Theresa May is charging towards a toxic ‘non-BREXIT’ – she has to go NOW?

Our obscenely ‘resilient’ Prime Minister Theresa May is at the controls, but certainly not in charge, of a runaway train that isn’t just taking Britain out of the EU, but is shockingly ensuring that the UK will tied-into that oppressive entourage economically and ruled by it for the next decade, isn’t she?

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind should there, that the way things are going, this country is going to be in a worse position than if it had ever voted in the Referendum to stay in the bloody EU club, eh?

The biggest problem with May is that she is predominately a ‘survivor’ by nature, as was evident by her record of 6 years in the longest ever serving stint in modern times as Home Secretary [the job with the reputation as a political graveyard and of the other recent 20 incumbents, the average tenure is only 2½ years].

She was then selected as Conservative Leader (and hence PM) to execute the Country’s BREXIT decision, despite being a (reluctant?) Remainer, solely because the ruling establishment were aghast at the public’s unprecedented decision to ditch control by the EU’s unelected bureaucrats over the UK. However, her own and her government survival, now takes precedent over her declared obligation to deliver BREXIT, doesn’t it?

Oh yes, she initially made the right sounds to reassure us Leavers that she would indeed carryout that people’s mandate, but as she has encountered repetitive Remoaner opposition, she has proved to be a gutless ‘appeaser’, and piled fudge-upon-fudge, instead of taking a grip and destroying the bastard traitors [no, NOT too strong a word] trying to derail BREXIT at any cost.

The Foreign Secretary, a major BREXITEER, has said recently that he feared Britain was at risk of a deal that tied the country to Europe, would not bring freedom on trade, tariffs or customs regulation, and Britain could end up locked in orbit around the EU, in the customs union and to a large extent still in the single market – surely that says it all, doesn’t it? Yep, and that is looking increasingly likely under May’s watch, wouldn’t you say?

Oh yes, Theresa May is a politician prone to making mistakes and so it has been in her premiership, hasn’t it? Yep, for a start, for someone supposedly intent on forcing BREXIT against the grain on an administration and civil service of Europhiles wedded to the disastrous EU, it has proved nothing short of disastrous, hasn’t it?

For a start, she gave great succour and damaging power to the sodden bad losers in the Referendum by not only giving them the majority of seats in her Cabinet, but even allotted 3 of the 4 great offices of State to Remainers[Prime Minister (herself), Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Home Secretary – so only the pecking order number three, the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, was a solid Leaver. Worst still this meant that she had put in place an unshakable Europhile in Philip Hammond as the ‘snake-in-the-grass’ man controlling the critical UK’s economy and boss of the manipulative Treasury – the main constructors of the Cameron’s government failed ‘project fear’ policy. As a result of that crass decision alone, we have suffered two years of having the rug pulled from under the very feet of BREXIT, both within the UK and overseas at Brussels.

The second inexcusable faux-pas (perhaps coup de grâce indeed?) on BREXIT plans was May’s calling of an unnecessary General Election last summer (when she had moreover promised repeatedly not to do so), supposedly to strengthen her hand on power, but it was a serious misjudgement that not only lost the Tories their hard won small majority, but it undermined all trust in her judgement, meant a coalition government, and severely reduced her power of control (there is no way will she be allowed by to fight another election).

It was a bad call, because she was relying on the population’s majority in favour of BREXIT (much of it Labour supporters, no less?) to override any political prejudices against voting Conservative. She might have got away with it, had she not run a dreadful self-perpetuation personal campaign that blew her own trumpet while nastily denigrating Labour’s Leader Jeremy Corby as weak (NOT the type of politics that goes down well in Britain, eh?) – so she caught a cold, didn’t she?

All that, is followed by her allowing the Party rebels group trying to derail BREXIT, to pull her any which ways, and that blatantly exposed the fact that May is merely an incompetent, administrating, placatory, facilitator, rather than the required able, aggressive, abrasive, manager, able to deliver the Party’s manifesto.

May should make no mistake about it, there are some big names in her party, who have publicly admitted they are prepared to collapse the Government over BREXIT, so they are out to destroy her tenure as PM and ongoing parliamentary career just to keep Britain in the EU – so why doesn’t she retaliate and destroy their futures in revenge, for god’s sake? All she has to do is use the biggest stick available – withdrawal of the Conservative Whip. Now the Tories don’t do it very often (unlike Labour’s PLP) – but when needs must, and that has long since passed, hasn’t it? [The effect of that action prevents the ditched bastards getting re-elected as a Tory candidate].

Those conspirators are guilty of undermining negotiations with the EU, gross party disobedience, abandonment of the very manifesto on which they were elected, and moreover being in defiance of 3-line whips, so should be terminated one by one, surely?

That should start with disloyal, fibber, pain-in-the-arse, arrogant, vane, former attorney general Dominic Grieve, self-appointed leader of Tory Europhile rebel gang, who insistently denies he’s not out to destroy Brexit, but is even having clandestine meetings with like-minded cretins from the other parties who want to deny the democratic vote of the public on BREXIT – you can’t get more treacherous than that, can you?

[Grieve’s mother was French, his wife is half-French, he is president of the Franco-British Society, he has been decorated by France with the ‘Legion of Honour’, he has fluent French and he broadcasts in French on French radio and television, he has a palatial second home in France – any wonder he is an (un-British?) BREXIT saboteur, then?].

Follow-up him with pro-EU, gobby, self-publicist, frustrated ex-minister Anna Soubry, & traitorous failed ex-minister of Education Nicky Morgan, & should-know-better, passed-it, Ken Clarke, and you probably will have got the message through to the others [Heidi Allen, Sarah Wollaston, Bob Neill, Stephen Hammond, Oliver Heald, Jonathan Djanogly, Antoinette Sandbach, & John Stevenson], don’t you think?

May should take the advice of Soubry and “sort them out and see them off” to deal with the likes of herself, rather than her suggested BREXITEER targets, eh?

The latest sign of May breathtaking silliness, came when it was trailed a few day’s ago that May was going to fund the impoverished and failing NHS with an extra £20 billion a year, as a sweetener in return for major concessions on BREXIT – like single market involvement and new trade deal blocking? Supposedly, this was to be a ‘BREXIT benefit’ when the truth is that as things stand, the UK is going to continue to pay dues into the EU for all foreseeable years to come, so leaving the EU will NOT release funds for anything, so NHS help is hypothetical, because the EU’s massive financial drain on our Country’s finances will be maintained.

So, THERE IS NO BLOODY SUCH THING as a “BREXIT dividend” as May has lyingly claimed today – it will be FUNDED BY extra tax and more borrowing, stupid? She is being naïve anyway in thinking that BREXIT was about funding the NHS [the Johnson bus’s sign implying ‘£350 million a week for the NHS’ was just a sales ploy to get Leave votes], as BREXIT was really about taking back control, wasn’t it? And the problem is THAT is NOT on track, is it?

The best solution for Britain now is for Theresa May to resign immediately (so avoiding a bloodletting challenge), experienced David Davies to become PM, send Philip Hammond off to spend more time with his family, and a new envoy Jacob Rees-Mogg be despatch to Brussels to warn the EU’s negotiator Michel Barnier that unless they start to cooperate in developing a mutually beneficial deal, then the UK will simply exit the EU in 9 months’ time without an agreement (and no British payment), and future trade between us and the block will be under World Trade rules.


[The BREXIT agonies have to stop NOW, the British people want it DONE and dusted, another General Election would be an unwarranted imposition, so ‘Theresa May’ MUST fall on her sword NOW]




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