Young woman ‘Jodie Willsher’ slaughtered in Aldi supermarket – time for reintroduction of the death penalty in March 2019?



Just 2 weeks ago, many of us woke up four days before Christmas [21 dec] to face the dreadful fact, plastered all over our daily newspapers and bared on our TV screens and widely reported in other media, that late the previous afternoon Jodie Willsher, a young mother of just 30 years of age, had had her blissfully happy life snatched away from her, when without warning, she had been brutally and cruelly butchered by a knifeman, as she earned her living stacking shelves in a North Yorkshire supermarket.

You don’t have to know anything more about this tragic killing to know deep down that the evil scumbag who committed this vile slaying should be swiftly put down, do you? If there was ever a case for bringing back hanging this fully explicates it, surely?

About a week later  a 44-year-old man, one Neville Hord, appeared in Crown court accused of murdering this innocent mother-of-one. He did not enter a plea during his brief appearance of course, nonetheless we well know the UK’s broken scales of justice encourages not only that, but subsequently inspires a plea of ‘not guilty’ at trial, as regularly is the case?

Now there seems little doubt that Hord savagely slew this poor woman, as he was subdued and apprehended by others at the scene at time, but that doesn’t mean he will be convicted of her murder, does it? No, that is simply because smart-arse’d lawyers, releasers of the guilty, have numerous tricks & defences to put forward against such a ‘fatal offence’ criminal charge, which have been promulgated by liberal do-gooders and studiously developed by devious legal-eagles, to drive a coach & horses through legislation intended to protect society against murderous souls, don’t you think? [Common defences against crimes includes consent, insanity, loss of control, intoxication, epileptic fit, self defence, diminished responsibility, acting under duress, mistake, necessity, provoked, et al].

Oh yes, Christmas is supposedly a season of Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All Men, when we might expect a time of joy, happiness, hope, and love to be in evidence, and moreover that is what it should have been like for lovely, warm, beautiful wife and doting mother Jodie, and her family. Instead, this Christmas has instead delivered a sorrowful nightmare.

The background to events leading to this horrific cruel killing eventually will see the light of day much much later during Court proceedings, but the one thing you can be damned sure about now, is that there can be no plausible justification on earth for her vile execution, and the perpetrator should be made to pay accordingly.

Unfortunately, that family aren’t the only ones grieving the loss of a loved one subjected to a violent killing this Christmas. In North London’s Finsbury Park a young live bubbly girl of 22, Iuliana (Julie) Tudos, was stabbed and beaten to death on Christmas Eve after finishing a shift in a Camden pub, and she was found 3 days later by devastated friends searching for her, in a disused warehouse in the park which was a few hundred yards from her flat. Will her killer escape proper justice when brought to trial? Probably?

North Londoner Kasim Lewis, 31, was charged with Julie’s murder three days ago

It will not have escaped the notice of many watchers disgusted of killers getting away with it, that it is now  just announced that a man, Theodore Johnson, 64, who had already killed two former partners [Yvonne Johnson, then Yvonne Bennett] but was twice released from prison, has gone-on to murder a third ex-girlfriend Angela Best with a claw hammer and then strangling her with a cord at his home in north London last year.

It is thought that the vast majority of people in Britain are in favour of there being some form of death penalty available within the law for some murders – that of course was abolished 53 years ago in in 1965 by liberalities. While some senior Government politicians certainly also go along with the people’s view, the other rabble MPs from all parties are determined that the people should NOT have a say. Why is that for god’s sake?

Do they not know or understand the glaring fact that as soon as the death penalty was abolished, the number of murders DOUBLED in the next thirty years, and that must mean something, surely?

When the opportunity arose, our out-of-touch parliamentarians have consistently voted down every attempt to restore capital punishment even with severely restricted scope. If they hadn’t, then Jodie and Julie would still be alive to see life in 2018, and so would many of the thousands who have been killed in the last five decades.

There is indisputably strong evidence that the past threat of the death penalty diminished murder and attempted murder, so both deterred murderers and scared-off those inclined to carry guns or knives – is it any wonder therefore that without that deterrent, that knife crime is exploding, or that in north, east and south London there were 3 fatal stabbings on THIS New Year’s Eve and another 1 on New Year’s Day. [The total number of fatal knife attacks in London in 2017 alone has been 80].

A year ago, shortly before Christmas in 2016, the post “After BREXIT bring back hanging – enact ‘another’ will of the British people?” was published in this blog. One paragraph recorded and commented Last year alone we saw an over ten percent rise in the homicide rate in England and Wales, with neigh on six-hundred poor souls violently losing their lives and in addition to that number, there were another near three hundred and fifty ‘attempted’ murders. In the past year firearm offences alone have now risen to over 5,000, and that figure is dwarfed by the fact that there was ALSO six times that number of offences involving the use of knives – such high numbers, as has been on record over the past half-decade, amply demonstrates the key fact that violent crime in the UK is out of control and Britain is once again becoming a much more violent Country, doesn’t it?”

The latest available crime figures show an increase in homicides by over 20% close to 15% increase in knife crimes, and firearm offences



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