“A fish rots from the head down” – America be warned?


Donald Trump is a rotten President of the United States. That was something though that was known to going to be the case well beforehand, wasn’t it? Yes, like when he first threw his hat into the presidential race, like when he got the Republican nomination, like when he got elected, like when he was inaugurated, and even like when he took over in the White House on January 20, 2017.

Now moron Trump gets a lot of unfair criticism about his attempts as President to do certain things that are detestable or disagreeable to much of the World – but when they are ‘headline’ things that he actually campaigned-on and eventually got him elected by his fellow morons, then others have no right to knock him, have they?

That would include such matters as trashing Obamacare, building a Mexican Wall, banning Muslins from US, keeping Guantanamo open, approving prisoner torture, ditching NATO as obsolete, investigating Hillary Clinton, withdrawing support for global warming action [that he claimed to be a ‘hoax’], or expanding the right to carry a ‘hidden gun’ to all 50 States.

However, he has been thwarted-on or amended/abandoned so far the bulk of his promises [less than 10% implemented after 15 months].

[By all accounts though, Melania Trump is proving to be an admirable first lady, eh?].

Trump tweets obsessively, shooting from the hip on even major national issues, and just about everything in his tweets are misleading, false, or more accurately dammed lies?

Rotten to the core as a human being Trump makes everyone working for him look rotten, then go rotten, wouldn’t you say? Trump’s increasingly erratic behaviour hasn’t waned recently and those around him simply become infected or sidelined.

The US economy is well on the up and with it the jobs market has recovered also but that is certainly not of Trump’s doing, is it? Oh yes, nevertheless he will get the credit – and most certainly from the crass elements of American society who brought him to power.

Trump’s inability to have a hands-on influence on the legislative process has created a power vacuum at Congress – that and Trump himself [extremely poor 40% rating] could cost the Republicans dearly in the mid-term elections in November. A bad result then dramatically increases Trump’s risk of impeachment if as well special counsel Robert Mueller implicates him in Russian interference in the presidential election (Already five people have pleaded guilty to charges and another fifteen are currently under indictments).

[All 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate will be contested mid-term as well as 39 state and territorial governorships].

The President looked inhumane late last year when he (belatedly) made an (overheard) phone call to console a widow of a soldier killed by ISIL terrorists in a botched operation in Africa, but he screwed-up and made her cry [callously dismissing the loss by remarking that her husband ‘knew what he was getting into when he signed up’]. He then caused days of controversy surrounding his wounding call, including dragging-in and embroiling Chief of Staff John Kelly [the only White House staffer who at the time had any shred of credibility, but his role as its disciplinarian has now faded?], in his lies and determination when cornered to escape and have the last misleading word, rather than make a simple apology, that shows empathy and regret.

Trump consistently lacks the dignity of high office, not least when he belittles and disparages both perceived enemies and discarded friends or allies alike. He demonstrates behaviours, a personality disorder and a mental instability that seriously worries senior people in his own team, major forces and communities in America, and other world countries’ leaders.

His repetitive denial of the truth and verifiable facts with absurd claims of it all being ‘fake news’ has become a sick joke, hasn’t it? He defends himself against criticism and dismisses it purely as blind hatred and political bias. Trump lacks the character required by the office, and is not simply trying to do what he sees is best for the country and its people, because he cares about just Himself – NOT his great country.


[President Donald Trump will visit the UK in a non-full State visit on 13th July and he should greeted with proper British dignity (not the threatened mass demonstrations)]



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