The UK’s whole future is dependent on ‘BREXIT’ – now in the hands of an amateur?


Negotiations with the EU were today underway again in Brussels, but the positive, upbeat, LEAVE campaigner, and WIDELY experienced politician David Davis, the ‘Exiting the EU’ secretary no less, was forced out of Office (intentionally?) by Theresa May with her unacceptable, surreptitious, Chequers plan, so is no longer leading those TORTUROUS negotiations, is he?

No, May has appointed Dominic Raab as Davis’ replacement. He is a competent  ‘confirmed’ BREXITEER [nonetheless another one who has meekly ‘accepted’ May’s secret plan], but who is a ‘wet-behind-the-ears’ minister, who will be up against ‘immovable’ frenchie Michel Barnier, who is the EU’s chief negotiator – who will eat him for breakfast, won’t he? He is on-track to ignore May’s pleading to recognise her concessions and evolve his own ‘not-negotiable position

[Raab spent a year as a junior minister, and was then sacked by May after she become PM [hardly a sign of confidence in him, do you think? He was though brought back from the backbenches into government and spent 2 years as a Justice minister, before six months ago himself getting a non-Cabinet department – ‘Housing’, indeed (however, you ought to know, it is a government role hardly considered ‘high profile’, or a stepping stone to greater things –a merry-go-round turnover of ministers with 15 in 20 years.

On the other hand, Barnier, is a vastly experienced ex-French cabinet minister [progressively for, Environment, European Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture], and as an EU commissioner [for Regional Policy, then Internal Market & Services]; he also has been Vice President of the European People’s Party for six years]

Now as you will know by now, not everyone here has accepted the democratic decision of the Country to leave the EU, so have tried to derail the train before it reaches its destination, haven’t they?

They have been consistently aided and abetted though by May herself, who has repeatedly interfered and intervened in negotiations – like at the outset disastrously compelling Davis to accept the EU setting the talks agenda. That was followed by allowing the NI border to become a pivotal issue on which the whole future of Britain with the EU was hinged – the EU have used it mercilessly as the biggest stumbling block (and continue to do so), haven’t they?

Then, outside the negotiating room, she ‘out of the blue’ made a speech in Florence 10 months ago to double the UK’s time remaining in the EU from 2 years to 4 years {masked as a so-called ‘transition period’]; also agreeing in that outpouring that the UK would pay the EU’s ridiculous ‘divorce fee’, hence the UK will save no money from leaving over the next five years and could be paying the bill until at least 2064 (circa £50 billion?) – with the spending to replace European funding in the UK, the cost to the country is just as much as full membership, eh? (the NHS can go hang); furthermore, significantly, she offered to write legal protections for EU citizens living in the UK into the actual exit treaty (nothing about reciprocity, then?) – so OUR Parliament can’t ever alter EU citizens’ rights (taking back control, eh?);

May has also agreed to accept a role for the ECJ in settling rights disputes, and for UK courts to ensure consistent interpretation with it.

Last December May agreed with the EU to write into the withdrawal agreement a backstop solution (ie safety net) to guarantee an open border in Ireland in the event that a solution cannot be found on a future customs and trade deal. May’s proposal last month would involve, according to the EU, the whole of the U.K. remaining subject to the EU’s common external tariffs and remaining aligned to single market rules for goods until a new customs relationship is in place [but ‘should’ [note: no ‘would’) not extend beyond December 2021, so a year after the end of the Brexit transition period – some will say the U.K. could be trapped in a EU customs union in perpetuity, eh?].

And now we have the May ultimate surrender of offering the solution of a shared rule book for trade [that will get the EU to 80% of their goal – while they will demand the other 20% before agreement is reached, because they know that May is a spent flush (who will accept any ‘bad-deal’), won’t they?]

In return for all May’s major capitulations over the past 2 years, the EU side have responded with NOTHING, haven’t they? So, she has achieved nothing – WHAT A CRAP NEGOTIATOR, eh?

When the public were given the responsibility of deciding Remain or Leave, it was a binary choice, and they chose the latter. There was no talk of having to negotiate a ‘good deal’ to exit the bloody EU, was there? After just 2 years, we had expected the UK to simply become an independent Country again – and for the Government to deliver just that, not some kind of fudge. Oh yes, we DID know that there would be a short-term price to pay and had accepted that to achieve the greater long-term gain – so we expected a complete BREXIT with whatever consequences that brought.

The Establishment with the Remoaners and those with vested interests, weren’t going to have that though, were they? No, so they introduced a Country-wide smog of Soft-BREXIT and Hard-BREXIT and have driven the electorate mad with frustration, when they just wanted it done.

We are All sick to the back teeth of it all, so much so, that some 30% want the farcical negotiations to end or expect Britain to exit with NO-DEAL, whence Britain uses WTO trading arrangements with the EU’s remaining 27 – that is how the majority of countries in the world trade anyway, isn’t it?.

[Regarding the EU itself, there are 24 countries or territories with which the EU trades on WTO rules alone. Moreover, 159 countries (ranging from Albania to Zimbabwe) are currently members of the WTO, with a further 24 countries currently negotiating membership].

The United States is Britain’s biggest export market nowadays, without any trade agreement so that is already WTO based – what would it be like WITH a UK-US trade agreement, which the EU doesn’t have, eh?

Meanwhile, the likes of the IMF & the LSE (who in the past have got it all wrong, anyway?) insist in releasing figures like showing the adverse financial impact on the economy of BREXIT (but DON’T THEY REALISE THAT IT IS ALREADY DONE – WE HAD VOTED ON THAT IN 2016?), with the UK suffering more than the EU – well that is self-evident anyway, because their 27 countries will have a bigger GDP than 1 country like ours, However, countries like Republic of Ireland (why are they a pawn on the EU side?), Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic, Sweden, Hungary and even Germany, will feel the pain, won’t they? Yes SOME countries in the EU will be desperate to avoid a NO-DEAL, won’t they?


[EU’s Michel Barnier always firmly insists things are ‘NOT NEGOTIABLE’– hence the EU will NOT change their position, and require further concessions, whatever Britain gives them, with nothing in return]

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