Peaceful coexistence NOW on the Korean peninsula – what a fiasco?


North Korea and South Korea are AT WAR! Make no mistake about THAT, will you? However, currently there are no missiles, no bombing, no tanks, no machine guns, no infantry killing the enemy, and no combatants’ terrorising of the other’s civilian population – long may that continue, eh?

However, the stark glaring fact is that the horrific fighting of the three year Korean War ended as long ago as 1953 with only an armistice, meaning ‘complete cessation of hostilities’, but not a PEACE settlement and that has never been secured – will that change now, do you think?

Now a week last Friday, North Korean tyrannical ruler Kim Jong Un for the first time stepped over the border into South Korea to meet and embrace South Korean President Moon Jae-in to declare his commitment to peaceful coexistence, joint prosperity, future unification to return Korea to one nation, and denuclearisation of the peninsula.


The facts are very clear, aren’t they? Deceitful, cruel, evil, murderous killer, despot Kim, “supreme” leader of a communist origin (fashioned on the Soviet model), autocratic, impoverished, offensively militarised, secretive, oppressive third world country, is on a historic mission to seize control by any means possible, from a decent, peace-hopeful, elected Moon, president of a democratic origin (fashioned by the USA), lawful, prospering, defensively protected, forthright, liberal, developing country. [South Korea’s GDP is 88 times that of the North’s].

That supposedly epic meeting was of course a precursor to US President Donald Trump possiblyhaving in June (?) this year a summit meeting himself with Kim Jong Un, who he hopes to persuade to abandon a long-established unwavering quest to become a fully-fledged nuclear power with a missile deliverable capability to anywhere in the World.

No one outside the White House believes in that, so surely the only person who really does so is the delusional Trump himself (although others of sound mind are pretending to suggest it might actually be feasible), and that is solely because he thinks that his bullying threats and juvenile name calling, has brought Kim to heel – dream on Donald?

Kim has been given a golden opportunity to buy time by a politically naive US President, when he desperately needs it because unexpected international sanctions imposed on South Korea for breaching international law on weapons, is now critically damaging his ability to complete his costly nuclear weapons programme, isn’t it? [He doesn’t give a damn of course that the (since 1994) North Korean Songun policy of ‘military first’ over all other aspects of state and society, has as a consequence brought the general population to its knees in poverty].

Now, the North were peddling the myth weeks ago that anyway their underground nuclear test facility in Mount Mantap had collapsed, so the Pyongyang’s underground nuclear test facilities was unusable –a likely story particularly when it is known that they are digging fresh tunnels anyway?

Just remember, that is was just 10 years ago that Kim’s predecessor, his father, also parlayed with the Americans, promised to halt their nuclear programmes [indeed dramatically blew up its most prominent symbol of its plutonium production (the nuclear complex’s associated cooling tower at Yongbyon (easy to rebuild!)], when President Bush responded by removing North Korea from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism, and lifting some sanctions under the Trading with the Enemy Act – yet underhandedly they continued relentlessly-on and regardless with their nuclear weapons and missile plans, didn’t they?

The North Koreans, asone of the most secretive countries in the world, are dangling the carrot of ‘future peace on the peninsula’, and ‘denuclearisation’ (including disablement of its major nuclear testing facility), but to those credible experts who know the backdrop to all this, it is a false dawn. Their idea of ‘peace’ is indeed the opportunity to achieve their dream and exercise THEIR totalitarian dictatorship total control over a unified Korea, and their concept of ‘denuclearisation’ is for major nuclear power America to withdraw their ground troops, anti-missile batteries, and all else, from the Korean peninsula and remove forever the nuclear umbrella currently protecting the South from a conventional military attack from the more powerful North, isn’t it?


HE knows it, and that it serves as such a powerful deterrent to any American attack on him, so is precisely WHY HE WON’T EVER BE GIVING- UP ALL THAT NUCLEAR ARSENAL VOLUNTARILY – it will have to be removed from him by force somehow, won’t it? Oh yes, he craves the kudos locally of being the only Korean leader to be deemed important enough to meet with a United States President (as an equal?), but let’s be clear, that will never outweigh the power of nuclear, will it?

One has to ask oneself just who this Kim Jong-Un is anyway?

Well, he runs an inherited dictatorship militarised Orwellian police state where violent killings of both his ‘perceived’ opponents, and ‘potential’ dissidents, are simply routine, and there is no such thing as human rights so that any in the population who are deemed to show disrespect are banged-up and tortured (including journalists, even if foreign). There is NO right to free speech, NO citizens can freely leave the country, NO foreign visitors or aid workers are without constantly scrutiny and control, and NO radio, TV, news and music is allowed that is not state controlled. It is estimated that perhaps some quarter of a million people are imprisoned and physically abused in forced-labour camps

Kim even had his estranged half-brother assassinated in Malaysia 1 year ago with deadly nerve agent VX because he saw him as a threat – is that a man who Trump can do a deal with, eh?

Another major factor here is that Russia’s Vladimir Putin has resurrected the 1947 to 1991 Eastern v Western blocs Cold War some twenty-seven years after its demise (with the Soviet Union’s breakup) – in doing so he has turned the clock-back six decades to an arms race time when the risk of World total annihilation was rife, threats of nuclear wars were real, civilised politics unthinkable, and all progress on global development stunted. The United Nations is a misnomer of crass proportions and this undemocratic organisation is utter toothless when it matters most – and that is when the ‘so-called’ major powers have are involved, or have a vested interest, in critical proposed actions at the Security Council because for some unintelligible reason to the democratic amongst us, the forming countries gave themselves, and themselves alone, the obscene power of veto over ANYTHING, wouldn’t you say?

[The five permanent members of the Security Council with the right of veto are China, Russia, France, United Kingdom, and America].

Just remember the UN was sidelined when Syria started using chemical weapons on its people, were demonstrably unable to remove all such weapons as planned and committed by Assad, so he continues to use them to this day with Russian connivance. Then of course there is Iran, still surreptitiously supporting terrorism in other counties, that did a landmark deal with the international community just 3 years ago to destroy its nuclear capability, in return for massive aid [which Trump is intent on cancelling], but has apparently breached the agreements and moreover has continued to maintain such a capability, according to Israeli spies [categorised as “Iranian duplicity and mendacity “].

Nevertheless, the Trump administration would seem to be intent on sitting down with and negotiating with the North Korean despot, who could well play Trump for a fool with dire consequences, don’t you think?

[Unpredictable Trump hasn’t actually said when or where he’ll hold his potential summit with the Kim Jong Un, so there’s still a chance it won’t happen at all, so we’ll see, wont we?]

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