Another gun massacre of innocents on America’s streets – chances of new gun laws?

It will come as no surprise to anybody in the entire World, that there has been yet another disgusting major mass gun shooting of civilians in the US by another nutter in possession of multiple and excessive ‘legally held’ powerful deadly weapons with unlimited ammunition, then to be used to slaughter others. This time it has happened in Las Vegas Nevada, the home of gambling, the plush hotels, and the exciting night life, where visitors from every country might expect to massively lose their dollars, but certainly not their lives, surely?

When these disgusting events happen in America (and they ONLY happen in America, don’t they?), there is widespread speculation on whether it will be the one that finally brings the Congress to it senses and lead then to the enacting of a federal law to curtail the civilian holding of guns. So, is happening this time and there is a very short answer to the question of “what are the chances of tightening gun laws in the United States?” – answer “absolute ZERO!”

So those of us dreamers who think that ANY President of the United States of America will lead their fellow politicians down the path to sensible and normal gun control can just fallback to sleep, because it is dream and simply that, isn’t it?

That is not to say that none have ever tried, is it? No, most recently we saw Barrack Obama, just a couple of years ago, tearfully announcing on TV his personal impotence in dealing with America’s gun laws to halt the ‘routine’ ongoing slaughter of innocent civilians (well there are now hundreds each year, aren’t there?). That occasion had followed a further event in his Presidency of a heavily armed maniac, in possession of over a dozen guns and substantial ammunition, going on a rampage – shooting sixteen people, killing killed nine and wounding seven. There had been nine such carnages in the previous half dozen years beforehand, including the three years earlier massacre of twenty young school kids, and six adults and two wounded at an Elementary School.

Last year, a shooting at a gay nightclub in Florida, killed 49 people with another 58 injured some critically, which was previously the deadliest mass shooting – furthermore, it was a hate crime and act of terrorism by an American born Muslim, who was later cornered and shot dead by police.

So now, as you may well know, on the Vegas Strip just a week ago tomorrow, a mega rich, retired, elderly man [son of a convicted (psychopathic?) bank robber], holder of a hunting licence, executed a meticulously planned public shooting atrocity of unimaginable proportions. From the impregnable safety of a hotel suite’s windows 32 stories above the ground, he incessantly ‘machine-gun’ fired hundreds or rounds for nearly a quarter of an hour on a massive 20,000 crowd of innocent people below attending a street music festival some 500 yards away. He had executed 57 people and injured another 489 some critically, before he ended it all by also shooting himself to prevent being apprehended.

At the same time, he had also fired at and tried (but failed} to blow-up an aviation fuel tank located nearby and within range, at the International Airport

It is the worst mass shooting by somebody in American history – perhaps that notoriety was indeed his motive, as it seems there was no other?

He had previously stashed in his hotel rooms, 23 firearms furnished with numerous high-capacity magazines and copious amasses of ammunition. In addition to that he ‘legally held’ a further stockpile of 19 firearms, and thousands of rounds of ammunition found at his home [as well as several pounds of the powder explosive tannerite (like as used in the 2016 New York and New Jersey bombings that injured 35 people)] – indeed he had bought 47 weapons in the past year alone (and no one batted an eyelid?). In his car was also found a quantity of ammonium nitrate, a fertiliser that can be used to create a powerful explosive.

Moreover, in his attack, he had also employed a ‘bump fire’ gun modification (legally available in the US) to convert his weapons into ‘fully-automatic’ ones that substantially increased their fire-power rate to 90 bullets every 10 seconds, and additionally they were fitted with telescopic sights.

You see the big attraction of guns to such murderers, is that they are very effective killers, that allow such cowardly action to be carried out without the perpetrator ever even having to come into close contact with their victims, seeing that they have substantial lethal range and good accuracy [for instance the lightweight AR-10 rifle he used has an effective range of 650 yards, a fire rate of 700 rounds a minute as standard ‘unmodified’ (no federal restrictions on ownership in the US), and has a recoil easily controllable even under rapid fire].

The curse of all these vile shootings is of course the American Constitution’s Second Amendment proclaiming the ‘right to bear arms’, which was in reality ‘solely’ intended to allow local militias to be armed and to be able to defend their communities against any central government oppression – NOT for EVERY sick Tom, Dick, or Harry to wander the streets heavily armed to slaughter all and sundry, was it?

You see, the basic problem in the United States is that the population there have been brainwashed into genuinely believing that having guns is somehow part of their ‘genetic profile’, because that preposterous assertion is relentlessly promulgated by the despicable, but nevertheless extremely powerfully influential lobbyists, the National Rifle Association (NRA). So your average American isn’t satisfied with actually owning a gun are they? No, they have to have say 4 or more different ones, as otherwise they don’t feel they are a true & genuine American, while the more committed US citizen, has to progress to also have ‘assault style’ semi-automatic weapons to boot, don’t they? The fact is that in the States just about ANYBODY can obtain AS MANY guns as they bloody-well like, without any questions asked, by buying them just one at a time, can’t they? Nearly half of the American population now own a gun, or live in a household with guns – astounding? It has become a badge of honour – a symbol of personal freedom, indeed?

The NRA and its fellow travelers opposed the tightening of gun control because they say people need them to defend themselves against criminals, and moreover since new laws won’t stop a mad man, while curtailing the freedoms of law abiding citizens – just tell that to the dead and injured in Las Vegas who could NOT have defended themselves no matter how many guns they possessed, eh? What always happens following such atrocities in America is the sales of guns actually goes UP, as their brain-addled population thinks it gives themselves added protection – idiots?

Hence, the USA’s gun death rate is now three times that of Australia’s, when it was very similar, before the Aussies came to their senses and introduced proper and sweeping gun controls more than 20 years ago, didn’t they?

Oh by the way, don’t expect President Donald Trump to step-up and put things right, will you? No, he is a big supporter of the gun-toting brigade (gets him votes you see), while his son is a voracious advocate of rifle gun silencers to encourage the young to use guns and avoid their frightening bangs, eh?

If you haven’t seen them before, the statistics will no doubt shock you?

While in the past two-hundred-and-fifty years of American history, some 1.2 million service Americans have been killed in ALL conflicts and wars put together, which includes Iraq and Afghanistan [so Revolutionary war, 1812 war, Indian wars, Mexican war, Civil war, Spanish-American war, World war I, World war II, Korean war, Vietnam war, Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and Global war on terror], that is more than outweighed in the last ‘50 years’ alone by Americans killed by gunshots on the USA streets alone – which comes to more than 1.5 million people (men, women & children), for god’s sake?

You probably don’t know that the Las Vegas unparalleled atrocity wasn’t the only mass shooting of at least 4 people last Sunday? Well, there was another one, with two men and a woman killed plus a further two people injured (all in their twenties) in a Kansas incident – oh yes, these mass shootings are indeed ‘daily’ occurrences these days in the States, you see?

So far this year nearly three-hundred-and-fifty people have been killed in mass shootings and that simply emulates last year, which ended with 432 dead and the year before with 369.

However, on the scale of things, mass shootings are just the tip of the iceberg as far as gun violence in America is concerned, which involve homicides, accidental deaths, suicides, other causes, and police shootings which account for a far greater proportion.

The indisputable statistical fact is that the more civilian-owned guns in a country, the more firearm deaths there will be, and that is amply demonstrated in the US which is home to 88 guns for every 100 people – the runaway world leader for gun ownership and gun violence. It is said that some hundred-thousand people are shot and thirty-thousand actually killed in each year in America, so terrorism isn’t the greatest threat to American life and limb, is it?


[Britain, Australia, Germany, Norway are all counties that had relatively minor firearms issues but nevertheless have introduced stricter laws to protect their citizens from gun abuse, often including the need for strict valid justification for owning a gun, but don’t expect the ‘Las Vegas’ event to be the last in the US, nor for it to change anything one iota about guns in America, will you?]

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