Donald Trump ducks his London visit – ASHAMED?

It has been announced that, even in the continuing postponement of the proposed State visit to meet the Queen, the United States President Donal Trump has let it be known that he won’t be coming to see us next month as intended to officially open the new American Embassy [His lame excuse is the one “personal reasons” (he doesn’t like the new building’s location, eh?)].

That update may be a surprise, but certainly it will not come as bad news to a large number of Brits or others residing in the United Kingdom, will it? Nop, and that is because he has managed to antagonise large sections of the population here, and indeed may well have encountered some noisy protest demonstrations to show just that during a visit – is that why he has shirked the task? If so, is that not just a bit cowardly?

Now, it would not shock countless Americans to know that few of us here in UK care a hoot whether or not Trump arrives on these shores. That is because not many of us have any respect for the man or what he is or what he stands for – though we as always will honour the office he holds and will formally treat him civilly here or elsewhere, as we would any man or woman so elected.

That isn’t to say that certain prominent UK individuals haven’t overstepped the mark when commenting on Trump and his bigoted outbursts. That would particularly include one Sadiq Khan, the current Mayor of London and Labour politician. You see Khan is a Muslim and took umbrage at Trumps disgracefully religious and racial attempts to discriminate against Muslims entering America and singling-out some half-dozen Muslim-majority countries listed in an executive order not to be allowed entry to the US, on the pretext of protecting national security. – the fundamental fact is that the President wants people excluded from the US, not for who they are, but simply because of where they come from, doesn’t he?

Now, it is a worrying fact indeed that the US Supreme Court in June overturned lower court injunctions and decided that ‘parts’ of Trump’s ban ‘could’ take effect, and then last month allowed the newest version of his travel ban to take effect pending appeal – the September ‘third edition’ of the travel ban placed varying levels of restrictions on foreign nationals from eight countries: Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Somalia and Yemen.

Well, all that being said, it is nothing to do with Khan, who instead of shooting-off his mouth and publicly declaring that Trump is not welcome here, should do a better job himself of running London, the most diverse capital in the world– which currently he is making a pigs-ear of, eh? Furthermore, as the first Muslim to become a mayor of a major Western capital, his energies should be focused on improving the image of Islam, which is being destroyed by ISIL terrorists both in Britain and worldwide, rather than undermining our special relationship with the US by continuing a spat with an American president – however big an arsehole he is being, don’t you think?

What we people here in UK do have though, is a great deal of sympathy for the bulk of our Americans cousins, who must be dying of shame that their wonderful country and its intrenched values have been hijacked by the likes of Trump as their President, a man of lewd embarrassing reputation, pontificating incendiary hate-filled tirades, and strutting arrogantly about whilst not issuing crass imbecilic tweets, and swapping schoolboy insults and heated taunts over size of nuclear buttons with North Korean’s mental health challenged despot supreme leader Kim Jong-un.

In reality, in many countries and that includes Britain of course, at times the population get disenchanted with their leaders – and indeed vote them out of power when the opportunity arises – but that feeling never reaches the level of “being ashamed” of the person selected to lead their nation, does it?

However, it is being said that Trump simply dares to voice views held by his supporters, which in the past day seems to include branding significant elements of the less-developed world as ‘shithole countries’ whose people weren’t wanted as immigrants to the USA, whether resulting from national disasters or not – nations such as El Salvador, Haiti or African. As a consequence, he gets America lambasted from all sides at the United nations, so destroys its standing in the World – is that what he meant by “making America great again” – making it a laughing stock?

In a survey last month over half of the Americans polled, disapproved of the job Trump is doing, don’t think he’s honest, don’t believe he is stable, don’t see him as compassionate, consider him reckless, rate him as sexist, and reason ‘credible’ the allegations made against him of sexual misconduct. Other polls find that the majority say the Trump administration is dysfunctional and there is now a loss of pride in American democracy. While six months ago, about half the people thought Trump was keeping his candidature promises, that now has dropped by ten percent, as has belief that he can bring about the kind of change the country needs, while less than a third think he can unite the country, and even amongst Republicans over a third of them don’t think Trump cares about people like them. Apparently more than half of American voters say President Donald Trump is not “fit to serve as president,” and that rises to nearly 95% of black voters, for goodness sake? Only a quarter of Americans now have faith that their President has the respect of leaders around the world

Meanwhile, daily Trump keeps his name in headlines, however derogatory they are or packed with controversy and intrigue, [on the basis that there is no such thing as ‘bad’ publicity, eh?] and he dismisses all criticism, assigns all damaging events as “false news”, nominates the media as witch hunting liars, denies through his teeth even verifiable facts, and lives in an isolated White House bubble of his own construction

Now, many in the wider world will know full well that Trump has faced persistent allegations over his campaign’s Russian connections during his election, and could face removal from office by impeachment if his direct connection with such events or alleged ties to Russia is ever properly established.

Now currently that might seem unlikely because it would require both the House of Representatives and the Senate to abandon him to make it happen. Although both Houses are currently under Republican control that may not last as midterm elections approach, so it is calculated that there a 50-50 chance of that happening or him resigning this term

Special counsel Robert Mueller‘s Russia inquiry has escalated in recent months, with convening a grand jury in Washington, and now heads into 2018 with four people associated with the president, including his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and his deputy Rick Gates already charged with crimes connected to the probe [former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn together with campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos, have pleaded ‘guilty’ and are cooperating with investigators].


[Although ‘President Donald Trump’ is apparently too scared to visit ‘special relationship’ Britain, he has made trips to Saudi Arabia, Israel, France, Poland, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and China, eh?]



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