The North Korea has moved inextricably towards deliverable nuclear warheads – the potential consequences?


There has been a ‘war of words’ between North Korea and the United States which has been dire in recent weeks, and as recounted here in a recent post earlier this month, President Donald Trump has both embarrassed himself and America by his stupid participation in it all, even unnecessarily enflaming it at times to encourage ‘Kim Jong-Un’ and his entourage to talk and act BIG.

By doing so, he’s taking the world dangerously close to a precipice, with no clear face saving exit for either himself or his adversary (as the saying goes “never back a dangerous animal into a corner”).

Trump simply doesn’t understand that a strong tough President speaks softly but carries a big stick [as advocated by American president Theodore Roosevelt over 100 years ago], and not the other way round, does he? Where is ‘the iron fist in the velvet glove‘ when Trump is penning his thousands of stupid ‘presidentially undignified’ tweets, eh? Where was his understanding of the pivotal role of a President when he was yelling and blustering last week at the United Nations, threatening to wipe tiny North Korea and its crass leadership off the map? We ALL know perfectly well that the US does HAVE the capability to do just that thing if it has the will – so why demean himself by actually threatening IT, eh?

Neither does he appreciate that North Korea has a dictatorial ruthless ‘Supreme Leader’ (aka ‘god’) who HAS to be followed by the people (even if necessary, on the road to death & destruction), whereas America merely has an ‘elected president’ who has a Congress subject to voter influences, in overall charge (which he has found out already to his chagrin, by his humiliating abject failure to amend even Obamacare, or indeed get anything else done whatsoever, in his tumultuous eight months’ residence at the White House).

Now, Trump is someone with an innate incapacity to personally admit failure, even when he recognises it himself, as he has just demonstrated by his most recent subterfuge of the deletion of his mega supporting tweets for the ‘losing’ candidate in a primary for a Senatorial election, and even for his inability to recognise that he had fallen short of essential action, when just at a time of a national calamity, he had incompetently seriously misjudged the seriousness of the devastating hurricane crisis in Puerto Rico. Yet instead, he tries to divert the public’s view and attention, by inventing a spat with black football players who he says disrespect the flag. Behind all that fiasco, he faces the backdrop of a haunting and mounting Russia investigation that could bring his presidency down, but which he persists on casually brushing it aside as “fake news”, when it most certainly is not, doesn’t he?

However, in reality these are insignificant minor matters on the gravity scale of things though, so make no mistake about that, will you? No, there is only ONE ISSUE of magnitude that concerns the World, as it should him (but apparently doesn’t faze him), and that is the one of the out of control escalating nuclear showdown with North Korea.

There can be no doubt about it, but the USA does ‘have’ to halt North Korea’s march towards worldwide deliverable nuclear capability, as no one else will (definitely NOT the increasingly defunct UN, eh?), but it has to find a way and all indications are that it will not be diplomacy but through military action because too much water has already flowed under the bridge by past inaction, hasn’t it?

The consequences of such military conflict though will be very substantial and definitely objectionable, because of the significantly loss of life & limb involved, to which many will understandably baulk. However, the result of doing nothing will not produce a better outcome, will it? There will be certainly the same if not greater penalty to pay by America sitting on its hands, as Kim Jong-Un will not stop short of nuclear power status but will use it to dare to attack & conquer South Korea, don’t you think?

Moreover, what we should all understand however is just what power in short order that North Korea would have to threaten the World with their nuclear weapons, that they most decidedly have, but probably not yet gained all the sophisticated ability to deploy them globally.

Now, America as the most advanced nuclear country, has a nuclear weapon fifty-thousand times more powerful than the current North Korean’s bomb, but so what? That just means that while the North Korea could cause a million casualties in say New York, when America could hit four million in the North Korean capital Pyongyang – does that make anybody feel any better, any more safe, then eh?

When their intercontinental missiles complete development, possibly within a couple of years, North Korea will be able to reach the potential targets of say all the cities of London (656,540 causalities), Seoul (506,850 causalities), Tokyo (399,450 causalities), San Diego (189,350 causalities), Honolulu(179,030 causalities), Sydney (161,390 causalities). Who is going to sleep soundly in their beds when a nuclear power, militarised, warmongering outfit run by megalomaniac nutter is on the march, eh?


[When the sand of time run out on curtailing ‘Kim Jong-Un’ and his erstwhile North Korean empire, we will know that the end of civilisation, if not life on Earth itself, is nigh, wont we?]

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