The Muslim Council of Britain has accused the Conservative Party of “Islamophobia” – how about it being ‘self inflicted’ by Muslims themselves?


So called Islamic State (IS/ISIS /ISL/ Daesh) is notorious for spreading hatred, beheading victims on camera and instigating deadly terrorist attacks


A few weeks ago the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) called for an independent inquiry into alleged Islamophobia within the Conservative Party.

In a letter to Brandon Lewis MP, the Tory chairman, the council (MCB) highlighted a number of recent allegations that it said represented “the tip of the iceberg” of Islamophobic attitudes within the party.

[Islamophobia is basically ‘dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force’]

So, a Mr Harun Khan, secretary-general of the MCB, called on the Tory party to publish a list of incidents on which action had been taken. He also demanded that the party “adopt a programme of education and training on Islamophobia”.

You see the Tories are accused of failing to take the issue of Islamophobia seriously, so the call is for an independent inquiry into a problem said to have “poisoned” sections of the party.

Now, it may well be true that there have been cases of anti-Islam sentiment expressed from Tory politicians and candidates in past months, but perhaps that simply reflects an increasingly general feeling amongst the UK’s population that Muslins are indeed an ‘un-integrated’ group to be suspicious-off or even feared, eh?

The real requirement should be perhaps, for the MCB itself to publish a list of detected Muslim radicalisation incidents on which action by them had been taken to prevent or reverse, and furthermore for British Islam in their Mosques to adopt a programme of education and training on Muslim acceptance of other religions, and living peacefully and in harmony in a Christian country (where their religion was fully respected before the extremists in their midst emerged to kill and maim innocent fellow citizens, men women and children)?

It’s a pity that the leaders of the MCB don’t know the Christian biblical quote Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye”, isn’t it?.

A post here three years ago on the problem of World population growth, included the comment about the UK’s, that “… startling demography figure statistics show that Islam is expanding rapidly here as we have had substantial immigration of Muslims for a long time now (from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Middle East, and African countries), and also by greater breeding, so that these days a tenth of all children under four in England and Wales are Muslim – what kind of problem is that going to feed into our communities, as we try to maintain a fair undiscriminating multi-cultural society? [Numerous white working-class British areas of 50 years ago have often gone – creating fears that Britain is increasingly becoming a Muslim country]”.

therein lies part of the problem, surely?

The latest insensitive accusation from MCB came at exactly the same time as (yet another) Islamic terrorist, an unemployed (on benefits?) British Muslim living in Lancashire, IS supporter Husnain Rashid  [who is said to have taught at the Muhammadi mosque in Nelson] was facing terror charges in a London Crown Court and finally ‘in mid-trial’ pleading guilty indeed to them on four counts [3 of engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts, and one count of encouraging terrorism – 3 other charges will lie on file]. Indeed, this evil person had posted 360,000 terror promoting messages on the internet in the one year alone prior to his arrest.

He had set in motion numerous terrorist plots and exhorted others on numerous occasion to take part, and he also urged thousands of social media followers to carry out terror attacks at this month’s World Cup in Russia, as well as has made repeated comments about maximising the number of casualties, urging people “fight and spill the blood to the apes in your land” [is he confused about what country he’s in, eh?].

He is a Jihadi, and a committed intended ‘lone-wolf’ attacker, who in his rants called for four-year-old, shy royal Prince George, to be attacked at his primary school [where he is known as George Cambridge] – he even had posted a photograph of the prince, along with the address of the kid’s school (what a scumbag).

Rashid is currently awaiting sentence later on 28th of this month, but will get ‘life’ (at least 25 years).

Two more Islamic suspected terrorists also facing terrorism charges are Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman and Mohammad Aqib Imran, arrested late last year, but now in court as their trial got underway this very week at the Old Bailey.

Police had arrested, the 20-year old Londoner (benefits seeker) Rahman, a ‘radicalised’ British-Bangladeshi Muslim fanatic, just days before he fully intended to carry out a suicide attack on Downing Street to kill Prime Minister Theresa May.

He is charged with preparing terrorist acts by conducting reconnaissance, recording a pledge of allegiance [in which he had taken the ‘nom de guerre’ Abu Ubaida al-Britani], and delivering a rucksack and jacket to be fitted with explosives, for use in his intended outrage. He is also charged with helping Imran, the second defendant, to join IS in Syria by recording a sponsorship video.

Rahman was trapped while still planning his alleged attack because he erroneously believed he was corresponding online about its details with IS, but was in fact talking to members of the security services, pretending to be from that terrorist group.

Further then, 22 year old Imran from Birmingham, a Bangladeshi-British Muslim fanatic, is himself charged with preparing terrorist acts and possessing a terrorism document.

Our wonderful British secret services work tirelessly in trying to combat the unprecedented terrorist threat, and infiltrate their community of ISIS supporters, but are totally overwhelmed now by the threat from UK based Muslim jihadists. They have repeatedly warned the Country that despite their sterling efforts and successfully thwarting of planned outrages and attacks, they will never be on top of it, so further attacks cannot be prevented in future, because there is just too many of the bastards.

Is there any wonder then, that none of us (of ANY religion) can go to work, travel, go out, protect our children, or sleep easy in our beds, when we know full well that there are thousands of Muslims (many of them here of foreign origin and values), whose sole intention is to destroy our established way of life and conduct suicide atrocities simply to gain notoriety and provoke emotional response from the general public, eh?

It is impossible to ignore the additional risk we all face from the 400 or so British terrorist Muslims, ISIS fighters, who have returned from Syria and are stalking our streets because our weak laws can’t bang them up [only about 40 were able to be charged-with their treachery, eh?].

What is the UK’s Islamic general community (encompassing the normal trustworthy devout, decent, caring, pious Muslim), or the indulgent MCB for that matter, all doing about the destructive cancer developing through their Mosques, or glaring fact that all we so called ‘non-believers’ are increasingly wary of Muslims we see on our very streets, and that applies even to those of us who have very religious Muslim neighbours as friends, or thirty years long standing family Muslim relationships (that have include professionals like doctors and lawyers), and have attended their weddings.

Answer – in a word, is NOTHING,

We also worry about these Muslim people’s safety in our society, which has had a reputed reputation of renowned tolerance to all races, cultures, and religions, but is now infested with some Islam revenge intending individuals. Last year there was indeed the dreadful British terrorist outrage [London Finsbury Park van attack on Muslim worshippers leaving Finsbury Park Mosque (one terrorism-related murder and other attempted murders)].

Furthermore, we worry (not needlessly) about the safety of our sons working in the city or our daughters travelling on the buses or tube (who are ‘unnerved’ when a sourly heavily bearded Muslim with his bulging holdall sits next to them), or even our grandchildren excitedly setting out to a music or other like event.

and THAT is why the problem is really escalating so it doesn’t JUST apply to the Tory Party, does it?

Last year alone we suffered 3 major and 1 failed unprovoked Islamist extremism attacks in England [Westminster Bridge pedestrians car attack and police officer knifing (killing four and injuring almost fifty), Manchester Arena suicide bombing at a international singer’s concert (killing 22 and injuring 139 – most victims were children or teenagers, the youngest being an eight-year-old girl), London Bridge pedestrians van attack and multiple knife in nearby Borough Market (killing eight people and wounding at least 48), Parsons Green bombing on a London tube train (no fatalities but 30 injured)].

There have in addition though been major successes of counter-terrorism in thwarting and preventing numerous terrorist attacks in the UK [some only hours before they were to have been attempted[, which do not always come to light, as security has to be protected, but the number reported was 9 attacks prevented last year alone.

Oh for sure, this is not simply a massive problem issue isolated to the UK, because it is actually fundamentally a worldwide problem with the Islam religion iself, isn’t it? Its ideological teaching remains of the past era long gone where it was acceptable to have ‘death to the infidels’ (non believers) ideals and death fatwa’s issued by ‘supposedly’ clergy against any individual pissing them off.

Unsurprisingly then, yesterday’s latest Europol report, records 200 terror plots in Europe last year [when half of them targeted the UK (our bulk NI terrorists)], which included Islamic plots rising from 13 to 33, when seventy percent of arrests involved jihadist plots or incidents. There has been a predictable move by extremists to use less sophisticated attacks using more readily available knives and vehicles.

[The Muslim Council of Britain needs to explain to the British people why terrorist intent Muslims are allowed to be in their religion, why they are allowed to mix in their community, why they are ever allowed in their Mosques, and why they are allowed even to preach there, surely? Also show everybody what Muslims are doing to expose their terrorists and support the security services to protect their and our society, as well?]



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