Being ‘anti-Israeli conflict against Palestinians’ isn’t being ‘anti-Jews’ nor being ‘anti-Semitic’ – and Jeremy Corbyn is no ‘figurehead of ant-Semitic culture’?

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Many of us thinking people in Britain can float between parties when it comes to voting, according to what we think is best for our beloved Country.

Nevertheless, while socialism doubtless should have a significant role to play in the future of the UK, the bulk of the people here could not stomach Jeremy Corbyn ever becoming its Prime Minister, because his solidly ingrained, so well established views, are far too left wing for our tastes [akin to communism?] – but that has nothing to do with him, together with the Labour Party, being categorised [unfairly (?)] as being anti-semitic by Jewish leaders of the likes of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council.

They need to buck-off and shut up, surely?

All these individuals are doing by their attack on Corbyn, is drawing attention to the unacceptable, indefensible, behaviour of Israel and the international community’s longstanding complicity in the process of Israeli colonial expansion.

One has to understand that charges of anti-semitism are regularly used to shut down criticism of Israel, and that it is those Jewish leaders of THIS Country that link all their followers in THIS Country with the state of Israel, even in support of the atrocities undoubted committed by Israel in the Middle East – that is the sole reason that many parts of the community hold British Jews also ‘accountable’ for those very outrages. That does not make people anti-semitic, does it?

In our Country we indeed have pockets of flawed individuals, who are anti-semitic, or anti-muslim, anti-gays, ant-catholic, anti-black, anti-foreigners, anti-women, anti-war, anti-nuclear, or anti-someone, who would persecute them if given the opportunity – they need to be exposed and halted, and that is what our society sets out to do, doesn’t it?



British Anti-Semitism – what is all that about then?

May 2, 2016 by dadman007

Wide hysteria and wild accusations are adrift in Britain nowadays about public figure individuals and groups in society being anti-Semitic, a term coined well more than a hundred years ago.

Previously at the start of the decade it was purported that the problem was from people from the far RIGHT and now it is being said that the problem mongers are from the far LEFT – where that leaves the ones in-between, god knows?
So what exactly is anti-Semitic anyway? Well, in simple terms it means ‘Jew-hatred’.

So what is the problem of being so called ‘anti-Semitic’ then, and is it illegal? Well the Jews don’t like it and they would aim for it to be illegal – so they are working on that one, aren’t they?

In this country we ‘apparently’ believe in free speech and ‘seemingly’ it is said we will defend that right to the death- but nevertheless it is somehow completely unacceptable to express an anti-view against certain groups and specifically here in Britain, the Jews.

You see the Jews suffered the Holocaust under Hitler when millions of them across Europe were horrifically murdered by the Germans and their fellow travelers, in a vain mad and villainous attempt to totally eliminate them as an entity. Rightfully, since then the Jewish peoples have consequently held a unique sympathetic and protective part in the hearts and minds of the caring nations of the World – but that is unfortunately fast diminishing. Wrongly, the State of Israel, that was controversially set-up to provide a homeland for Jews, then protected their own security by starting a war to seize further land, have oppressed others, has got away with murder (literally), and seized the opportunity to aggressively promote and empower Judaism worldwide instead of gratefully getting on solely with their lives and religion.

Although Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled that assassinations are illegal, there apparently is documentary evidence to suggest that Israel’s army has simply ignored that ruling.

You are allowed to vitriolic criticise and verbally assassinate any other country or regime in the wide-world, but certainly not Israel. Be puzzled about why America and the UK support Israel ‘right or wrong’, and you will be deemed to be a Holocaust denier, won’t you? Question why Israel has been allowed to flout international law and become a nuclear power, or how a tiny country like it actually acquired the secret scientific knowledge, technical and production capability to achieve it, when all other countries are prevented from doing so, and you will be classified as being anti-Jewish, won’t you? Ask how comes Israel have got away for decade upon decade with ignoring international law by occupying other lands and illegally populating it, and you will be classed as anti-Israel, wont you? Utter a word of condemnation about their slaughter of Palestinian women & children and you will be immediately classed as anti-Semitic, won’t you?

Those of us who actually care about our fellow human beings are disgusted about all the actions of the Israeli State and their previously highly respected military. We are indeed deniers, but only about their right to do what they do outside of the acceptable. There is a fundamental problem in that there is a valid question about the right of Israel to exist because their original land was sequestrated from others – but the bulk of the World including their most significant neighbours, have come to terms with that and finally accepted Israel’s de-facto existence. But the Israelis have gone further and stolen further tranches of land, populated it, built settlements on it, and displaced the indigenous population, haven’t they? They have overpowered the neighbouring Palestinians, obtusely decreed that Palestine has no right to exist as a State, and oppresses that nation relentlessly.

If any Israeli soldiers are killed by rebel militants, the Israelis announce there will be massive retribution – and there is, with their air force bombing hundreds of civilians to smithereens. When a single Israeli child living illegally in Israeli ‘occupied territory’ is killed by a mortar attack from Gaza territory, the Israel PM threatened that heavy vengeance would be enacted for the attack – and it was.

In the summer of 2014, Israel’s answer to Palestinian militants’ action and Israel’s total fatality of 71 people (66 soldiers, and seven civilians, including the one child), some 469 soldiers injured (262 civilians many just ‘stressed’), was the retaliatory heavy price of massive destruction in the tiny Gaza Strip with a third of the inhabitants subsequently displaced, the estimated death of at least 2,100 Palestinians (nearly three quarters civilians), among them more than 400 children, some 11,000 injured (a third children), with a thousand left permanently disabled.

Israeli response to militant groups’ attacks are neither measured nor proportionate as required by law, is it? The UN itself describe it as disproportionate & indiscriminate force, don’t they? Is it any wonder then that Palestinians hate Israeli Jews or indeed all Jews? The Israelis don’t subscribe to the principle of proportionality, do they? They seem to believe that it is quite acceptable to slaughter say a hundred innocent people including women and children in a building as long as they claim they avoid it being a war crime by targeting one combatant – many of us don’t agree, do we

The Israeli Jews certainly seem to have learned a lot about oppression, destruction, and killing from the Germans, who for example razed an entire French village and violently murdered 642 of its inhabitants, including women and children, who were all massacred because of partisan activity in a nearby village: then the example of another village in Czechoslovakia which was completely destroyed by German forces in reprisal for an assassination, with 184 men executed, 184 women and 88 children deported to concentration camps; where most of them were gassed: oh yes there were others as well with little known nigh-on five hundred Ukrainian villages, including one which the Germans burned to the ground and killed all its 2,892 population of men, women and children – another two dozen villages suffered a similar fate.

British Jews are skewing our society with a widespread and invasive Jewish lobby who have perpetrated theories of an anti-Jewish conspiracy and have started a fire about anti-Semitism here and are further fuelling it in a dangerous manner – there is likely to be a blowback that hits them in the face. Britain one of the most tolerant and multicultural nations the world has ever seen. Consequently, it has one of the least anti-Semitic societies in the world, so being harassed about Judaism is counterproductive, surely?

It should be understandable that here people’s negative attitude to Israel and its actions of blood on its hands, will have a knock-on adverse image effect on ordinary Jews in Britain, particularly as their most senior leaders make controversial and provocative public announcements in support of Israeli actions. This is exceptionally so, because there seems to be a trait for loyalty to their religion and all its practitioners, to be greater than their loyalty to this Country – so when that loyalty even is further transferred to the foreign land of Israel, that produces a backlash, doesn’t it?

What the British people want is for Jews to understand that if they are to continue to remain an honoured and respected community in our midst, that they should stop morally supporting another country and empowering it to enable questionable behaviour, and get on with practicing their religious faith here in peace unmolested.

In the UK like all places, we have existing on the margins of our society, a marginalised group of bigoted nutcases who embark on hate campaigns, or in extreme cases violent attacks, against other groups for whatever misplaced reasons. Community action is taken and they get dealt with IF they break the law, without fear or favour. However the Jewish leaders and lobby want UK (and Europe-wide) legislation outlawing anti-Semitism (as hostility or prejudice specifically against Jews), and calls for legal action against those preaching or spreading hate on social media. Rightly or wrongly, some countries have laws against actual Holocaust denial (the denial of Germany’s systematic genocidal killing of millions of ethnic minorities in Europe, not just Jews), but that has been rejected hence isn’t so in the UK, is it? Also the term anti-Semitism is being surreptitiously manipulated to mean ‘racist’ and that is simply because THAT is illegal in this Country, you see?

In the UK we have a really big problem to deal with regarding the Islamic religion, rather than Judaism. It is unfortunate that ordinary Muslins are increasingly being looked on with suspicion, because of the sickening atrocities and actions of Islamic terrorists and ISIS, and that is rapidly developing into Islamophobia (prejudice against Muslims) by the ignorant intolerant idiots in our midst. That is another religion though that apparently can’t take criticism, so we see vile murderous retribution by the extremists, don’t we? Many of us think that it is reprehensible for writers, cartoonists and filmmakers to insult a religion’s beliefs and history, but the principles of free speech protect the right of such expression, so Muslims (and Jews) need to come to terms with that, certainly in the UK (and in America by the 1st Amendment), don’t they?


[The UK’s continuing support in its science, business, economic and business ties, and military trade (not least through arming Israel), means that we in the UK are also culpable for their activities in the Middle East, so perhaps anti-Semitism isn’t the greatest problem facing Britain, eh?]

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