It is said that Prime Minister Theresa May is planning a Cabinet reshuffle – will that save her skin?

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Conspiracy theories abound in politics and so it is with lamentable Theresa May’s Government just now, isn’t it?

Things are in a mess, so the rumours are rife that moves are afoot behind the scenes to remove her as PM and without doubt they have to be given important credence, don’t they? Well, first the lady started out from a bad base having been a ‘Remainer’ who apparently underwent a divine conversion to a ‘Leaver’, so she could at long last achieve her ultimate ambition to lead the Conservative Party – that indeed was at a time when the diehard European Union supporters had been given a good thrashing by Joe-Public in the EU Referendum, that told our erstwhile politicians in no uncertain terms that Britain HAD to leave the EU NOW.

Having won the vote decisively, the BREXITiers fully expected that they would be finally listened to by the Tory party, so would be led through the wilderness into the promised land by a fellow-traveller and certainly they did NOT think it would be a ‘seemingly-sham’ Europhile like May at the helm, eh? Hence she started with a big question mark above her head as to whether or not she could be trusted with the onerous task ahead, didn’t she? Well her BIG problem now is that she has proved to be NOT up to that strenuous job in hand, isn’t it?

You see, she got the PM’s role, while seeing-off the leading lights of the BREXIT campaign, to lead the Country out of the EU on the premise of her seemingly false claim that SHE was an astute leader with proven negotiating skills in dealings with the EU – she blew that concept out of the water just a few weeks ago when she caved into the BREXIT remoaners and out-of-the-blue, capitulated to the EU’s unreasonable negotiators’ demands, by both promising them amongst other things, an unwarranted further shed load of our money, together with the UK’s willingness to virtually STAY in the bloody EU for AT LEAST another 2 bleeding YEARS, no less?

Now, that isn’t so say that some or all of that ‘might’ have been NEGOTIATED away IF it had proved to be a GOOD deal for Britain in the END to get our Trade and departure arrangements put well in place, BUT it was simply given away at the outset, and we got a big fat ZERO in return – well, that is NOT the art of ‘negotiation’ by any stretch of the imagination, is it? The EU are just laughing their cotton-socks off at enfeebled Mrs May, and planning their next big ‘punishment’ onslaught against us as a demonstrably weak opponent – we have certainly anything but, gained the status of a future close ally of Europe, which May naively seemed to expect to result-in from her ‘give-away’, eh?

Furthermore, this fiasco has come on top of her bizarre performance as Prime Minister and Party leader by unnecessarily calling a snap General Election in June and running it so crassly that what was a seemingly massive unassailable poll lead, simply evaporated overnight, so that left empowered and rejuvenated a previously in the gutter Labour opposition, lost the Tory majority in Parliament, and hence resulted in an uncomfortable & uncertain “supply and confidence deal” DUP coalition just to hang onto power (while requiring an unfair massive £1billion NI bribe to secure it). That situation meant that she was living on borrowed time and couldn’t rock the boat by subsequently even modifying her cabinet as she had clearly planned to do, didn’t it?

Hence those two setbacks alone, had severely damaged her credentials as a strong in command Prime Minister when going into a sceptical Conservative party Conference this month. It had became therefore imperative to her survival that she had what is called ‘a good Conference’ and put-up a ‘band-standing’ show – not least because spendthrift Jeremy Corbyn had just exactly achieved that in spades at the Labour’s do a week or so beforehand, eh? But it just didn’t happen did it? No, she had a pretty disastrous personal performance that impressed NOBODY in her own Party, let alone the general voters and most definitely NOT the very concerned & anxious BREXIT majority.

May’s keynote closing speech to Conference, was an embarrassment from start to finish, not only because it was seemingly inadequately and badly prepared, but it just did not contain enough of substance that could rally the troops to the standard. That itself was additionally marred by the lady being beset with persistent coughing problems and loss of voice, which is the last thing that she needed when a confident and stirring delivery of any message she might have had, was what was required – and indeed essential?

Now, the suspicion will linger-on (whether right or wrong) that her problems were brought-on by her getting caught-out by a known prankster (in an unprecedented breach of security) getting to the lectern and handing her a P45 form (i.e. a sacking notice) – hardly the sign of a PM at the top of her game, demonstrating power and control, eh?

Finally, as she spoke letters of the Conference’s Tory slogan started falling-off the wall behind her, the kind of thing that a comedian would have as a prop to get a resounding laugh – not what was wanted by a leader desperate to make an impression in front of a watching world audience, is it?

The party whips succeeded in outing and exposing a maverick, failed, Tory ex-Chairman as someone behind a plot to ditch Mrs May as PM and it would seem that he had indeed gathered a gaggle (he claims 30 but others say half that?), of equally failed, past-it cabinet members, disgruntled ex-ministers, and ambitious but overlooked, nobody MPs – well short of the number (48), he needed to unseat an incumbent Prime Minister, eh?

Nevertheless, major newspapers are widely peddling the story that May is going to undertake a major Cabinet reshuffle to fully demonstrate her authority, show power, and destroy any disloyalty or criticism of her leadership. Well, if that is true she needs to beware, because past experience has fully demonstrated that reshuffles simply just DON’T do that, haven’t they? Moreover, it is being mooted that she is going to demote or even sack “Foreign Secretary” Boris Johnson because it is said that when he publically announces that he is fully behind her, she believes that he also may have a knife in his hand?

Now just remember that highly motivated and intelligent powerhouse, Johnson, is anything but one, when even the worm can turn, can’t it? Well, we do have the example of ‘mild mannered’ Tory minister Geoffrey Howe’s criticism of Labour’s Chancellor Dennis Healey being described by Healey as “like being savaged by a dead sheep”, yet after being “demoted” from “Foreign Secretary” by PM Margaret Thatcher, Howe was the one that much later got his own back by bringing her to her knees with a resignation speech attack, that likened her behaviour to a cricket captain ‘breaking the bat of the opening batsman’ – then the final coup d’état to her Premiership was delivered by a challenge by enraged ex-Defence Secretary Michael Heseltine, publicly charismatic, a darling of the Tory right and adept media performer, whom she had silenced & sidelined to the backbenches beforehand. So quite a few warning shots to May in that little storyline, that might be advisory about her options regarding Boris, don’t you think?

When May was elevated to the heady role of Prime Minister, she came to it as a highly experienced politician (ex-councilor, ex-party chairman & ex-shadow ministerships), and then, as a born ‘survivor’ indeed, she became the longest serving Home Secretary for some sixty years.

However, she was nevertheless an abject FAILURE in that six years of her ONLY job actually IN Government wasn’t she? Her first significant act as PM though was rightly to rid us of rich-boy and austerity besotted, Chancellor George Osborne, but that was probably simply “pay-back time” [perhaps HE was the real reason she had previously failed?], rather than the right reason of heading-up the anti-BREXIT Treasury with a doctor treating it with high doses of ‘antieurophile’ medicine to cure it of a near terminal sickness. Unbelievably she appointed Philip Hammond to that role when in fact he himself was a massive carrier of the same bleeding decease – what a mistake, eh?

Now if May is looking for any disloyal and treacherous member of her Cabinet, she need look no further than snake-in-the-grass, Hammond, as not only has he consistently undermined her efforts to successfully progress BREXIT, but when the chips were down on Election night and the die was cast on the Tories losing their majority, so jeopardising her tenure as PM, he called Johnson to jump ship and support him if he stood for the top job, eh? If May wants to get shot of him, she won’t have created a dangerous enemy, as he is only a lightweight with few friends & cronies, isn’t he?

Also, when May took over, she wisely gave Johnson [a major player in convincing the public to vote for BREXIT), the third ranking of the Great Offices of State [Foreign Secretary], which ensured that he was on board HER ship and not in a submarine lying off it in wait and trying to sink it, don’t you think? A further astute move was to promote Andrea Leadsom (a most prominent and top performing member of the Leave campaign and her final leadership challenger), to a cabinet post as Environment Secretary [ranked 16 in the Government].

She has since made a BIG mistake thought, for after her election failure shenanigans, she unfathomably merely demoted Leadsom to just Leader of the Commons, a role which while ‘attending cabinet’ is decidedly well out of it – now that has sent absolutely the wrong signal to voters about May’s own feeling of security regarding a challenge (and without doubt will have just encouraged such ousting via a leadership battle), as well as on her commitment on BREXIT – that outcome despite her replacing Leadsom with Michael Gove [another prominent Leave campaigner].

That said, no serious UK politician (and if you wonder, Corbyn doesn’t fall in that category at all?) wants another General Election at this juncture, and even those of us who believe that May should go, think it is best regarding the Country’s ability to succeed with BREXIT, if she now knuckles under and firmly does the job properly. To be allowed to do that she probably needs to bring another prominent BREXIT person into her Cabinet and inner sanctum – popular, humorous, manneristic, religious, long-term staunch Eurosceptic, Jacob Rees-Mogg, might fit the bill as the new Minister without Portfolio for ‘No Deal’, to coordinate between departments involved in BREXIT (say Treasury, Foreign Office, BREXIT Dept, International Trade, et al), perhaps?

At long last, the Government reportedly are taking steps to put in place ‘funded’ plans (rather than ‘pie-in-the-sky’ ones?), to enable Britain to leave the European Union in early 2019 following a “No Deal” outcome to the current negotiations in Brussels [that result long predicted in these blogs, eh?]. If that media report is true, then perhaps May has brought Hammond and the treasury to heel and then the Country will have the technology and resources to operate outside of the Single Market? At least it would (albeit at the twelfth-hour?) give the essential message to the EU that THEY also will face economic damage if the UK leaves it after 2 years of fruitless negotiations, don’t you think? All the indications are that the UK’s demonstration of so-called  “flexibility” will NOT be reciprocated by the beuarocrats that run the show in the EU, wouldn’t you say?


[Certainly, if Britain gives some credibility NOW to our ongoing capability to deal with leaving the EU without payment or close ongoing relations with it, then the ball, despite what they say, will be solidly back in their court, won’t it?]


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