The European Union Cup ‘BREXIT trophy’ 2019 – Britain now being ‘setup’ to lose the FINAL?


Own goals WINS!


This competition, contested by 28-member states located primarily in Europe, was established in May 2015. The Brussels’ qualifying rounds were then held until February 2016, when the British manager of the time announced to the Nation that the UK needn’t compete because he had obtained assurances that we could win without playing the match – however, the supporters didn’t believe him at all, and on 23 June 2016 voted decisively for the Country to undertake the match in two years time from then.

You see, the British supporters were sick & tired of having no control, nor say, with the EU’s unelected ADMINISTRATORS making the rules,  running football here, and all damn else in our Country, plus their Countries’ massive populations forcing uncontrolled migration here, fueled by our indulgent welfare, thereby endangering our health provision and supressing the poorer supporters’ wages, that all coupled together with their excessive annual affiliation fees.

The manager though was aghast, as was the ‘behind the scenes’ UK football administrators, who had threatened the supporters with fire & brimstone if the vote went that way, so he resigned in the huff and went off to make his fortune, pontificating around the World about his ‘self-serving’ football stint.

A new manager was ‘anointed’, but as she was someone who had served beforehand as the team boot-cleaner, and had agreed with the previous manager’s playing strategy, including indeed voting against the BREXIT match being played, many supporters didn’t believe a word of her claim that she had changed her mind and would-go on to lead the team to victory, did they?

The wet-behind-the-ears manager announced that there would ‘have’ to be a delay to the date of the Final by 9 months, as the previous manager, in an unbelievable dereliction of duty, hadn’t ordered any team kit, nor footballs, nor for that matter made any preparation whatsoever for this upcoming big match that would determine the whole future of football in Britain.

She proceeded however to stuff her team full of those who didn’t ever want to play the BREXIT match in the first place, then aided and abetted by fifth-columnists in the Club and the football administrators, she encouraged all and sundry to throw the match when the time came.

Rather than just playing the Final after 2 years, when it would be won by a ‘walkover’, whence our football within Europe would be played under World Tournament Organization (WTO) rules, the manager pronounced that she was going to negotiate a “good deal” [though ‘no-deal’ was better than a ‘bad-deal’], with the manager of the EU combined team, and therefore all supporters would get an improved outcome.

While those talks were ongoing over the past two years, she has repeatedly undermined her appointed chief scout negotiator, and [in conjunction with other traitors], starting that with allowing the EU manager to set the rules for the game as well as choosing the referee, then subsequently she has repeatedly punctured the match ball, so that the EU manager knew quite well the UK wouldn’t be able to play their game, nor the match effectively, when it was finally played (after all Britain had agreed also to stay in the federation for an extra 2 years to ongoingly pay those excessive annual affiliation fees).

In the latest turnaround of the betting book, the manager has arranged with her hand-picked first team [her latest line-up is made of 17 players who were against the Final challenge to the EU, with only 8 who actively supported it] to propose a fresh deal to the EU manager that would give him a massive 6-1 win over the UK (to the immensely pleasure of the British football hierarchy and administrators). This has caused immense anger amongst loyal Club BREXIT supporters so the Chairman and Secretary of their club has resigned in protest

However, the manager doesn’t give a sod about all that, because she (naively?) believes she can weather the storm brewing – can she? She is certainly on a card – is it Yellow or Red, though?

Meanwhile this manager is claiming, in complete contradiction of the facts, that this is precisely the ‘good-deal’ that she has always promised BREXIT supporters, time over time again, and moreover she is now (over?)-confidently indeed promising all supporters that the UK will come away from the Final with a ‘consolation’ goal – what a result, eh? ALL the football pundits with any common-sense know full well that it will NEVER happen, because the EU manager sees that her card has now been marked, and he will demand a 6-0 outcome even if he has to wait until kick-off, wouldn’t you say?


[The EU Cup Final for the iconic ‘BREXIT trophy’ kicks-off at 11pm UK time on Friday 29 March, 2019 – the result (and score) will be known well before that though, and it looks as if the UK’s ambitions to win it have been utterly sabotaged by the team manager, doesn’t it?]





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