Muslims have been welcomed into our British society but we don’t want to see the ‘burka’ or ‘niqab’ here thanks – BAN THOSE NOW?



They say that ex-Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has stirred-up a hornet’s nest by ridiculing the wearing of the ‘full face veil’ burka – what a load of tosh, eh?

The anti-Boris crowd, egging-on elements of the sensational press, are making a mockery of what was a sensible and balanced article that Johnson wrote [about Denmark in fact] in his Daily Telegraph newspaper column, by selecting just a few sentences he wrote, when in expressing his surprise and disagreement that the Danes had banned the burka, he added though the burka was both oppressive and ridiculous, and he then backed that up by saying it was absolutely ridiculous that people should choose to go around looking like letter boxes, and that if a constituent came to his MP’s surgery with her face obscured, he would feel fully entitled to ask her to remove it so that he could talk to her properly, or if a female student turned up at school or at a university lecture looking like a bank robber then ditto.

What in heaven’s name is wrong in that opinion and fair comment? NOTHING at all, yet those gunning for Johnson are labelling him the pariah, as Islamophobic, as a racist, as making demeaning and derogatory comments, being offensive to Muslim women, and god knows what else, eh? They are making mischief by misrepresentation, when he was engaging in a legitimate debate, wasn’t he?

Once again, the Tory government are taking the public for fools, for we aren’t hoodwinked at all and easily recognise that this is totally politically motivated and a cynical attempt to sideline him.

Well, ‘non-entity’ Party chairman Brandon Lewis, was quick out of the traps in ordering (without authority) the former foreign secretary to apologise, but only to be rebuffed naturally. [One would have thought that Lewis himself would have been well advised to keep his own head down following his shameful cheating in the Commons before the recess last month, when he voted although ‘pared’, on two critical knife-edge amendment votes, although he clearly knew well that he wasn’t allowed to be involved (a dreadful breach of trust for which he has failed to provide any credible explanation)]. If May has any commonsense left, Lewis should be out of his Government job before the party conference in Birmingham in some seven weeks time, eh?

Then we see Scot Ruth Davidson (MSP), a mere medium size fish in a small pond (supposedly a potential rival to Johnson for the UK Tory leadership – oh yea?) idiotically suggesting the whole body covering burka was the equivalent to Christians wearing  a small crucifix around their neck  – what planet is she on, eh?

It all smacks of intolerance and censorship and reflects resurgent forces in modern society for oppression and control of the masses.

Now, there are three tribes of anti-Boris fighters on the loose, all of who have been stoking the media fire to ramp-up opposition to him, and not one of them will likely have read his actual article, which essentially was making a ‘liberal’ case against imposing a burka ban.

First of course, there is the Labour Opposition who will jump on any passing bandwagon to denigrate the Tories, and especially so if it diverts public and media attention from their own major problems of antisemitism allegations, that just won’t go away? However, they are so lost in the hard-left wilderness that they couldn’t win a political battle if ALL their opponents surrendered, eh?

Second, there is the extra large war party of Remainers, from all camps, who at the pre-battle before the skirmish at Chequers, had captured and enslaved PM Theresa May, so are on the verge, they think, of achievement of their endgame of staying within the confines of their beloved EU. However, head of the BREXIT cohort, Johnson is now on the loose, having escaped the constraining shackles of Cabinet collective responsibility, and he has the ability to rain on their betrayal parade any time he chooses, doesn’t he? Yep, so they see this as a god-sent opportunity to undermine his authority, demean him in the eyes of his troops, and banish him from future hostilities – they can dream-on, can’t they?

Thirdly, there are the Party leadership plotters who have seen Johnson suddenly leapfrog over all others, to be ‘once again’ the favoured candidate for the job when/if it becomes available – and that might well be the case ‘very soon’ for Mrs May as many in the grass roots have reached the conclusion that enough is enough, haven’t they?

So we get the likes of former Tory joint-chair Sayeeda Warsi, the first Muslim woman to serve in the Cabinet, accusing Boris of Islamophobia, of potentially inciting hate crime, and of blatantly making yet another leadership bid – now this is the very person who over a decade ago was denounce as being herself homophobic [then again of course ISLAM has form when it comes to that, doesn’t it? Extreme prejudice still persists, both socially and legally in much of the Islamic world against those engaging in homosexual acts – most Muslim-majority countries have opposed moves to advance LGBT rights at the United Nations, and a few years ago, 51 Muslim states even blocked gay and transgender organizations from attending a high level AIDS prevention meeting].

Of course, IF Warsi had been a Christian, she would have known the Bible teaching Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye Mathew 7:5

Even Theresa May herself, being tactically stupidly, joined in the ‘screw-Boris’ bout of frenzy and hysteria [‘supposedly’ about him insulting Muslims?) and she publicly demanded he apologised (for speaking his mind – god forbid, eh?). She knows full well that it is not the role of a PM to tell backbenchers where to get off – though she doesn’t even seem capable of doing that within her own Cabinet, does she?

She has stupidly trashed the Conservative party – and it won’t forgive her.

Oh yes, she has an axe to grind because she is well aware that she is on thin ice at home with her proposed ‘non-BREXIT’ proposal (the Country wants out and properly OUT), and if the EU Commission rejects her last gasp Chequers plan (as Michel Barnier will insist), her days in Number10 look finished anyway (however much of a survivor she thinks she is).

Although someone else will probably wield the knife (Jacob Rees-Mogg?), it is Boris Johnson who is poised and ready, to Churchillian like save the day for the British people, so her meaningless attack on him will backfire and simply propel him faster into post as Prime Minister – this has shown-up her abysmally poor judgement, her inability to deal with confrontations, and her lack of essential leadership qualities, don’t you think?

[One bit of good news though, is that as a result of Johnson’s burka comments, pain-in-the- arse ‘BREXIT saboteur’ and pseudo-Frenchie Dominic Grieve says he would leave the Conservative Party if the former foreign secretary ever becomes leader – BRING IT ON we say, eh?]

There is a fundamental problem that we are facing in Britain and it is that there are destructive elements in our society which are constantly trying to undermine and terminate our basic right to “free speech”(of which ridicule and insult are historically long-standing bed-fellows), and when amongst other things, in particular there must be no criticism whatsoever voiced of ISLAM, nor Muslins themselves

That applies, however extreme its teaching becomes, nor how despicable and scandalous the behaviour of individuals [which has included gangs and rings of predominately Pakistani origin, involved in the grooming and child sexual exploitation of thousands upon thousands of vulnerable young white girls (Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Burnley, Dewsbury, Halifax, High Wycombe, Leeds, Leicester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Norwich, Oxford, Peterborough, Rotherham, Rochdale, Telford) – while the police turn a blind eye, frightened of being accused of racism, and the Government through political correctness are playing it down and are in denial of it being a major issue] – to say nothing about the ongoing threat to our society from the hundreds of Muslim extremists in our midst intent on destruction of our way of life.

Stepping out of line, speaking-out, and saying that something HAS TO BE DONE, or that the Muslim community THEMSELVES must step-up to the mark and be counted, would these days certainly get one labelled by the liberal brigade and human-rights nutters, as racist and Islamophobic wouldn’t it? Yep, and that will apply to even those of us who are supportive of Muslims, have made friends in their community, and seek for them to have safe haven here in the UK, doesn’t it?

There are already major tensions being created within our communities, and that inevitably will lead to an unprecedented degree of hatred unless resolved, won’t it?

First, let’s be straight about one point, shall we? The burka and the niqab, full-face veils style Islamic dress, have no place whatsoever in British society and they should be totally or partially banned forthwith (a partial ban is supported by 80% of the population). It is a form of dress that is ‘deliberately’ provocative to our society, it is ‘anti-social’, and is insultingly offensive to our British values.

Other countries have taken already action to protect their own cultures and societies from destructive ISLAM provocation. The burka and niqab are:

  • fully banned: in France (2004); Belgium (2011); Chad (2015); Cameroon in five provinces (2015); Diffa, Niger (2015); Brazzaville, Congo, (2015); Tessin, Switzerland (2016); Denmark (2018)
  • partially banned in the Netherlands (women cannot have their faces covered in schools, hospital and on public transport); the Italian town of Novara (2010 women had to stop wearing a full veil); parts of Catalonia, Spain (the country’s Supreme Court ruled against a ban in some areas in 2013, but a year later the ECHR ruled that the ban should be continued; Turkey (a full ban was abandoned in 2013, but now it is still barred for workers in the judiciary, military and police)]

Not only does the-burka serve as a barrier between women and society which prevents them from playing a full part in it, but it alienates other men, women and children, who are either extremely uncomfortable with it, or understandably even scared, because of the vile actions of Islamic terrorists.

To successfully interact with each other, human beings must be able to see each other’s faces and read their expressions, because that’s how our Western society works, isn’t it?

The Muslim veil is the symbol of segregation, oppression, and of a social system in which males hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, work, moral authority, social privilege and control of property, while women are kept down and subservient. Just wearing it implies that females (even as children) must be fully covered-up to protect the community from their womanly wiles – you see, even showing their faces represent a grave danger to men and society, eh? Surely, that is something that we cannot accept in any British community, is it?

No, and the majority of the population (60%?) are increasingly in favour of a total ban of wearing that kind of garb in a public place, aren’t they? Yep, but democracy in the UK doesn’t work and the will of the people doesn’t count one iota, does it? NO, and the libtards useful idiots  insist we are all reactionaries and extremists, that a ban would be Islamophobic, it would cause violence, it would be un-British. Well, WHAT IS ‘UNBRITISH’ is actually sticking two fingers up to our society and values by wearing the burka in the first place, isn’t it? Furthermore, the risk of violence on our streets would ONLY result from ill-informed Muslim women cocking a snoot at British law and deciding they are above it, wouldn’t it?.

The problem arises only because of the retrogressive, religious, extremism of militant Islamic clergy, who have brainwashed ill-informed Muslims, saying that the ISLAM religion requires women to cover their faces, when in reality there is nothing of the kind, no Koranic legitimacy for the burka at all,  but instead it is just a toxic tyrannical subterfuge for the controlling of women.

While the majority of Muslims here are model citizens, the root root of the problem is that too many Muslims have come to our Country [of the 3million living in Britain (mostly in England) over half of them weren’t born here], but they won’t integrate nor accept that they have to adapt to our culture, and instead they demand that we the indigenous population conform to theirs, and they want to impose their country of origin’s religious  ethos on our Christian and enlightened one, and that includes promoting alien and unacceptable attitudes towards women and moreover aggressive discrimination against other faiths, and not least creating a closed environment whereby hundreds of young men and women are being radicalised right here on British soil.

Well there is a short answer to that one – if you don’t like it here don’t emigrate here, and don’t dare try to change things or us – instead if you have come here uninformed, why don’t you just return to an environment that makes you happier?

This situation with a substantial and growing population of Muslims has further compounded the problem we are facing in the UK in that, to all intents and purposes, intended ‘multiculturalism’ has failed miserably, because all the different communities persist on living their separate lives in segregation, and that is causing rapid deterioration in relationships between them.

There are absolutely NO estimates on how many Muslim women in the UK actually wear the Burka or niqab, but is likely to be low as it is fairly uncommon.

[Modest Muslim women have other ‘acceptable in British society’, forms of Islamic hijab ‘covering up dress’, that leaves the face free (al-amira, shayla, khimar, chador), so there is no need for them to force a conflict within our society]




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