The BREXIT deniers carry on their fight to thwart British democracy – will they succeed though?

 A decade ago the LibDems said ‘the people should have a say’

the UKs ‘joining’ EU stamps

the EU puzzle misfit

The undeniable fact is that the UK never ever fitted into the European Union project. Indeed, back in 1973 when by a large majority the UK voted to ‘remain’ in the European Common Market as it was then, it was clear to many of us who vote against, that it would inevitably ‘evolve’ in a manner and with an objective that would create a political government for Europe – and so it did twenty years later when the European Union burst like an alien from its torso. With complete metamorphosis it had changed from an inert larva stage and erupted as a slimy ugly eel-like creature rather than as a beautiful butterfly.

The whole point of the EU project was to steadily coerce member countries to renounce their national status, and hand over power to unelected bureaucrats, so that a European superstate could emerge, aka the united states of Europe. Surely, as that became ‘in the face’ evident to the masses here, there would be rebellion in the ranks and we serfs would challenge the elite establishment, who alone benefited from Britain being in the EU, and demand Britain took back control and reclaim our Country as a nation-state, eh?

Oh yes, the people were unexpectedly given the opportunity of BREXIT, but were warned by the Establishment in no uncertain terms that they HAD to vote Remain or else – but they didn’t, did they?

Oblivious to the experience in WWII that Germany’s Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda machine together with Lord Haw-Haw’s attempted demoralizing broadcasts, failed to subdue the British population, the Cameron government embarked on its own ‘Project Fear’ – to no avail it must be said, eh? Encouraged by the example of British grit displayed by their ancestors in the Blitz, the people stood firm and voted “Leave”, didn’t they?

Well, the misinformation promulgated not only by George Osborne’s Treasury lapdogs, but by other EU committed or prone financial institutions like the World Bank, CBI, IMF, who predicted lower economic growth for the UK at 1.2%, 1.3%, & 1.5% respectively, WHEN IN REALITY IN 2017 IT WAS 1.8%, OR the likes of Goldman Sachs’ speculation that the value of the Pound sterling would fall from $1.25 to $1.11 WHEN IN REALITY IT ACTUALLY ROSE TO $1.35, OR the CBI’s predicted slump in 2017 retail sales WHEN IN REALITY THEY ROSE by 1.6%, now rightly has been exposed, hasn’t it?

Nevertheless, we BREXITEERS are under sustained scurrilous attack from all sides by those who will not accept the democratic decision of the Nation. The most disgusting thing about all of it, is that these cretins who are doing their utmost to undermine BREXIT, are just those that were also fully behind us public having the blessed referendum in the first bloody placed, weren’t they? Yep, but that was when they THOUGHT that they were on a clear winner, wasn’t it?

Amongst those are the likes of those beholden to the EU:

Labour’s John McDonnell (now Shadow Chancellor), motormouth Diane Abbott, (now shadow Home Secretary), Hilary Benn (ex-shadow foreign secretary whose view beforehand was that everyone voting would fully understand the consequences of voting either way), loudmouth but cowering Chuka Umunna (ex-shadow business secretary), ex-leader’s son Stephen Kinnock, loathed disgraced self-appointed messiah Tony Blair (ex-PM), Lord Adonis (a Baron and latterly a long overdue departure as the Tory government’s infrastructure adviser);

Or LibDems’ admitted liar about his gay views Tim Farron (ex-leader), Vince Cable (current-leader), yesterday’s man Nick Clegg (ex-leader now a ‘Sir’ indeed) – all fighting-on to scupper BREXIT wherever they can and disenfranchise the British electorate;

Then we can also count-in the so-called ‘now converted-leavers’ Tories’ Theresa May [now PM who has appointed two Cabinets where more than two out of three are actually Remainers, and last month she unconditionally surrendered at the EU negotiations), Philip Hammond (now Chancellor, the leading cabinet voice forcing a semi-BREXIT).

We also have the 11 Tory Remainer rebel MPs who joined Labour and the Liberal Democrats to defeat the Government in a Commons vote last month that could be used to frustrate or block BREXIT entirely – chief mutineer Dominic Grieve (former Attorney General), past his sell-by date Ken Clarke (ex-Chancellor and much else), self-termed freedom fighter but really wants to be leader Nicky Morgan (ex-Education Secretary), over vocal Anna Soubry (ex-Business minister), Stephen Hammond (now sacked Party Vice Chairman), barrister Oliver Heald (a ditched Solicitor General), side switcher Sarah Wollaston (chair health select committee), Bob Neill (chair justice committee), Jonathan Djanogly (former justice minister), new girl Antoinette Sandbach, who? Yorkshire born Heidi Allen. Mind you, they ALL deny their objective is to Remain – LIARS?

[Don’t forget that that the Cameron government sent all our households an expensive warning communication, including the clear assertion that it was our decision and that the government would implement whatever we decided, didn’t they? Fat chance of that now, wouldn’t you say?].

All the major parties, the entire current political establishment, plus the Commons and the Lords, with an overwhelming endorsement fully supported the Referendum Bill 2½ years ago – while the SNP of course tried to spoil that party. The biggest joke nowadays are the LibDems though, who not only were a major advocate of a Referendum in the first place, but indeed were critical of the other parties for denying one, while now they and Clegg in particular stands accused of showing complete distain  for the British people – while fantasist new leader Cable (who thinks he can be the next PM?) plans to stop BREXIT and keep the UK in the European Union because the people need to change their mind, eh?

The LibDems fought the Election last year under Farron on the basis of having ANOTHER referendum [now, that has always been the EU ploy – keep rerunning a referendum UNTIL you get the RIGHT answer, you see?] and he saw their vote drop by ANOTHER half a percent, totaling over 15% drop since the heady days of 2010, isn’t it?

The current political situation is dangerous because there is huge and significant damage being caused to the population’s trust in democracy when the cheated millions are concluding that the promises made by our politicians to us were in reality worthless once we challenged the interests and attitudes of the political establishment


[BREXITEERS abandon hope – you ain’t going to get what you voted for]




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