The remaining “Remoaners” will stop at nothing to scupper BREXIT – they deny being TRAITORS though?

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The Tyburn Tree gallows London 1571 [executions at Tyburn 1196 thru 1783]

We currently have a situation in the UK whereby from within the certainly large number of those people who voted for ‘Remain’ in the EU Referendum, there are hoards of them that will NOT ever accept that they, against all expectations, actually LOST the bleeding argument – they therefore fall into the despicable category of extremely ‘bad losers’ don’t they? The galling fact is that while the major prominent BREXIT deniers publically profess to accept the decision, their actions show that they are bloody liars, wouldn’t you say?

Whilst the vast majority of those who voted to remain have accepted the Country’s majority decision to leave the EU and understand that we needed to come together in a common cause as a Nation in national unity, to jointly fight the battle within the EU to negotiate a ‘mutually’ good package and deal for the UK’s departure, there persist to be others who are determined to undermine these events because they cannot understand nor accept the potential and vision of a free UK – successful, autonomous, controlling its own destiny, and making its individual way in the World of the 21st century.

Oh yes, it may be the insult of choice that us others call them ‘Remoaners’, but many of us also see them as Traitors, who are prepared to treasonably betray their own Country, or commit treacherous acts of deliberate disregard for trust to give aid to enemy, and in the process, they are willing to deny us other citizens the basic principle of democracy [something that millions of our ancestors fought and died for, in two horrific world wars within the past hundred years].

Many Remainers, those in favour of the EU (Europhiles), have spent the past seventeen months since the Referendum sneering at the Leavers, those wanting to cancel our European club membership and ditch forever its unalterable control and servitude (Eurosceptics), are claiming that those who turned-out in their millions were simply the ignorant masses who didn’t know what they were voting for, or were racist, or reckless little Englanders determined to recluse the Country from the World, or were ‘past-it’ oldies who would soon be dead anyway (having denied the young the legacy of any real future).

If these BREXIT deniers succeed in thwarting the will of the people on leaving the EU, in what turned out to be the BIGGEST vote ever in favour of something in Britain, it will show that democracy doesn’t work, so will ring the death bells for the rule of law in the UK, as well as obliterate any remaining respect for the political species, wouldn’t you say? The EU Referendum vote was the first time that us ordinary people have been allowed to have direct participation and a say about the crass political decision to hand over control of our Country (without even a fight) to others, as this was unilaterally decided upon by the elite, wasn’t it? The people’s instruction was for the Government of the day to reverse that decision

The population became exceptionally well informed and showed remarkable skill and understanding when sifting the wheat from the chaff  before coming to their decision – that is fully (even if sadly) demonstrated by the family arguments, including rifts, that opposite views resulted in. That is precisely why it is extremely insulting for the losers to continually denigrate and pour scorn on the winners after the result, in an attempt to rubbish the outcome, wouldn’t you agree?

The diehard Remainers who haven’t accepted the result, blatantly lie through their teeth that people didn’t vote to fully ditch the EU, because all the evidence shows that both sides made it crystal clear that we would have to leave the Single Market, and the Customs Union, and the European Court of Justice – and in reality ALL us voters on either side  knew precisely that.

Cutting out all the crap, the single main reason the electorate voted ‘LEAVE’, was to send the clear message to Parliament that they weren’t apathetic about politics, so wanted our politicians to ‘TAKE-BACK-CONTROL’ and do THEIR job they had been elected to do (and paid well for, eh?).

The scare-mongering Remainers with their Government-led “Project Fear” campaign in 2016 predicted numerous (20?) dire consequences if we dared vote ‘leave’, including the immediate effect of calamitous ‘economic shock’ causing a UK recession, flight of businesses from the Country, increased unemployment up to half a million, a crippling cut-off on inward investment, drop in growth, interest rates up, national security jeopardised, et al. Well, it didn’t bloody well happen like that in the least, but what actually occurred certainly was a long overdue fall in sterling, which as we all well know, has certain beneficial effects (improvement on exports, plus inbound tourism, as well as reduction on imports).

Now ALL the major parties and their leaders (in addition naturally their cohorts) were in favour of REMAIN so are still squirming in embarrassment as being so out-of-touch, and hence NOW desperately want to derail BREXIT and disgracefully are trying to do so by ALL means available and possible, whatever DAMAGE it causes to our wonderful Country. So, to save face they want Britain to get a bloody nose over BREXIT (and that includes letting the EU take us to the cleaners), simple to be proven right in the end, don’t you think? Those conscientious people who used to support the Labour Party, are disgusted that it is selling our Country down the river in a doubtless fruitless attempt to unseat the current Tory Government – that including not least, surreptitiously using the currently debated BREXIT bill [intended to be a simple non-controversial technical method of initially legally incorporating EU law], as a runaway juggernaut vehicle to overturn the Referendum result.

How else to you explain their inexcusable actions, starting here at home when they DEMAND that the UK must NOT leave without a DEAL – i.e. they require our negotiators to accept just ANYTHING the enemy (make no mistake about that they are, will you?) negotiators come up with, eh?

Then there is the astonishing assertion by the EU mercenary conscript army of Remain MPs, mostly nobodies at Westminster, violently fighting on our front line in the colours of the Brussels’ forces, against their own Countrymen, whence they insist that they MUST perform their constitutionally duty, including protection of democracy freedoms, so consequently MUST be allowed a hallowed role of making the final decision on BREXIT [which would be to scrap it] and to determine our future governance and legislation [which would be to hand-it over to Europe’s non-elected administrators].

This gross pretence, follows-on from the undeniable fact that not only did they voluntarily (even if expectantly?) promised the British people that very right in the EU Referendum (and stressed the importance and critical significance of that historic decision), but more significantly, some 45 years ago, they had actually handed-over the right, with total ultimate responsibility, to regulate the fate and destiny of this Country [and for determination of ALL our laws] to the European’s unelected bureaucrats. As claimed defenders of UK sovereignty they have been very conspicuous by their absence over all those years, wouldn’t you say?

The damaging consequence of these MPs’ enormous disservice to the country by the undermining and sabotage of Britain’s negotiating position, is that we will NOT get a GOOD deal, since we will only be offered a RUBBISH deal – and that will involve us unnecessarily gifting 60 to 100 BILLION pounds to those tyrant pirates sailing out of Brussels. [We should leave with NO DEAL and not give them a bleeding penny].

Anyone who has been involved in the world of politics, or has watched TV’s “Yes Minister” and “Yes Prime Minister”, will recognise that the Civil Service seriously hanker after running the Country without the constraints of satisfying the volatile demands of the general public, which inevitably ties the hands of elected politicians and prevents the introduction of unpopular governance. And so it is with the EU, which is indeed ruthlessly controlled by an administrative class, and there is no way that is going to change, is there? Despite its warts & all, the British people believe in an elected democracy, with its built-in checks and balances on power, and the voters’ability from time to time, to change those put in charge.

Everybody here recognises that the UK would prefer to negotiate a Trade Deal with the EU and leave on good ‘friendly’ terms when negotiating the relationship for the future – but the EU mandarins have decided otherwise from the outset, haven’t they? They have put discussion on trade on the backburner until we agree to pay a massive ransom to leave – a payment which has no legal basis. Exactly why then, did the scumbag 18 out of 20 Labour MEPs vote in Brussels to STOP trade talks even starting? Indeed, why did 2 totally irresponsible Tory MEPs also do exactly the same thing [it got the them expelled from the party though]? How would you classify the actions of those men and women then, either  ‘traitorous’ or ‘treacherous’? It must be one of them, surely?

In the last War, the British traitors weren’t simply people who refused to fight for this Country, were they? No, those non-combatants were simply ‘semi-respected’ as “conscientious objectors”, but the big traitors and treacherous men and women were those in our midst who fought for or supported the other side, weren’t they?

Oh yes, after the War, there might have been only ten or so visibly brought to proper trial justice (half of them hanged), amongst them being those of the likes of notorious Lord Haw-Haw, fascist William Joyce, civilian Dorothy O’Grady   – but in the present BREXIT war, there are multitudes of these Remainer tricksters and spies communicating with enemy – all publicly denying wrong doing, whilst at every turn siding with the enemy and materially supporting it, in determinedly trying to bring this Country down. They constantly deliver inflated setback reports to promote misinformation and propaganda for the enemy, all designed to derail BREXIT and demoralise a government still supported by the British people who are backing it whole heartedly to deliver a successful BREXIT.

Those recalcitrant MPs guilty of scuppering BREXIT, can rest assured that although the Act of Parliament defining high treason remains on the United Kingdom’s statute books, they themselves if tried for high treason, and if found guilty will NOT be hanged, drawn and quartered in accordance with the statuary penalty of 1351, as was say Oliver Plunket, Archbishop of Armagh, at Tyburn in 1681. No, that level of punishment was abolished in 1870 in favour of hanging, but beheading remained the monarch’s option of right. Well, the EU sunk the UK’s death penalty at the end of the last century – nothing to stop us reinstating it though as soon as we leave the EU, is there?


[Some MPs should perhaps dwell on the fact that “high treason” is still punishable by “life imprisonment’, eh?]


Labour: Lucy Anderson London, Paul Brannen North East England, Richard Corbett Yorkshire and the Humber, Seb Dance London, Neena Gill West Midlands, Theresa Griffin North West England, Mary Honeyball London, John Howarth South East England, Wajid Khan North West England, Jude Kirton-Darling North East England, David Martin Scotland, Alex Mayer, East of England Linda McAvan, Yorkshire and the Humber, Claude Moraes London, Simon West, Midlands, Catherine Stihler Scotland, Derek Vaughan Wales, Julie Ward North West England [Whip – no action taken].

Tory: Julie Girling South West England, Richard Ashworth South East England [Whip withdrawn]

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