BREXITEERS ‘Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here’ [Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate] – the European Union?

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The EU well might be viewed in the same light as Dante’s journey through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven as depicted in the epic ancient poem Divine Comedy, where above the gates of Hell are inscribed with the proverb ‘Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here’

In this poem, Hell is depicted as nine concentric circles of torment located within the Earth, whereas perhaps the EU might be depicted by its emblem of twelve stars? It seems uncertain now if Britain can ever make the journey through the EU hell and reach the afterlife outside it, don’t you think?

The Conservative Theresa May Government, albeit beset on all sides by the traitorous Remoaners of the UK, have now abjectly surrendered to the mavericks who control the EU, so that the Country’s clear democratic decision to leave the UK is likely to be thwarted. All our politicians suck.

Replicated below is the post published 3 months ago that warned what was on the cards, and so it has come to pass unfortunately.

BREXIT – the British voters sold down the river by a weak Prime Minister?

In June 2016 the population decisively made the historic judgment for Britain to leave the European Union in the largest vote ever recorded in this Country on anything (beating even General Elections into a cocked-hat).

The Conservative Government had tried cowering the people into voting ‘Remain’ in the Referendum using a disgraceful campaign of “Project Fear” led by the Chancellor George Osborne. None of the Nostradamus style predictions came to pass of course, but not any of the pushers of the scare stories has neither ever set the record straight nor apologised to the public, but to simply save their necks they have continued to undermine the road to BREXIT and pray that this Country come crashes down, as a punishment from on high.

ALL the mainstream parties were against ‘Leaving’ the EU and therefore tried to get their supporters to vote that way, so were also aghast at the unexpected result, as it clearly showed just how much out-of-touch they were with ordinary voters.

Faced with ‘voice of the people’ having concluding that we needed to get out of the expensive, oppressive, undemocratic EU as soon as possible, the unmovable ‘Remainer’ Tory politicians, such as behind the scenes serving, former and shadow cabinet ministers like [oops, identity hidden] & BREXIT deniers, like nationality challenged ex-LibDem leader and Deputy PM,  Nick Clegg, basically simply said to themselves “so what”, and they convinced themselves that all they needed to do was to ‘say’ publically “we hear that”, and “we will do that”, but behind closed doors utter the truth of “we will ignore the blighters”, “they’re ‘only’ the electorate – they can get stuffed”, followed by “just let enough water flow under the bridge and with the passage of time, those uninformed, ignorant, misguided, uneducated ‘Leavers’ who thwarted us, will forget there ever was a vote, let alone the result, and the UK will be able to remain to all intents and purposes in the dreaded EU”.

So much then for so-called democracy in the Country that claims to be the founder of it in modern times.

In a fit of pique PM David Cameron immediately resigned though, despite having told the Country before the Referendum that he would definitely stay-on to run the negotiations if he lost the vote. He was then replaced by the Tories as Prime Minister without any kind of election within the party let alone the Country, by vicar’s daughter, one Theresa May, a fellow remainer, a failed but survivor of a Home Secretary, who immediately announced that, like venomous Saul of Tarsus’ (latterly Paul the Apostle) divine conversion on the road to Syrian Damascus, she had seen the light, so would no longer denigrate and persecute Leavers, but instead, as an experienced, accomplished, able, negotiator at the EU, she like a modern Moses would lead the nation out of Europe’s slavery, oppressive yoke, and servitude, while she proudly proclaiming “BREXIT means BREXIT – when what she really MEANT was that “BREXIT actually means Brexit. You see she is less like zealot Saul and more like a kissing, traitorous, betrayer, Judas Iscariot except she coveted her job as top dog politician holding forth in 10 Downing Street, rather than the bribe of thirty pieces of silver that he settled for, eh?

As the saying goes “How did we know that these two PMs were lying through their teeth?” Standard answer, “Their lips moved”.

Shiny new PM May waited an unbelievable long, baby gestation period, of a full 9 months to give the EU formal notice of our resignation from the erstwhile club. Supposedly, that was to give us time to ‘prepare’ (as arsehole Cameron had instructed the Civil Service to ignore any prospect of him losing the vote, so not to make any contingency plans whatsoever). Well, the downsize of that fiasco was of course to give the same ample time of 9 months for the EU mandarins to marshal forces and work out in detail how to screw-up the UK during the departure process, didn’t it?

That delay of course also set-back the Country’s departure date by 9 months, meaning that the things we voted for, like reintroducing accountable democracy, taking back control, making our own laws, having our own bespoke regulations, using our taxpayers moneys as we alone decide, trading with whoever we chose, deciding on our own agriculture policy, restoring our fishing industry, establishing our own immigration rules, etc, in the meantime all fall by the wayside, don’t they? That whole situation had reset the leave date to March 2019.

Hence at the same time of the Referendum a year later in 2017 we were still in the EU, within no sight of leaving, and handing-over a king’s ransom of UK taxpayers’ money each year, to be squandered by a spendthrift unelected bunch of overpaid control freak, appointed administrators, destined to destroy the weak in favour of the strong.

Fast forward nearly another 4 months, and not one inch of progress has been made in making arrangements with the EU for our departure. Now that is solely because they had decided at the outset that THEY and THEY alone could set the ground rules for discussions regarding the relationship between the two parties after our departure. Now there is nothing in the Treaties that dictates that at all, nor indeed their follow-up demand that the UK guarantee to pay an unbelievable sum of money just to leave as a so-called ‘divorce settlement’ (which again has no legitimate basis whatsoever), and that BEFORE they would even discuss, let alone agree, ANY future arrangements, such as a possible trade agreement, as obviously was being sought by the UK.

Now, where has our modern day Celtic Boadicea with her chariot of scythe blade mounted wheels, of a supposed high power EU negotiator, been during all this time, eh? Well, stuck at home licking her wounds, having been given a good kicking in a General Election she had needlessly called last June, which both lost her a parliamentary majority and worst still, her credibility as a trusted safe pair of hands running the Country. That outcome is a disaster for a Tory leader as the Conservative party is a vindictive unforgiving rabble when roused, isn’t it?

Oh yes, she has indeed now finally entered the fray, just last Friday, but not by being in the ring at Brussels giving it her all, and landing telling blows on a fouling, rabbit-punching opponent, but on the trainers stool in the corner outside it [in her case making a speech in the safe haven of Florence Italy). Well gone are the brash harsh words and fighting straight talk of a frightening bare-knuckle fighter, to be replaced by a placatory subservient ingratiating trainer, white towel in hand throwing it into the centre of the ring where David Davis, the man ‘actually’ in there in her place and doing her job, is hardly got a mark on him, never mind a bloody nose.

So what was her contribution, now that she has no stomach for the real fight? Well, cutting out all the smoke and mirrors, the bottom line is that she has totally and utterly indisputably capitulated, and put simply, the UK will now ask pretty-please to STAY in the EU for AT LEAST an extra 2 years, meaning the earliest we will now leave (if EVER, indeed) will be 2021, so some 5 years AFTER the voters in a significantly democratic decision here TOLD Parliament to LEAVE THE EU, when disgracefully late they were finally allowed a voice – now to be ignored, though.

Now, that would be bad enough, but she has compounded even that, by trying to pull the wool over our eyes, pretending to the general public that she IS actually taking us out of the EU in 2019, as currently scheduled. That is just because at that time “officially” we are gone, but in fact nothing changes, we keep paying in and the EU remains our lords and masters, except tellingly that we no longer will have any representation at the EU in any body there whatsoever, so we will have absolutely ZERO SAY at all, neither in ANY of its processes, nor any of the legislation they pass, nor any regulations they impose, nor any budgets they set, nor any gathering they pontificate at, nor how & what they spend, nor who they admit, nor goddamn anything else.

Could anyone have imagined a worse scenario or a bad’er BREXIT outcome, and the cancers within the Tory hierarchy, like chancer and arch-Remainer who was a leading Project Fear loudspeaker, but current Chancellor Philip Hammond, who are laughing their cotton socks off, aren’t they? They have won and BREXIT has been defeated by the backdoor to frustrate democracy, don’t you think?

Her subterfuge on the General Public won’t work though, as we are not as stupid as she takes us for, are we? She has shown her true colours and they certainly aren’t true blue, just a cowardly yellow. Some Iron Lady substitute, eh? Winston Churchill will be turning in his grave, wouldn’t you say?

She and the Conservative Party WILL get their comeuppance in due course and that could even be a new PM from Labour’s left wing, Jeremy Corbyn, in the not too distant future, or at a push from the out of touch, unreliable, unfathomable LibDems with Vince Cable, eh?


[The problem is that in Britain we don’t take to the streets when badly wronged (unlike the French just 18 nautical miles across the Channel). Shame really?]


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