With just under one year to go until ‘BREXIT’ what progress has UK made in leaving the EU – bloody NONE whatsoever?

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British Exit from the European Union [BREXIT] was decided-on by the UK population in a unique Referendum held on 23 June 2016, after the Parliament at Westminster had finally acceded that particular major constitutional decision to the general public voters.

Despite the Government’s dire warnings that leaving the EU would harm both the Country’s and individual families’ wealth in the short-term, the decision was nevertheless made, in the highest turnout ever in any election event, for our Country to ‘Leave’ and for our own Government to take back full control over the Country’s destiny [including us leaving the dreadful single market and the customs union].

You see, for the British people, democracy, coupled with sovereignty, and independence, was much more important than the economy with consequential subservience to foreign powers, tied with control by an administrative elite, and exercised with total unaccountability.

The UK had joined the geo-political European Union in 1992 [so a quarter of a century ago] when PM John Major signed the Maastricht Treaty which integrated Europe, with neither prior nor post consultation with the British public, nor even any soundings of public opinion, despite the glaring fact that the economic union (European Community) was thereby transformed into a political union (EU) with an unelected European Commission creating laws that prevailed over and controlled UK laws.

The EU has since inception been on a mission to continually increase its powers [to become the United States of Europe?], while at the same time British public opinion has become increasing in favour of a decrease of its powers and that view reached around 65% of us a year before the Referendum (though not all of those wanted the UK to completely leave).

The way a country terminates its membership of the EU is to formally resign in writing and then it has 2 years to negotiate its future relationship with the Union.

Almost straight away we ordinary people got given the shock of our lives in that things were going to get complicated when it became known that our smooth-talking, lying, arsehole of a Prime Minister, David Cameron, had instructed that no plans whatsoever should be made in advance to leave the EU. The consequence of that was that the UK had to delay sending-in its resignation letter for a whole 9 months.

The second shock that rocked all us BREXITEERS, was that the Remainers simply would not accept the will of the people, which was somewhat unexpected because we had come to expect all voters to accept the results of any democratic election in this Country, whether at national or local level – and indeed that has included some extremely close photo-finishes, doesn’t it?

[In the last six General Elections (3 Tory wins, 3 Labour wins) the average support for the winner was under 40% – no one suggested there should be another vote to confirm it, no one claimed that the voters were so stupid they didn’t know what they were voting for, no one denigrated the elderly nor accused them of destroying the future of the young, no one said the result should be overturned by the knowing elite to save the Country, did they?]

You see, this time though it was different, as the so called ‘establishment’, major individuals, and businesses all had a vested and self-interest in the UK staying in the EU – and they weren’t going to give-up that without a massive fight, were they? No, so that has meant that they have spent the past 21 months [aided and abetted it must be said by most newspapers, and an indulgent BBC to boot?] stridently undermining the BREXIT process at every bloody turn with damaging demands for a second referendum, haven’t they? These bastards have included those at the top of the major political parties of course [they had all supported Remain in the referendum] – as well as disgustingly, fifth columnist, Philip Hammond, our current erstwhile Chancellor, eh?

Perhaps, most worrying still, it has transpired that the previously trusted and esteemed electoral watchdog, the Electoral Commission, has had an undeclared bias AGAINST the Leave campaign all along, eh?

BUT have those incalcitrant, bleeding Europhile turncoats actually won?

In a word, ‘YES’!

You see, Britain’s negotiating position has been fatally undermined at home, as well as facing extreme bullying at the EU. The objective of our crass Remainers is firstly to keep the UK as closely aligned to the EU as possible IF we actually ever ‘Leave’, and secondly to drag-out the whole process for as long as possible, as they hope to find a way of halting BREXIT altogether and having the decision to leave finally rescinded.

The consequence of this situation is not only that the population have been demoralised by these BREXIT deniers, but the UK’s negotiations have been nothing less than a sorry abject failure, and have resulting in our capitulating to every outrageous guideline demand of the EU, giving in on all key issues, and whitewashing BREXITEERS’ red-lines [including paying an eye-watering king’s ransom to leave], while the EU lot have conceded absolutely nothing in return, have they? No, and they have treated Britain as a hated enemy who has to be forced to surrender, rather than a friendly neighbour country they would like to strike a trade deal with.

Furthermore, the time taken since the Referendum to ‘pretend’ to ‘Leave’ the EU next year, will be a massive one-thousand and ten days (2 years 9 months 7 days). On top of that we have agreed to de-facto stay in the EU for an extra nigh-on 2 years in a so-called ‘transition period’ of six-hundred and forty-four days (1 year 9 months 3 days) when we are bound within the EU, enact ALL their laws & regulations (even new ones), continue to pay our crippling membership fee, but DON’T any longer have ANY say nor representation whatsoever – because ‘officially’ we have left, eh?

In addition, for some inexplicable reason to anyone of sound mind, we are staying in the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) next year so the EU will continue to be allowed to take our fish and land it, not in Britain but instead on the continent – that represents some sixty percent of our fish stocks being taken by EU trawlers with an annual value of half a BILLION pounds – and that is why fish is so cheap and plentiful when you head over the Chanel on holiday, isn’t it eh? Meanwhile our own fishing industry is already on the point of collapse and you daren’t bet your life that the EU won’t be allowed similar access to our waters after 2020, would you?

[As it stands, the UK will continue to participate in all EU policies until the end of the current MFF in 2020, thus including the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)].

That said, we have NOT yet reached ANY form of agreement with the EU on any KIND of a trade deal, and when [or IF] we ever do, you can bet your bottom dollar that we will again be taken to the cleaners by the EU, because the Remainers, the big business players, the City, and the rich, intend to lock-in the Country to their EU gravy train irrespective of the fact that the EU is in fact a trading cartel that in reality puts up consumer prices, is an increasingly shrinking market for Britain, and is NOT even any kind of market for the bulk of our businesses.

Detailed negotiation on a future trade deal will likely come later AFTER we have officially left the EU [although the EU’s aim is to reach agreement on a broad political declaration by October this year, after which the withdrawal agreement needs to be ratified by both the EU and the UK before BREXIT day. (Two big issues that will need to be resolved before the declaration, is the role of the European Court of Justice and the future of the Irish border

The planned end of the ‘so-called’ transition period [IF IN FACT IT ‘EVER’ ENDS?] is now set to be 31 December 2020 [some say concluding a new free trade deal with the EU by the end of 2020 is “extremely ambitious”] – which will itself be one-thousand-six-hundred-and-fifty-three days (4 years 6 months 9 days) AFTER the public decisively voted in the Referendum to ‘Leave’ the oppressive European Union. [ALL THE TRANSITION PERIOD DOES IS TO POSPHONE US LEAVING THE EU BY 21 MONTHS and that will simply “delay’ any problems NOT solve them].

All that time spent talking so far, and no progress yet at all in taking back control, enacting our own laws, saying who can live & work here, trading with whoever we want, and with not an extra penny available to spend on the NHS, our elderly, or any other sector of our community, eh?

Oh yes, while we will be able to ‘sign-up’ to new free-trade deals with other countries next year, we will NOT be able to set anything in motion to balance any loss of trade, until AFTER the end of the transition period (or ‘implementation period’ as Downing Street prefers to call it – when it is nothing of the bleeding kind?).

Despite what our politicians might say, we have made ZERO progress in agreeing either a free trade or any other kind of deal with the EU, haven’t we? In the absence of agreed arrangements, trade between the UK and the EU individual countries would move to ‘WTO terms’ [Britain was a founder member, so before the EU was] with tariffs imposed and Customs procedures and heath checks applying to exports and imports – but the EU should be much more worried about that than us, because a number of EU member states depend heavily on trade with the UK and indeed the EU as a whole relies on making a damn sight more exports to UK than we make to them, don’t they? However, when we leave the EU, the UK does need to establish specific schedules, and that may be difficult to get in place quickly].

As many people know already, each year the UK government is liable to pay a massive fee into the EU budget [say £17 billion], but we get an immediate rebate applied [say £4 billion], and the EU supports selected UK public sector projects [say £4½ billionAgriculture and Fisheries (the bulk, say 3/5 ths): Poor areas (say ¼ rt): Research/Education/Innovation (say 1/6 th)]. Hence the UK’s ‘net contribution’ is estimated to be about say £8½ billion. Don’t be surprised then that while we are still going to be paying in that large contribution, we won’t be getting the same level of financial support back from the EU, will you?

If we are not to get knocked-out and lose this major fight, Britain has got to start punching its weight in its EU negotiations, because so far our negotiators have pussy-footed around and been both caught on the ropes, as well as pushed all about the ring, by the EU’s much more aggressive approach than ours.

Some sixty percent of us think the negotiations are being conducted badly (some say “totally shambolic”), and only a very few percent that they are going well – what does that tell you?

Time to show some fight, time to have some real spunk Britain, land some punches and to chase the EU around the ring for a change, eh?

That fight needs vocal, and enthusiastic support, from the ring corner by our leading politicians demonstrating the true value and power of democracy, showing optimistic self-belief in our Nation and its ability to prosper in a changing world with exciting new trading opportunities, doesn’t it?

Close to half of 2016 Remain voters now want everyone to accept the majority decision and three quarters of the British public now want the result of the Referendum implemented – get on with it?



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