Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ – be GONE?

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It may be a sorry state of affairs but PM Theresa May has to face up to it, doesn’t it? Yes, the stark fact is that she is not wanted anymore.

She is ‘not wanted’ in the Country, as the General Election she had gratuitously called four months ago to demonstrate her superiority and power, subsequently clearly demonstrated, by her unexpectedly losing it and getting a bloody nose.

She is ‘not wanted’ by the Conservative Party, because she has let the side down by losing them their hard won, slim but significant, ‘absolute’ and effective majority in the House of Commons, so they ended-up with a ‘hung’ parliament again, no less? All because, she not only misjudged the mood of the electorate, but she wrongly assumed that as Leader and PM, she was more important than the Party itself, so couched the election to be solely about her and not the Tories, eh? That was compounded by misguidedly trying to marginalise Labour by negative campaigning, primarily with denigrating and trying to belittle its leader Jeremy Corbyn, rather than a positive push of Tory policies & achievements, while attacking the Left’s, popularist amongst the young, but spendthrift policies.

She is most certainly ‘not wanted’ by the 21 Tory ex-MPs including 9 Ministers, who lost their seats (with just five working days to clear out their offices), and therefore out of their cushy lucrative jobs & immediate promising futures, in that disastrous 2017 snap Election and will have little chance of getting them back if she studiously hangs–on to fight another General Election. They will now be back in their constituencies diligently plotting with their chairmen and chairwomen to have her ditched as soon as possible, won’t they? [Moreover a number of their MPs survived by the skin of their teeth and that included the likes of Amber Rudd (Hastings & Rye) then & currently Home Secretary (retained her seat by only 346 votes after a full recount when it had been nearly 5,000 two years before!)].

[High profile Tories who bit the dust last June were ‘Ben Gummer’ (Ipswich) Cabinet Office Minister & manifesto king, ‘Jane Ellison’(London Battersea) Financial Minister, ‘Gavin Barwell’ (Croydon Central) Housing Minister, ‘Rob Wilson’ (Reading East) Charity Minister, ‘Nicola Blackwood’ (Oxford West & Abingdon) Health Minister, ‘James Wharton’ (Stockton South) Minister for Growth, ‘Simon Kirby’ (Brighton Kemptown) City Minister, ‘David Mowat’ (Warrington South) Health Minister, ‘Edward Timpson’ (Crewe and Nantwich) Minister for Children and Families.

And other Tory MPs James Wharton (Stockton South), James Berry (Kingston and Surbiton), Andrew Bingham (High Peak), Julian Brazier (Canterbury) – seat lost after 99 years, Neil Carmichael (Stroud), James Davies (Vale of Clywd), Flick Drummond (Portsmouth South), Ben Howlett (Bath), Stewart Jackson (Peterborough), Charlotte Leslie (Bristol North West), Dr Tania Mathias (Twickenham), David Nuttall (Bury North)].

She is ‘not wanted’ in No 10 Downing Street, because she has become a lame-duck of a Prime Minister, unable to fully command her own Cabinet, or certainly not even sack anyone who was bucking the BREXIT traces (like serpent akin committed Europhile Chancellor Philip Hammond who was most decidedly heading for the back benches (and he knew it), before she fouled-up the Election, wasn’t he?).

She is ‘not wanted’ by the major BREXIT players of the Government like Boris Johnson, David Davis, and Liam Fox because she has undermined their efforts to succeed in Britain leaving the EU with a good deal, and that done simply to appease the BREXIT deniers and hold onto power. Indeed Johnson needed to mark her card the weekend BEFORE her ‘give-away a fortune’ speech and it was only that which halted her in her tracks from keeping us in the EU for an extra bloody 4 or 5 years as was then her intention, wasn’t it? Furthermore, Johnson subsequently has made it crystal clear that he for one, won’t stand idle by if she doesn’t cut loose from the EU’s control in 2019 or attempts to increase the so-called ‘transition period’ of 2 years, hasn’t he?

[The main BREXITEERS are much in the same position as described in demoted ex-Foreign Secretary, Deputy PM Geoffrey Howe’s electrifying, poisonous, ‘resignation’ speech of 27 years ago, when he savagely claimed (probably unfairly as he himself was the architect of his own demise?), that PM Thatcher’s behaviour was “like sending your opening batsmen to the crease only for them to find… that their bats have been broken… by the team captain”]. Out of character for him, but he was hilariously taking the piss out of her having said just days previously, using a cricketing metaphor, that “she was at the crease but facing hostile bowling she was hitting all round the ground”, wasn’t he?

She is ‘not wanted’ by her Cabinet because its wants unity and collective responsibility, with clarity in spades BUT they are now ‘disunited’ and see a ‘conflict of loyalties’, with total ‘confusion’, don’t they?

She is ‘not wanted’ in the Westminster corridors of power, not least because she has always been a loner there with few if any close mates and certainly not many allies, who doesn’t meet-up with the tearoom rabble – so when the chips are down, they simply will not be campaigning for her or supporting her, will they? It is being said that some current 30 Conservative MPs including 4 ex-Cabinet Ministers want her to resign now, eh?

She is ‘not wanted’ by the Leavers because she can no longer be trusted to deliver the clear-cut BREXIT they voted for, and the Country is heading for a fudged bodged job. Her innate instincts for personal political survival far outweigh for that matter any principles she might hold, let alone the commitment, desire, or vision needed for this great Country to once again take the path to become a global trading nation, as envisaged by the majority voting for us to leave the EU.

While she was most certainly viewed by that majority group with suspicion at the outset, because of her support for the other side in the Referendum, she was reluctantly given the benefit of the doubt, as she had been a lacklustre campaigner on the government’s behalf, and seemed to all intents and purposes to subsequently cherish the hard fight needed to get a good deal with the EU in place. She has blown all that out of the water though, with her weak cowardly capitulation in front of an European audience, when she didn’t have the guts to tell it straight to her own people beforehand, nor even face the music with them since, eh?

She is ‘not wanted’ by the Remainers because she was a turncoat who set-out to rain on their sorry parade and has only been brought to heel by chance when she screwed-up a General Election and was faced down by the Europeans with the incalcitrant likes of mr nobody Jean-Claude Juncker (so called ‘President of the European Commission’ and ex-prime minister of world-power not, Luxembourg) and Michel Barnier (their chief ‘non-negotiator’ and a France ex-minister).

She is ‘not wanted’ by the elite Upper Class because she is seen as just an upstart from a comprehensive school with only a lowly Oxford degree to her name, no history or riches, and most certainly is NOT one of them.

She is ‘not wanted’ by the lowly ‘Working Class’ because she has always had a middle class life and never broken sweat in her life, and doesn’t know what it is like at the bottom of the pile so is out of touch and unsympathetic to the lifestyle problems of survival, so most certainly is NOT one of them.

She is ‘not wanted’ by Men voters because she is neither an effective strident female politician nor a strong homely community friendly motherly figure.

She is ‘not wanted’ by Women voters because she is hardly a feminist type, yet is not a role model figure and someone to aspire to be like.

Now just remember that Thatcher finally was brought down by Europe and in general not because of a single mistake she had made, but because of an accumulation of PM errors, won’t you?

Those failings included pushing the despised poll tax, and included her self-destructing finally with her infamous speech berating Europe’s further objectives with NO, NO, NO, NO, stridently reiterating ‘no to for the planned parliament’s further integration, no to a more powerful European parliament, no to a stronger EU council, no to an more overbearing European commission [of course that made her major enemies, and a prime target for comeuppance, across the Channel in Paris, Berlin and Brussels, at a time when Britain was still fairly keen on the ‘European Economic Community’ [the precursor to the current EU], but due to her anti-European sentiments many felt she was holding the UK back and that the Country was losing influence in European decision making.

Then of course there was the mistakes baggage that she inevitably carried after three terms in power, and that encompassed the Falklands, Westland’s, authoritarianism, loss of popularity, abolition of public programs. racism, rich and poor divide, seemingly being out of touch, amongst others.

Back In 1982, a war was won against Argentina over the Falkland Islands, which initially substantially increased her popularity, but that waned dramatically as many realised that she had pushed the UK into an expensive needless war, which had resulting in massive loss of human life, and that included her callous sinking of the Belgrano. She lost a number of members of her government who disagreed with that conflict.

Then later there was the Westland Helicopters affair , involving her difference of strategy with Defence Secretary Michael Heseltine, whereby she had leaked a confidential letter, but then tried to cover that up, finally resulting in Heseltine’s resignation – it not only damaged her but meant she had created an arch enemy who would eventually challenge her and bring about her downfall.

She gained the unhelpful reputation of being an authoritarian, because she got shot of all who dare to oppose her and surrounded herself with ‘yes men’, didn’t she? Rightly or wrongly many feared that she was blatant racist because in unguarded moments she said dubious things, say like about foreign cultures’ adverse impact in some places, and that caused hostility from immigrants.

Then of course there were a number of issues that had developed over time, and albeit in a much shorter timescale, May is in exactly the same boat now, perhaps?

There was a general loss of her popularity, both in the Country and more importantly within the Party, which feared impending defeat at the next set of elections. Policy had brought about the abolition or dumbing-down of many public programs with drastic impact on the poor, the sick, and the young (just like austerity now has).

Society was unfair, with a disturbingly widening gap between rich and poor & between bosses and workers. [Currently, the tax giveaways to the rich contrasts badly with the squeeze on benefits; the eye-watering pay of university administrators, contrasts badly with the massive debts being incurred by their poorer students facing gigantic hikes in intuition fees].

Increasingly the voters felt the government was out of touch with ordinary people [aka the recent BREXIT debate?], and major government reforms had proved unpopular [just like nowadays, eh?]

It all adds-up to it being time to go for Prime Minister Theresa May, don’t you think?

[To paraphrase the ‘David Cameron’ plea to the embattledJeremy Corbyn’ at PMQs “For heaven’s sake woman, GO.”]

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