The United Kingdom takes-on the mighty annexor European Union – the BREXIT war progresses?


The start of the world war 2 in Europe was 1 September 1939

Adolf Hitler the German’s frontline Aggressor

Neville Chamberlain ‘although brave’ the British Appeaser [then declared war and led Britain for the first 8 war months]

Winston Churchill the ‘indomitable’ British victorious wartime leader [led Britain for 5 war years in Europe]

William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw) the traitorous Irish-American, who broadcast Nazi propaganda to Britain from Germany [executed]

The start of the BREXIT war in Europe was 23 June 2016

Michel Barnier the EU’s frontline Aggressor

David Cameron the ‘cowardly’ British Appeaser [led Britain for the first 3 war weeks]

Theresa May the ‘duplicitous’ British Appeaser [has led Britain for the past 25½ war months]

Philip Hammond (the face of Remain) the ‘traitorous’ Chancellor, who broadcasts anti-BREXIT propaganda from Britain to the EU and the World

Dominic Grieve MP ex-Attorney General (Queen’s Counsel, Privy Councillor), president of the Franco-British Society, lives in France, an underhand ‘subversive’ determined to thwart the people’s vote and scupper BREXIT at any cost

D-Day for the BREXIT war in Europe could be in autumn 2018

Michel Barnier the EU’s frontline Aggressor [invigorated by 2 war years of trouncing UK negotiation]

Boris Johnson ex-London Mayor, ex-Foreign Secretary, a strong possible replacement for Remainer/Appeaser May, and an ‘unbowed’ British successful BREXIT leader [BUT could he like Churchill step-up to lead Britain to victory against the EU (in the final 6 war months?)]


[Theresa May’s hopes of remaining Prime Minister by year end  is in reality simply based on numbers, and observers don’t believe she has enough supporting MPs to get her ‘non-BREXIT’ though the House of Commons – then she will be ‘forced’ to go]


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