveat it, hasn’t he? He failed, but the damage has been done and is extensive in this anti-Semitism crisis.

Now, many in our population suspect that the attacks on Labour ‘itself’ is unfair as in general its members are NOT antisemitic, and such attacks are opportunist & cynical politically motivated actions, not least by those senior British Jews obliquely defending Israel’s unacceptable behaviour [and there is more than a grain of truth in all THAT, but the electorate understandably won’t accommodate that, will they?], but the same cannot be said about Corbyn, can it?

No, the revelations and emergence of Corbyn’s past dubious activities (some previously unknown) has added credence to the charges against him and in particular his indulgence of many anti-Semites in the party and their deeds, flies in the face of his previous weasel words denials of being ‘anti-Jewish’ – together with the many times that he has claimed that his words and actions were simply honest mistakes or were misinterpreted or were unfairly falsely reported or he hadn’t read things or seen things [as occurred 3 years ago, when he supported (as Leader in 2015!) a blatantly anti-Jew mural depicting a group of Jew-type, money counting businessmen and bankers, around a Monopoly-style board balanced on the backs of black men, eh?].

Oh yes, Corbyn has form when it comes to bucking the traces in the company he keeps – as the saying goes when you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas, eh? Like extensively linking-up with terrorist organisations, extremists, hardline regimes, and the like [including the IRA, Hamas, Hezbollah PLFP, Iranian-backed Mahdi Army militia, Interpal (banned by the US as a terrorist organisation)] – he called for British withdrawal from Northern Ireland and paid tribute to its IRA deceased terrorists [did that prolong the conflict?]; he viewed the killing of Osama bin Laden as tragedy; he opposed in general a UK Police shoot-to-kill policy for Islamic suicide terrorists (2015); he has expressed solidarity with Balkan’s Slobodan Milosevic, Libya’s former dictator Muammar Gaddafi, Venezuelan autocrat Hugo Chavez, and Cuba’s Fidel Castro; he believed that North Korea was not a rogue state, that the Soviet Union was no real threat and he only just has accepted that Russia was responsible for the Salisbury attempted murders and a killing; over 3 decades or more, has proven his disdain for the West and his admiration for the people that seek to destroy our values. It makes one wonder how the heck he got to lead the Party, doesn’t it?

Well, in 2015 after Labour unexpectedly LOST the Election, Jeremy Corbyn became Leader on the rebound. He had got nominated to stand (scraped-in) by 35 other shameful MPs – mostly political nobodies it has to be said, but with four ex-ministers [Margaret Beckett, Frank Field, Andrew Smith, Gareth Thomas], plus just a few other well know names of the time [Diane Abbott, Sadiq Khan, Michael Meacher, Dennis Skinner].

However, you ought to know that some of those thirty-five who signed his nomination were innocent-type idiots at the time as they did so in an act of generosity solely to give the left a voice in the debate process, and certainly they personally had no intention of actually voting for him, nor wished him to win, but he DID – against the odds! You see our MPs are a naive lot, aren’t they eh? [That certainly included Margaret Beckett, Frank Field, and John McTernan (ex-adviser to Tony Blair)].

Yep, they let the genie out the bottle and provided exactly the opportunity that the communists, the extreme hard left, the Trotskyist entryist lot, and their fellow-travelers, had been desperately waiting for, for over thirty plus years ever since their MILITANT organisation had been banned forever from the Party.

The basic opportunity though for those, who like a virus infection were intent again on infecting the host Labour party, taking over every sinew of it (and nevertheless ultimately destroying its body) came with the crass idea of Ed Miliband to attract supporters at a derisory £3 each to registered (easily affordable by the left’s moneymen to fund individuals), but nevertheless to have an equal vote on the leadership ballot – that opened the floodgates for 200,000 ultimate -left activists to renew entryism and it was seized-upon with a vengeance to enter the fray of the leadership battle and to carry Corbyn to a landslide victory [that assemblage later evolved into a new activist group called Momentum set-up to provide backup support to Corbyn

Now, Momentum has been fighting equally hard to prevent Labour adopting the accepted definition of antisemitism and are gunning for all those in Labour who have opposed that, suppress those who disagree with them at all, denigrate those who are anti-Corbyn, silence those who speak out against the Momentum group, and ditch even those life-long socialist members who aren’t left-wing enough.

You see, intolerance is their byword and their intention is to eliminate ALL opposition to their aims, either by fair means or foul ones, including harassment, thuggery and vile language threats. You see the new organised-left of reconstituted Communists follow soundly in the footsteps of the repressors, persecutors and suppressors of old, like Hitler (also anti-Jew), Stalin (also anti-Jew), Chairman Mao, Kim Il Sung, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Hideki Tojo, to name some.

They also want drive out their ‘non-supporters’ from local government, and to ‘deselect’ moderate Labour MPs, so in a move to make it easier for rebel sitting MPs to be deselected, they want changes to the way Labour parliamentary candidates are chosen (as current rules are designed to protect incumbent Labour MPs) – just last week, Leader Corbyn endorsed those calls, eh?

It is back to the old days as Momentum has successfully infiltrated the Party – having learnt from the mistakes of Militant – and it is almost certain that it cannot be dislodged now, nor the Party regained by traditional socialists, so it is a lost cause, isn’t it? [Back in the mid-1980s Militant finally got its comeuppance (that expulsion being opposed by Corbyn, you won’t be surprised to know?) because Labour had a strong true socialist Leader in Neil Kinnock, so the alien group’s members ultimately got their marching orders (from the Party but NOT the Unions, eh?), didn’t they? That however simply CANNOT happen with Momentum of course NOW because it’s very focus is Corbyn himself, and there is no way that he will allow its demise, will he?

The antisemitism row within the Party in particular [as well as BREXIT] has provoked hard left pressure group Momentum to demonstrate its goal to deal harshly with all ‘opposers’, in a bid to purge dozens of moderates. In the past week, as a pre-cursor to future ‘deselection procedures’, three prominent (deemed rebel) Labour MPs have been targeted with local constituency Labour Party, votes of ‘no confidence’, of which 2 indeed were carried [former Minister Joan Ryan (Enfield North), and Gavin Shuker (Luton South) – with only Graham Stringer (Blackley & Broughton) emerging unscathed].

[In the Enfield situation, bizarrely and totally unacceptably, an Iranian state television station (Press TV – banned in UK 6 years ago, but Corbyn still appears on it, eh?) was allowed to film the private meeting].

Back in July BREXITEER Kate Hoey (Vauxhall), a veteran MP of 29 years, lost a dramatic no confidence vote by the members of her constituency – with zero of them voting against it

These targeted people are Labour through and through so fight for its values and THEY have not changed, but it is clear that the Labour Party has, isn’t it?

Similarly, in July another iconic MP, Frank Field (Birkenhead) suffered a no-confidence vote (oh yes, he was even deselected by local activists back in the 90s – overturned by the NEC), but he has also last week ‘resigned’ the whip to sit as an independent in protest at Corbyn’s failures on antisemitism. Because of that, he has been threatened with being thrown-out of the party, suffered a bombardment of death threats and online vitriolic abuse in a culture of intolerance, nastiness, bile and intimidation, self-evident in local parties [one troll calling him a “Tory rent boy” who should “f*** off and die”] – and yet this is a totally honourable, decent, long-serving & popular constituency MP (40 years) and a much admired socialist, who has been a classic performer in both supporting core Labour values, crusading for the poor, while being inclusive in respecting the opinions of others.

THESE INDIVIDUAL MPs ABOVE (or any others) WILL GET ABSOLUTELY NO BACKING FROM LEADER CORBYN will they as he is concluding with it all – the Labour Party has become a no-go area for ALL non-Trotskyist/Stalinist/Communist types, hasn’t it?

That is both shocking and surprising because maverick Corbyn has been treated with respect, indulgence, and understanding throughout his long 35-year parliamentary career, despite being an out-of-step renegade, who has consistently fought the official committed policy of the Party, as well as the authority of the 8 Leaders he has served under [Foot, Kinnock, Smith, Beckett, Blair, Brown, Harmon (twice), Miliband].

Respected ex-Minister Chuka Umunna (Streatham) implored Corbyn to “call off the dogs” and told him “ITS IN YOUR POWER TO STOP IT” – fat chance, don’t you think? [Umunna will be next on the to-be-chopped list, eh?].



[Labour is collapsing, the party has changed irrevocably into something else, a party split is now inevitable (keeping the Tories in office for another decade?), Corbyn WILL lead the party to defeat in the next Election, the Momentum organised crowd will retain its control.

When & how a new ‘Gang of 4’ will form to kick-start a TRUE SOCIALIST life unit, to create a new centrist, liberal and social-liberal party (aka Emmanuel Macron’s outstanding successful breakaway from the Socialist Party in France) is problematic (Chuka Umunna? Chris Leslie? Gavin Shuker? Emma Reynolds? and swallow the defunct LibDems, eh?). BUT THEY NEED A FINANCIAL BACKER – millionaire entrepreneur Simon Franks?) and to take traditional members & activists with them]

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