BREXIT proceeds – down a long ‘dead-end’ road?

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The latest episode of the new docudrama program called BREXIT, released on the UK’s Drama documentary channel, is being shot today over in Brussels, isn’t it?

This fascinating BREXIT series was of course first mooted in 2013 (when UKIP emerged from its cocoon), but it has since had a record production run of two years now as it recounts a war fought in Europe by a relatively small but highly accomplished Country (Britain) that while beset with rampant internal strife and division, is fighting overseas against the combined amassed forces of the other European states (including the mighty & influential Germany) over money, trade, people, and power.

It is pure staged-managed theatre of Machiavellian dramatised actual events that is packed-full of lies, deceit, intrigue, duplicity, backstabbing, and treachery. Its controversial far-fetched storylines are full of twists and turns, involving characters lacking empathy, but is so blurred that it is often difficult to differentiate fact from fiction. It is broadcast partly with subtitles because of significant foreign content, and there is of course some bad language involved, as well.

In the latest audience attracting shock event, UK Commander-in-Chief Theresa May has charged-out to Brussels today for crisis emergency parley with EU’s ‘appointed’ top Generals, it is said to break their impasse on BREXIT. That is of course a quite unbelievably bizarre twist because just over 3 weeks ago she had also disembarked in Florence with her own generals on an important mission to deliver an address in the Catholic church of Santa Maria Novella [like most of us, you might well ask “why there?” Perhaps she was preaching the ‘modern St. Theresa’s words, eh?], and she proposed a treaty that was supposed to do exactly that same thing, didn’t she?

Yes, and indeed she returned home with the explanation that “the purpose of the Florence speech was to move negotiations forward,” and she told the House of Commons “And that’s exactly what has happened” – indeed a Neville Chamberlain style declaration of ‘peace for our time’, wasn’t it?

The ironic value of Chamberlain’s own claim was that his concessions’ settlement of “the Czechoslovakian problem”, indeed just led to unabated further Hitler aggressions, so that less than a year later, the UK inevitability declared the war on Germany, didn’t it?

Compare that to May’s Italian speech’s caving-ins to the EU on “money, power and trade”, which indeed just led to unabated further aggressive EU demands for Britain’s surrender, so that less than a month later it predictably simple fuelled the fire set under the witches stake pyre they have built under Britain for the blasphemy crime of ‘repudiation of the EU’, eh?

Now, May’s planned further direct intervention today in the ongoing negotiations is a massive worry to all BREXITiers, because it means one thing and can mean only one thing, cant it? Yes, and that is that she is going to concede even further territory to the enemy in an attempt to negotiate the UK’s final surrender, don’t you think?

What she ‘should’ be doing is to throw-down the gauntlet at the EU this week and threaten both the set of incompetent upstart EU generals, together with their hands-off European Council, that Britain will withdraw from all further peace negotiations until such time as the EU confirms its willingness to discuss the future trade and other relationships. She should make it crystal clear that Britain does not accept, and never has, that there is ANY legal obligation to pay a so-called “divorce settlement”, so therefore the offer to pay a future contribution to the EU budget will be withdrawn in the absence of such discussions taking place

The problem that UK has faced from the outset is that the EU have been allowed to seize the upper ground, when they unilaterally determined the procedures governing the negotiation and set of laws around that whence they gave themselves a remit where they choose the weapons, the place, the ground and all the other rules of war, didn’t they?

Now, in any war situation, NO military leader would willingly enter into a battle encounter, in adverse terrain, where their troops are outnumbered, and outgunned, would they? No, they don’t these days, behave like Lord Cardigan who ordered his light brigade troops to bravely charge the guns, only to be decimated and trounced, do they? You see, instead they skirmish around and carefully choose the time, the place and the type of battle to ensure that they have a reasonable chance of winning it, and they don’t rely on supreme over confidence and the naive optimism that the enemy will adhere to the normal conventions of war, do they?

Well, what Britain should have done is walk out of the Brussels talks right at the start in June [which was a full year after the Country had voted to end the EU alliance before it reached its certain destination of a United States of Europe – if the ship isn’t torpedoed and sunk beforehand, eh? That would have properly demonstrated to the unelected Brussels leaders that they could choose to have an ongoing collaborative ex-comrade, or a future embittered sworn enemy, wouldn’t it?

Instead the EU now believe that BREXIT won’t be happening anytime soon and that moreover when it does, it will be an unconditional surrender under THEIR terms and THEIR’S alone. The EU leaders are totally unconvinced that the British Government is in any state of unity that would be required for an agreement that will stick.

Now that is hardly surprising when we have the holder of the second most senior and prestigious post in the British government, the grossly irresponsible Chancellor Philip Hammond, traitorously sabotaging May’s BREXIT position on negotiations just last week , is it? [Tellingly, that followed him having a ‘long lunch’ with sacked ex-Chancellor and dedicated May hater George Osborne, the architect of ‘Project Fear’ and to this day, a staunch Remainer and committed Europhile. Now, exactly what excuse could Hammond possibly have for meeting-up for a tête-à-tête with Osborne when it has been made quite plain that this man’s burning ambition is to bring the Government down and also to scupper BREXIT, do you think?].

When the people voted to for our politicians to take back control, they didn’t expect that they would be let down, when in fact the Government have blatantly lost control of the UK’s destiny which again is back most firmly into the hands of the EU bureaucrats.

The EU have the upper hand not least because they see the UK Government as very weak so they will delay as far as possible, the process of getting any sort of deal out of them, and even then don’t expect any last minute compromises, will you? May needlessly put herself in a bad place when she called a snap election and failed miserably and that has diminished her influence with the likes of German Chancellor Angela Merkel – who indeed has her own, if not bigger, problems as she also failed in her re-election process and has yet to cobble together a complex coalition government.

Naively, May has even been trying to solicit Merkel’s personal support in persuading others in the EU to agree this week to trade talks starting, when all others know that that in fact a truculent Germany together with spoilers France, are trying to block any summit communiqué allowing the EU to begin those very trade negotiations.

There is never going to be a Deal with the diverse EU so let’s put ALL our time, energy, and money into being ready for the challenge of a ‘No Deal’ outcome, and avoid a chaotic BREXIT don’t you think?



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