Celebrations of Arsène Wenger announcement of leaving Arsenal Football Club – ones expressing ‘awe of his achievements’ or of his ‘good riddance’?

 Arsenal supporters (?) hold up anti-Wenger banners

The UNDERMINING & complete demoralisation of their team from the stands?

Many of us observers of the football scene have been scunnered over recent years by the long-standing destructive campaign by a group of moronic so-called Gunners supporters’ campaign to undermine the position of their Frenchman iconic veteran manager of 22 years, Arsène Wenger (68).

Well, they have now finally succeeded and had their way, so yesterday he has acquiesced to go at the end of this 2017/18 season, but make no mistake about it will you, he has been driven out and has been made to fail in his quest to make Arsenal the best team of all time, by a bunch of arseholes, hasn’t he?

No other manager in the World has achieved what he has done for club or even world football than Wenger has done at the London club. There can be no doubt that he has changed the game, changed the way it is played, and changed the way players can perform.

That said, even those of us that all saw that, knew that the game was up for him this season because he had lost the essential ingredient in ANY management position [not just football], and that is the innate fear of employees NOT to be seen to perform by the BOSS. So, it has been at Arsenal, hasn’t it?

Yep, that became finally self-evident evident as long as 12 weeks ago when the team demonstrated a total lack of fighting spunk, so once more struggled against a struggling team which is now facing relegation [Swansea 3 Arsenal 1] and the Manager couldn’t enact retribution, eh? That was heavily reinforced and Wenger’s problems deepened, 7 weeks ago when the team lost away again, to a mid-table team [Brighton 2 Arsenal 1] – the Gunners’ fourth successive loss in all competitions. But the coup de grâce came last Sunday, playing-away at an often-outclassed by others club [Newcastle 2 Arsenal 1], surely?

The Club’s away record this season though has been dire and their worst in their premier league history – as is their win record. It is a team that is prone to make mistakes galore that lead to either shots on their goal or result in a goal – at times they play like a mid-table team not a title challenging one, eh?

Arsenal haven’t been in the big-spenders league during Wenger’s tenure, whereas the big-club front runners have squandered countless  millions on players to achieve their success [Chelsea, Man U, Man C, Liverpool, and rivals Tottenham] – whilst Wenger has done it all on a comparative shoestring. That has meant that the key players at those other clubs have consequently had constantly to look over their shoulders, knowing full well that any failure to perform would see a new expensive player trotting onto the pitch in their place and they themselves going out on loan until sold for a loss – all without any hysterical hairdryer treatment from their manager. Wenger hasn’t had that the luxury of such a cushion, has he? No, his players have been able to shrug-off loss of form, a bad day,  poor performances and bad mistakes, knowing they can’t be easily replaced – hence the essential fear factor has been lost at Arsenal, hasn’t it?

Now, Wenger is no fool and while he knew he still had limited support in the boardroom of the club he has run since 1996, he nevertheless knew that he would be terminated forthwith (some say he WAS?), as the powers that be were already lining-up a successor to take over next season and rightly he wasn’t going to suffer the world humiliation of being sacked and his legacy smashed, was he?

It is unlikely that Wenger will want to give up football management just yet – not while major clubs show interest, like previously linked French club PSG [Paris Saint-Germain] or his former one Monaco, or even Premier’s desperate Everton [because their manager Sam Allardyce simply doesn’t understand his club’s football-fan rivalry with Liverpool?]

[Arsène Wenger has one last throw of the dice however, with the chance, as semi-finalists against favourites Atlético Madrid, to win the EUFA Europa League trophy, giving automatic qualification to the ‘Champions League’ next season [for his 21st time no less] – giving a two-finger salute to the disgruntelled North London non-fans, eh?]


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