“Well, Theresa here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten BREXIT into” – ‘disastrous’ Chequers proposals?


This post follows-on from one here “Theresa May is charging towards a toxic ‘non-BREXIT’ – she has to go NOW?” posted June 17, that predicted precisely this current situation.

Many of us woke-up today thinking how could any ‘competent’ British Prime Minister get the UK into such a dire situation over BREXIT, didn’t we?

But just remember though that Theresa May is no leader, but is primarily a survivor and an appeaser, who trained under BAD-BIG-liar David Cameron, won’t you?

Cameron went off to the EU to tell them that they needed to change, and he came back to assure the British people that he had indeed achieved just that – we didn’t believe him ONE IOTA and voted significantly for ‘LEAVE’ (have you noticed ANY of the changes promised being actually implemented?).

He had orchestrated ‘project fear’ before the vote, but the people weren’t cowed by it (have you noticed ANY of the major disasters predicted being actually realized?).

He said he would be there to negotiate the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, but instead immediately buggered-off to earn his millions as an ex-PM.

The difficult job of implementing BREXIT ought to have been passed to those very leaders of the BREXITEERS who had convinced the electorate of it (then only they would have been responsible for the outcome, wouldn’t they?), but May’s personal ambition overrode that sensible and necessary solution, didn’t it?

Instead, she seized the Tory Leadership (and therefore the Premiership) with the grandiose-lie that SHE was a good negotiator and best able to upstage the EU (as many of us knew and said at the time, that was a crass joke, as events have proved, eh?).

For the past 2 years she has been backsliding on BREXIT and allowed the bullying EU to completely run the show. At every crossroads and at every battle encounter, she has surrendered to them and given-up valuable ground while achieving NOTHING in return [while completely undermining our negotiator David Davis right from the start when she allowed them to set the schedule and later the NI border provisions (how the hell he has stuck with it, god on knows – he has though had rows and threatened to resign on a number of occasions?)].

Last Friday she had an awayday for a ‘crunch-meeting’ of the Cabinet at Chequers to agree yet another ‘white-flag’ surrender proposal to the EU (the worse yet, eh?] that basically terminates a real BREXIT in its tracks. Nobody who is a BREXIT vision supporter could really believe in May’s new unprecedented ‘give-away’ proposals, would they?

Well, you might wonder though just how she got this through, perhaps? The answer is that right from the outset, she has stacked her Cabinet (including the great offices of State) with Remainers, so the BREXITEERS can be voiced or voted down.

[The Great Offices of State in the United Kingdom are the four most senior and prestigious posts in the British government. They are the Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary]

Here is the ‘current’ Theresa May’s UK Cabinet of 25 [Remainers 17, Leavers 8]

Prime minister Theresa May, First Secretary of State ‘David Lidington’, Chancellor ‘Philip Hammond’, Home Secretary, ‘Sajid Javid’, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Brexit Secretary ‘Dominic Raab’, Defence secretaryGavin Williamson’, Health & Social Care Secretary ‘Matt Hancock,’ Justice secretary ‘David Gauke’, Education secretary ‘Damian Hinds’, Trade Secretary ‘Liam Fox’, Business Secretary ‘Greg Clark’, Environment Secretary ‘Michael Gove’, Transport secretary ‘Chris Grayling’, Communities & Housing secretary ‘James Brokenshire’, Lords leader ‘Baroness Evans’, Scotland Secretary ‘David Mundell’, Wales Secretary ‘Alun Cairns’, N. Ireland Secretary ‘Karen Bradley’, International development & Women and Equalities Secretary ‘Penny Mordaunt’, Culture Media & Sport Secretary ‘Jeremy Wright’, Work & Pensions secretary ‘Esther McVey’, Minister Without portfolio (Party Chair) ‘Brandon Lewis’

Not much need for May to ‘railroad’ her latest crass proposals through that bunch, do you think?

It was somewhat incredulous to us ordinary people how that Chequers Cabinet meeting broke-up without immediate resignations – of which Brexit Secretary David Davis delayed his until midnight Sunday (reportedly vividly justifying the delay in that Chequers was an ambush from which he would have had to machine-gun his way out!). Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary followed-up with his resignation yesterday afternoon, despite the EU issue not being central to his job, BUT he had been the BIG beast and face of LEAVE, so he could hardly see BREXIT go down the pan without a personal fight with May, could he?

Other resignations have followed but not of Cabinet ministers [not that many Leavers left in it now though, are there?] But how ‘fronting’ Leavers Michael Gove (head of the bleeding campaign), or Andrea Leadsom (Leader of the House of Commons but non-Cabinet for some reason?) can continue to serve under May with any honour whatsoever, is a mystery to the rest of us – career before principles?

Some will have it that May has overplayed her hand disastrously because her proposals not only overturn the LEAVE verdict of the referendum, but it reneges on her Lancaster House speech, as well as breaching the last Conservative election manifesto on which her current mandate rests.

ONLT TIME WILL TELL if she can ride the storm brewing, but the Tories are risking a Labour government under Corbyn

We don’t need to trawl-through all the detail of May’s Chequers Plan as we can get the main gist of it courtesy of Martin Howe, QC (Chairman of Lawyers for Britain, a leading barrister in the fields of intellectual property and EU law)], in his memorandum on the matter (his very last point reproduced below)

  • These proposals therefore lead directly to a worst-of-all-worlds “Black Hole” Brexit where the UK is stuck permanently as a vassal state in the EU’s legal and regulatory tar-pit, still has to obey EU laws and ECJ rulings across vast areas, cannot develop an effective international trade policy or adapt our economy to take advantage of the freedoms of Brexit, and has lost its vote and treaty veto rights as an EU Member State. 


[‘Theresa May’ has shown us that she cannot now be trusted to deliver ‘BREXIT’. She needs to stand-down ‘without a fight’ and hand the PM baton to ‘Boris Johnson’, who has only 262 days to force the EU into an acceptable deal, of take the UK out of the bloody EU without one (trade under WTO terms will be fine)]





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