Women don’t know their place in the 21st Century – it’s in the kitchen?


A new statue sculptured ‘by a woman’ has been placed and unveiled ‘by a woman’, in the shadow of the Houses of Parliament, and unbelievably it was one of ‘a woman’ – the 1890’s suffragist, a non-militant, [not to be confused with suffragettes who were] campaigner Millicent Fawcet. Now this bronze was placed in London’s main tourist attraction of Parliament Square, an all-male bastion no less, where 11 really significant men of greatness have been honoured, while she was arguably merely the most influential woman of the past 100 years, wasn’t she?

This lady had an unfortunate childhood, as she was raised wrongly and given ideas above her female station – like being encouraged to be physically active, read unnecessarily widely, openly speak her mind, and have even radical political interests [you see her sister became Britain’s first female doctor]. It was hardly surprising then that she turned-out badly, as a feminist intellectual, cofounding a Cambridge College, interfering in politics, and helping in a major way to get women the vote, is it?

You see that seems to be the era in which the rot set in and women were allowed to get a life. This is a man’s World, surely? God decided that it was not good for man to be alone, so out of the man’s rib created a helper suitable for him– a women, to provide beautiful companionship for man, to have & look-after babies, and work their socks-off in the house, particularly in the kitchen, didn’t he?

He didn’t intend them to be bread-winners, or to have brains or become fiercely intellectually superior to men, or to get ahead and gain executive management positions in business, or to be good at sports (even men’s’), or to discuss world matters meaningfully, or to hold major office, or even to have male friends, or to form their own nourishing relationships, because after all, they are supposed to be solely domesticated and decorative, aren’t they? [That is precisely why less than 3% of commemorative statues in the UK are of women, and why women are still rightfully (?) totally underrepresented in all areas of British cultural and political life, isn’t it?].

Things started to go widely wrong in the UK because of WWII because then men’s backs were turned and their attention diverted fighting the war overseas – you see men are really good at fighting and warring and they really enjoy it to. Now, instead of as normal just being servants, shop assistants or playing nurses and dutifully waiting patiently at home for men to return, the women [even the married ones] went out and successfully took over men’s jobs, proving that they had skills and abilities that they weren’t supposed to have, didn’t they? So they tilled the soil, they became qualified engineers, plumbers, and mechanics, they worked in factories, they did manual work, they built ships, they operated machinery, they drove ambulances, fire engines, buses and lorries, they operated cranes, they worked with dangerous explosives, they flew and transported fighter planes and drove tanks, operated Anti-Aircraft guns, and served (as non-combatants) in the armed forces, or operated overseas as spies [some executed] – all men’s work, surely?

When the surviving men returned they reclaimed their ‘man-work’, but the horse had bolted, hadn’t it, women were on a roll to unjustly (?) claim equality with men, eh? Despite the greatest attempts by men to thwart them, they are progressing in gaining that increased equality in our society, aren’t they? The worst thing about it is that they bloody well are still living longer than men here despite the increased stress that seems to always have killed-off men early – they seem to be of a different race with ability to bear young, to diet, to have endless energy, can multi-task, run homes & work in parallel, achieve outstanding success, smile, and nevertheless control men, eh?

Some other societies of course have still managed to keep the lid-on the genie bottle and their women in place (the kitchen), but even in some previous shining lights like Saudi Arabia, women are now bucking the traces, and are being allowed to drive – and vote, but probably according to their husband’s wishes?

Not so in Britain, eh? Men seem to be stuck with it and are rapidly heading to be second rate, don’t you think? Like the male lion, man is becoming the lazy one of the species, lying around looking powerful, while the lioness has the cubs and kills to provide the food for the pride, eh?


[Perhaps Adam is responsible for the fall of man because he screwed-up by eating the forbidden fruit from ‘the tree of knowledge of good and evil’ in the garden of Eden?]

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