The ‘Universal Credit’ benefit, together with the rest of the UK’s welfare system, is a national disaster – TIME to start ditching the whole bloody lot?

The terminal state of the British welfare state is ample summed-up by the furore that has arisen daily in recent weeks both across the airways of TV, Radio & Newspapers, and at Westminster about the ‘Universal Credit’ benefit now being widely rolled-out across the UK, wouldn’t you say? The cries from far and wide are that this benefit is the cause of absolute misery to hundreds and thousands, because those utterly dependant on it are not getting the free money quick enough. They are squealing like pigs to the media about how they are being disgracefully let down, eh? No one seems to stop and question just why the hell all these people critically need the State to step-in to continually support their lives, do they?

Well, the actual name of this benefit says it all, doesn’t it? The adjective ‘universal’ actually means “relating to all people in the world“, or is even defined as being comprehensive, common, across the board, all-round, and in reality all those words sum things up as far as all UK benefits go – so every Tom, Dick, and Harry can get them, whether British or foreign national, and moreover that includes those having neither ever having paid a penny into the system, nor ever every done a day’s work in their lives, nor ever every paid any bloody tax, and that benefit availability includes rights to those of course who are asylum seekers, Islamic hate preachers & their terrorist followers, criminals even of the worse kinds likes of killers & rapists, and indeed all else, whether immigrants or not.

And the most galling thing that sticks in the craw for many of us, is that they get paid-out money, or given houses, or free medical & hospital treatment, free education, even child support sent to children living overseas who have never even been in the UK, free drugs for addicts, et all, NOT as a matter of charity, but as a legal RIGHT which is enforced by the Courts, no less?

Now, we in the UK aren’t the only Country that has been bamboozled into providing a state welfare system, but by a long chalk we have been the most ‘stupid’ in just how far we have progressed with it, and how long we have bleeding well persisted with it, despite all the evidence stacking up over decades, which shows that it is a total waste of time, doesn’t meet the intended objective, and that it is in actuality destroying our society, wouldn’t you say? It is all driven by ‘do-gooders’ who don’t understand nor appreciate the damage they are causing to our society’s way of life?

That itself comes of course, on the top of the ‘additional’ mad squandering of the bulk of nigh on £14BILLION currently allocated to Foreign Aid, much which just goes straight into the pockets of overseas corrupt greedy rulers and individuals, or is often used in unacceptable and extravagant, grandiose foreign projects – until 2016, WE were the ONLY country in the whole wide WORLD that allocated 0.7% of Gross National Income (GNI) to overseas aid [and it has now become a legal requirement here, to boot!], aren’t we? Yes and ONLY Germany has done that level since. [The most aid from Britain is going to Pakistan, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Syria].

The evidence is of scandalously wasteful delays and incompetent management of overseas aid projects paid for by us UK taxpayers, isn’t it? Just that has been seen fairly recently regarding a £2 billion gaggle of negligently conducted overseas programmes for climate change and renewable energy projects, covering active or earmarked spend – like solar power plants (Kenya, Mali), rubbish-burning power plant (Maldives), wind farms (Ethiopia), and for example a £250m one, which reportedly has produced only enough renewable electricity to power the equivalent of a British street of just 100 houses, for goodness sake?

Somehow, sometime, somewhere, over the past seventy years, British society’s the cake mix of welfare has curdled in its preparation, and we now are baking a sickening mess, aren’t we? It all needs a radical overhaul, but the current UK political parties are no longer ones of courage and grit prepared to protect our lives, wouldn’t you say? Welfare should be handed back, lock, stock, and barrel to charitable organisations where it rightly belongs – and the government should then provide hands-off support and some finance to them.

The commendable original intention of the historic ‘Beverage’ proposals on welfare back in 1948 were to help the downtrodden poorest members of our community with financial help from the taxpayers, and do away forever with the poor laws of the Tudor times. But it has all rapidly and seriously, wrongly gone downhill and got out of control in the last seventy odd years, hasn’t it?

Welfare which was meant to be simply an effective ‘safety-net’ to catch those who have fallen, so they can quickly recover, and get back on their feet, to resume normal lives, has become a massive ‘constraining net’ that traps millions of our families in it, to the extent that whole generations of them never work or support themselves or their children.

It is a system that fails to help those actually most in need because of the hangers-on, is utterly dysfunctional, encourages long-term unemployment, debilitating dependency on others, destructive incapacitating illiteracy, commonly assignment to substandard if not slum accommodation, abandonment of family values including care for their elderly, demoralising reliance on foodbanks, establishes social housing sink estates of ‘no-go’ areas dominated by gangs, populated by career criminals, and fuelled with drugs rather than food. We have created an iconic “free” system of health care (supposedly the envy of the World?), which we neither adequately fund nor manage, so it continues to suffer dreadful failures and deliver poor survival outcomes compared to other advanced countries (e.g. on cancer).

Furthermore, welfare has played the major part in destroying traditional family values, including marriage, whereby respectable morality has been replaced by unbridled promiscuity, so Britain now has the highest rates of fatherless families within the developed world, and ‘just announced’ is that in UK places of high benefit dependency, two thirds of children are born into unmarried families – and the bottom line of all that is that British children are being brought into the World to commence an ongoing life of poverty and depravation. Year on year the number of children that have to be taken into care rises significantly, and soon there will be 75,000 kids’ lives blighted, when about another 5,000 will also get adopted as well – is that representative of a responsible caring family society looking after the next generation, eh?

Why in this Country do we persist to convince ourselves that our extensive welfare state is something to be proud of and cherished when its adverse consequences are so blatantly damaging to the very fabric of our society, eh?

Many of those on benefits are unashamedly milking the system, and a glaring example of that is the press’ nicknamed ‘queen of benefits’, who rakes in £40,000 from the state each year, has had 13 children with 4 different men, and not satisfied with that level of scrounging, she booked an expensive family holiday  to Menorca with money stolen by her latest man.

You read of situations whereby a family have had the good fortune to have financially climbed out of your average lifestyle, so have got the big house and all the trappings, but when their bubble bursts for whatever reason, they go on state benefits – but they then ‘demand’ they are allowed to keep that ‘higher than you ‘lifestyle, with you paying the bill, eh?

There is an astounding number of UK basic benefits – well, there are bloody SIXTY of them indeed.

The costliest 10 are: Tax credit, Housing benefit, Child benefit, Disability Living Allowance, Income Support, Incapacity Benefit, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Council Tax Benefit, Statutory Maternity Pay, Carer’s Allowance.

The other 50 are: Adult social care, Attendance Allowance, Bereavement Allowance, Bereavement Payment, Budgeting Loans, Child Tax Credit, Child Trust Fund, Cold Weather Payment, Community Care Grant, Constant Attendance Allowance, Crisis Loans, Employment and Support Allowance, Funeral Payments, Guardian’s Allowance, Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme, Health Costs, Health in Pregnancy Grant, Healthy Start Scheme, In Work Credit, Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit, Industrial Death Benefit, Invalidity Benefit, Job Grant, Local Housing Allowance, Maternity Allowance, Mobility Supplement, Over 80 Pension, Pension Credit, Pneumoconiosis (including asbestosis), Byssinosis and Miscellaneous Diseases Benefit, Reduced Earnings Allowance, Retirement Allowance, Return to work credit, School uniform allowances, Severe Disablement Allowance, State Pension, Statutory Adoption Pay, Statutory Paternity Pay, Statutory Sick Pay, Sure Start Maternity Grant, Training premium, Travel to interview scheme, Unemployability Supplement or Allowance, Universal Credit, Vaccine Damage Payment, War Disablement Pension, War Widow’s/Widower’s Pension, Widowed Parent’s Allowance, Widow’s Pension, Winter Fuel Payment, Working Tax Credit.

It’s difficult to find out just how many of the people here in Britain are actually on benefits (the data is incomplete and fragmented), but there are probably some 5 million or more, and about one in a dozen of them won’t even be UK citizens. It is not a sustainable situation, and we need to progressively roll back on the benefits culture if we are to save our society, don’t you think? Universal Credit was just a small step in that direction, but our parliamentary idiots just don’t get it, and are trying to wreck it, aren’t they?

Reported, other countries aren’t making such a pig’s ear of it with benefits, so it is said that the even developing country Singapore copes better with their housing needs, while the more modern economy of Switzerland do better on health care, and the high living standards Dutch’s old age pensioners aren’t amongst their poor.

[The UK needs to actually deliver the welfare reform that was the ambition of the Government of seven years ago – it is not simply about saving money, but the need to turn the clock back to times when the British population had self-respect, standards, and the desire to stand on their own two feet, surely?]


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