Can May survive her BREXIT blueprint’s mauling by the EU – YES?


As you will know, the fresh out of the box, ‘NEW’ Exiting the EU secretary, Dominic Raab, trotted off last Thursday to Brussels to meet his fate in commencing his first BREXIT negotiations with the EU’s aggressive chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

Also, you probably know, or have guessed, that he is facing a Barnier who has throughout refused to ‘actually’ negotiate, so despite Theresa May’s calls of desperation for the EU to ‘evolve’ its Brexit position [aka, the plea she made in Florence when she donated major concessions to the EU], he will ‘not be moved’ – the UK’s heavy expectations are built on a foundation of sand, aren’t they?

Oh yes, we can expect Brussels to enter ‘constructive discussions on Britain’s latest proposals’ – that is Eurospeak for to ‘pull it to pieces’, dissect it and remove major elements’ – just those very things that May wants and needs, to make the deal look-like any kind of BREXIT, eh?

Moreover, Barnier also knows that he really can’t even rely on the PM’s ability to actually deliver her plan, as he has watched with glee the turmoil in the UK created just in producing it [and that isn’t over yet by a long chalk, is it?].

On top of that, we have ‘snake-in-the-grass’ committed Remainer, Chancellor Philip Hammond, angrily quarrelling at Cabinet with Home Secretary Sajid Javid, because Javid has said NO to his demand that free movement continues with EU workers getting preferential treatment.

In Brussels, Barnier’s immediate response was to disparage the UK’s proposal as ‘giving UK firms a competitive edge’, but that is only a start to his denigration process, isn’t it?

While May hasn’t diluted her Red Lines, but instead HAS turned them into Yellow Lines, Barnier will be sticking like glue to his Reds, won’t he? That will cover not allowing “cherry-picking” by the UK of its favourite parts of the EU rulebook, as well as requiring full jurisdiction of the European court of justice (ECJ).

First on Barnier’s hit list is likely to be Britain’s plan’s intent to circumvent the EUs freedom of movement for workers obligation, which is at the core of EU policy as one of the four economic freedoms, together with free movement of goods, services, and capital.

Then of course, he will get a good laugh at what he will think is a joke, the idea of outsourcing the EU’s customs responsibilities to the UK (or even the 27 collecting our tax) involved in complex and untested customs proposals.

He will equally have concerns about the prospect of the UK compromising the integrity of the EU’s single market, as there is strong opposition to any attempt to water it down.

Furthermore, when Britain leaves the EU, we can say goodbye to any ‘associate’ involvement in the EU bloc’s security systems like the Galileo satellite navigation, and military & emergency system -despite our investment in it, eh? [well we didn’t even demand our rightful share of the EU’s substantial assets, did we?]

Many in the UK think that after the summer recess, May will NOT be able to survive the onslaught and fallout brought about her ‘non-BREXIT’ plan that she has offered the EU. Its on the cards it will come back from Brussels so heavily modified that the PM will accept that it is a dead duck in the water anyway, wouldn’t you say?

The PM will have to give-in to the EU much further and theoretically that would see her ditched by the real LEAVERS, wouldn’t it? Well, the Remoaners are shit-scared of that, and see their so-called ‘pragmatic plan’ go down the toilet, so they have come-up with a strategy to allow May to hang-on in there.

They are putting it around that, however hard the bargain extracted by the EU, everyone, including those determined to see a proper BREXIT, could just go with the flow, and let the horse pass the finishing post on March 29, 2019 as currently scheduled.

It is being suggested that then they can sack May and replace her with a PM who believes in BREXIT. Then in the 21 month ’implementation period’, the UK should renegotiate the deal, and if necessary break the treaty we have previously signed [despite the fact that we aren’t a Country that does things like that] .

Sound like a dastardly plan to you – just the kind of thing you could expect from desperate ‘Remainers’? It won’t happen though, because ‘Leavers’ have proper standards of trust – even if 2 cabinet members (the Chief Whip and the Tory party chair) don’t, eh?

[Anyway, there IS a simple way for ‘Theresa May’ to save herself as PM – by lying (well she’s bloody good at that) by explaining she put out the Chequers plan to demonstrate to Remainers that the EU just won’t give the UK a fair deal – so it has to be NO-DEAL]

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