Now a new leader for our BREXIT negotiations in Brussels – a ‘Remainer’ who has remained a ‘Remainer’?


Beneath the radar, PM Theresa May has actually ditched her new Secretary for ‘Exiting the EU’ Dominic Raab in his first week, to head-up herself the surrender negotiations with the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier – SHE is taking personal control of EU withdrawal negotiations.

May has retrieved from the bin, the disguise that she used for last year’s disastrous snap General Election campaign, which led to the loss of Cameron’s previously hard-won majority – a gamble that has thrown her government into a lame-duck position?

You see, the general public saw through her masquerade as a powerful presidential-style party leader, personally completely in charge and able to provide “strong and stable leadership” (the repetitive uttered phrase, which grated harshly on voters’ nerves). Her dire record as Home Secretary became a millstone around her neck, as it proved otherwise, didn’t it? Instead of promoting Conservative policies, she fell into the trap of thinking that promoting herself was much better – and she tried that on without an ounce of charisma to boot, eh? The final straw was her adamant refusal to take part in election debates – hardly the right strategy for someone seeking the spot on central stage, was it [the voters saw it (rightly?) as cowardly]?

It became clear then that she was badly advised by, and was overly reliant on, a small team of aides. Well, times haven’t changed, have they? No, once again she is being pushed by them onto centre stage, but this time into the EU’s lion’s den – she naively thinks that Barnier will quietly roll-over, just like her ‘personally-selected’ Cabinet does (she doesn’t realize that it is their careers being at stake, that does it)

“Who the hell runs this blooming Country? “, may well be an often-asked question, don’t you think?

Well, we now well know, the answer in May’s floundering administration – it’s the bloody CIVIL SERVICE.

Now, anyone who has every watched the hilariously funny TV series’ “Yes Minister” & “Yes Prime Minister”, will appreciate the well know fact that the civil service think that they are better trained, and much more competent than government, so THEY should actually run the Country instead of elected Ministers, consequently and constantly they have to be slapped-down – but NOT under May apparently?

Well, the LATEST revelations slowly oozing out of Westminster, includes the exposure by the Exiting the EU Committee, that Olly Robbins (ever heard of him, eh?), is the ‘real’ person running the UK’s Brussels exit negotiations [which instead transpires to be May’s ‘Non-BREXIT campaign’, eh?].

It turns out that this bloke Robbins is the guy, who worked as a saboteur behind lines, to prepare the BREXIT-destructive White Paper presented to the Cabinet at Chequers [plans he drew up using his separate civil service ‘Europe Unit’, without the knowledge of the responsible Minister of State David Davis, whose own department for exiting the EU (DexEU) was simultaneously working on the ‘genuine’ White Paper at the time].

Now, Robbins may well be an upwardly mobile, clever-clogs, career civil servant of long standing, but he is anything but ‘elected’ – then of course he is just like the EU lot, whose clutches the British public have voted to escape from, eh? Yet May has had the audacity to now even remove powers for negotiating BREXIT from the Minister led DexEU and moved them to civil servant Robbins’ Europe Unit – also Robbins reports directly to her.


So, to avoid any challenge to her judgement (or her position?), it’s announced while Parliament goes off on extended summer holiday, that May’s role is now actually the UK’S chief negotiator with the European Union, and the Prime Minister’s job of running the bleeding Country can go hang [tried that, couldn’t hack it?].

May said with her normal immodesty “I will lead the negotiations with the European Union, with the secretary of state for Exiting the European Union deputising on my behalf” – words that will bite her back, and come back to haunt her, perhaps?

The scaremongering talks by Remainers and business interest of a ‘NO-Deal’ meaning crashing-out of the EU, or going over a cliff-edge, is just that – ‘fear-generation’. BREITEERS did want a Good-Free-Trade Deal, as being best for both sides, but it looks as if we won’t get it, if May has her way.

Leaving the EU without a free trade deal is NOT a disaster by any measure, it simply means that UK and EU trade WILL continue, but under WTO rules instead (to the EU’s disadvantage it must be said)– yes with potential disruption at borders for BOTH sides

What the nation wants now is for May to get her comeuppance in Brussels and indeed come back with a blank sheet of paper



[At PMQs last week, Tory MP for Morley & Outwood ‘Andrea Jenkins’, asked ‘Theresa May’ outright “Could the Prime Minister inform the House, at what point was it was decided, that ‘BREXIT means Remain’?” – a question we are all asking ourselves]

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